Manhole Rehabilitation

Dynamic Drain can rehabilitate a variety of manhole products underground. Trenchless manhole rehabilitation services are techniques used to rehab wet wells, catch basins and underground vaults as well. Our staff has confined space training certification allowing us to safely inspect and rehab existing underground structures. This includes hand trowel products or spray coatings to engineer desired thickness applications.

Shifting soil, infiltration through mortar and breaks in joints can cause small cracks that will eventually evolve into large problems such as excess groudwater infiltration. Epoxy coating systems can fully cover damp areas with an epoxy finish that has a strong ceramic-like exterior which will increase the strength of the walls.

Why is my sewer or manhole deteriorating?

Hydrogen sulfide, corrosion and other harmful chemicals can cause manhole walls to deteriorate. This repaid deterioration makes it possible to see consistent breaks and steady groundwater infiltration.

Trenchless manhole Rehabilitation

Systems used to re solidify the interior will also increase the life inspectancy if used preventatively. A new coating will protect the manhole and increase life span on brand new pipes as well due to it’s ability to handle slight movements that cause cracking, upon settling of the new manhole foundation.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Hampton Roads

Trenchless sewer repair is a process we started to utilize in the Hampton Roads area to start assisting local contractors and municipal officials with expanding the life-span’s of existing drain and sewer pipes. Norfolk, VA is one of the first places we were able to see this action in progress. Then again in Hampton, VA we saw this rehabilitate a brand new pipe that had cracks in the foundation upon first settling in. From there it was on to Portsmouth, VA and Newport News, VA where we saw the biggest application for trenchless drain repair. We have also seen this save money for the cities of Virginia Beach, VA and Chesapeake, VA. Fast forward to today and we have covered areas from North Carolina to New York! Washington DC and Richmond, VA have utilized our pipe lining services many times to resore and repair their old infrastructure while preserving historic atifacts. Give us a call for any and all of your commercial, municipal or residential pipe lining needs 757-383-6611.