If you need pipe repair in Jacksonville, NC – the owner of Dynamic Drain Technologies has been in the pipelining industry for over 14 years.

Starting off as an industry representative for Perma-Liner, Nick Santoni understands what it takes to professionally repair any type of piping infrastructure. Offering the latest in trenchless technology equipment and services has been the key to the success of our company.

Services We Offer to Jacksonville (Commercial and Resident)

Providing pipe repair services to commercial and local residents is our main objective here at Dynamic Drain and we have a wide variety of piping services we can help you with.

  • Pipe Inspection
  • Pipe Repair
  • Pipe Cleaning
  • Pipe Lining (referred to as CIPP)

You can call us at (855) 937-6944 for all your pipe repair needs!

Our Jacksonville, NC Clients of Dynamic Drain

An engineering company brought us in as a sub-contractor to help them evaluate a large mess hall that was constantly backing up at a marine corps base right outside of Jacksonville, NC. This military installation has a steady flow of traffic and needed fast and efficient help with their drain problems. The lightweight tools necessary for no-dig pipelining services are completely mobile, allowing us to offer our CIPP services to customers and colleagues throughout North Carolina.

Pipe Inspection in Cherry Point NC

Cherry Point, NC (Right outside of Jacksonville)

We performed pipe inspection services for the engineering company to give them a clear picture of the underground infrastructure. This base located in Cherry Point, NC turned out to be a job that did not require a cured in place pipe installation. After our technicians completely cleared the mess hall’s drainage system, a final pipe inspection showed that there were no deficiencies within the pipes.

That alone shows the value of a pipe inspection.

Federal Pipe Repair & Sewer Lining Include:

  • Quantico Marine Corp base in Washington DC for CCTV pipe inspections, pipe locating, leak detection locating and pipe repair
  • Cherry Point Marine Corp Air Station Galley in Havelock, North Carolina  forpipe inspections, pipe cleaning and pipe locating
  • Indian Head Naval Base in Indian Head, Maryland for sewer pipe cleaning
  • National Gallery of Arts in Washington D.C. for sewer pipe lining
  • National Park Service’s Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Fountain inWashington DC for fountain pipe lining

Cost for Pipe Repair in North Carolina

Since we need information on what type of situation you are currently in with your pipes, we’ll need you to fill out a simple form (or call us at (855) 937-6944) so we can help better quote your project.