Federal clients of ours include the US Postal Service, Marine Corp Bases, The National Gallery of Arts, The National Park Service and even the US Capitol Building.

US Postal Service Roof Drain Project

perma-liner-installerThe US Postal Service called us about tons of roof drains that were encased in old asbestos columns inside the building and underground.

We brought our mobile wet-out facility to the project and were able to inspect, clean and reline the roof drains in a matter of days.

Before we were brought in the only other way this would have been possible would have been to shut the building down for weeks and to quarantine the area.

Then with gas masks and expensive permits they would have destroyed the walls to expose the drain pipes and replaced them.

Not only would this have had monstrous costs to excavate and rebuild the infrastructure, they would have had to shut down one of the busiest post offices in Washington DC for weeks.

Federal Government Building Electrical Conduit Project

The capitol building was having problems with electrical conduit pipes beginning to CIPP Perma Liner system used to reline leaking conduit in the capitol building in Washington Dc.deteriorate and cause leaking over highly sensitive areas in the federal building. Traditional excavation practices would have cost the government over four times what Dynamic Drain was able to get the job done for and save our taxpayers money.

There was also a time frame of three consecutive days that an outside contractor is allowed to spend on the premises.

Every employee was required to have a background check, pass training and a drug test in order to be allowed to work on the grounds.

Not only were we able to get the job done but with minimal invasion to the highly secure area and its workers. We did our job and relined all the electrical conduit in three days, extending the conduits life for another 50+ years minimum.

Other Jobs Include:

  • Quantico Marine Corp base in Washington DC for CCTV pipe inspections, pipe locating, leak detection locating and pipe repair
  • Cherry Point Marine Corp Air Station Galley in Havelock, North Carolina  for pipe inspections, pipe cleaning and pipe locating
  • Indian Head Naval Base in Indian Head, Maryland for sewer pipe cleaning
  • National Gallery of Arts in Washington D.C. for sewer pipe lining
  • National Park Service’s Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Fountain in Washington DC for fountain pipe lining


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