We offer our exclusive pipe repair services, in Charlottesville, VA, that will fix your sewer, pipe or drain problem in a fast and professional manner.

Our company, Dynamic Drain Technologies, will start off with an initial consultation to determine the scope of your plumbing repair needs. Depending on the information we receive we will be able to advise you on the best way to fix your broken, damaged or clogged pipes.

Our Pipe Inspection & Repair Service in Charlottesville

A CCTV pipe inspection is the first step in the evaluation process. We offer a free estimate on our services for anyone living in Charlottesville or surrounding cities – this way you can save money.

This inspection is needed for..

  • Locating damaged areas (including cracks)
  • Identifying the source of backups (or clog)
  • And many other important aspects including depth, grade, type, etc.

We will be able to identify and locate any cracks causing leaks and debris to become stuck in the lines. We can then show you what is causing your pipes to become clogged. Whether you have roots infiltrating the lines, shifting soil causing offset pipes or any variety of other piping problems, our Dynamic Drain technicians have the tools and experience necessary to rehabilitate your pipe lines.

Repairing Damaged Pipes for Businesses and Homeowners

Our pipe technicians in Charlottesville, VA will do whatever it takes in order to repair your pipes.

Once we are able to show you what the problems are we will then perform a complete cleaning of your drainage systems. Our commercial grade Mongoose jetter allows us to clean and clear any line. The array of jetter nozzles we use can break up rust, remove scale and cut through tree roots in your lines.

We even utilize a special formula that can break down various types of grease and sludge for restaurants that have problems with drains clogging due to common restaurant runoff. If there are other items that the jetter can not break through, our robotic cutter can remove any solid obstructions such as collapsed pipe sections, rocks or metal that has become lodged in the line.

Final Inspection – Save Even More Money With Us

After we are sure the pipes are clear of all blockages a final inspection will determine if the pipe is a good candidate for a CIPP liner to be installed. If the pipe is very old and in danger of failure in the near future a CIPP liner will rehabilitate the line and add 50 years to the life of the line. Newer PVC installations are usually able to be spot located and repaired with a small excavation and a traditional dig and replace application.

Our Previous Clients in Charlottesville, VA

Working alongside large businesses, government facilities, and homeowners in Charlottesville, we have provided our pipe repair services to a wide variety of locals.

Lateral Sewer Pipe Lining at the University of Virginia Campus

A historic home that was a part of the original University of Virginia Campus constructed by Thomas Jefferson had a sewer line that was backing up. The Sprigg house is regarded as one of the oldest original buildings in Virginia. This historical landmark is now used to house school professors.

Pipe Lining at University of VirginiaThe inspection process at UVA: We were tasked to evaluate a 4-inch clay sewer pipe.

Our pipe inspection revealed the pipes to be extremely deep, exceeding 10-feet below surface level. This would have been an almost impossible and massive excavation project. The pipe ran 100-plus feet through heavily wooded areas. They would have had to do tree and stump removal to get excavation equipment in place to dig up the pipe.

We also found massive amounts of root infiltration upon televising the pipe. Our jetter was able to remove the tree roots and restore the line to normal flow. We were able to inspect the line once more and ensure the pipe was cleaned and prepped. We then removed all the sand, dirt, scale and roots and verified the pipe was a good candidate to rehabilitate using cured in place pipe repair technologies.

Our long time client David McFall with the facilities management department at the University of Virginia enlisted our trenchless technology services and we were able to completely rehabilitate, repair and reline their service lateral in under a day.

Residential Sewer Lining Job in Charlottesville, VA

Residential Sewer Lining Job in Charlottesville, VARobert Watson of Roto Rooter – Ruckersville, VA got a call from a homeowner in Charlottesville that was experiencing sewer backups due to offset joints on a terra cotta clay pipe. After his technicians cleaned and cleared the lines, a pipe inspection would reveal several offset joints catching debris and causing pipe flow problems.

The homeowners yard would have caused a next to impossible excavation to take place because of the grade and placement of trees. Watson contacted DDT for their no-dig pipe repair method. Watson has used our services many times in the past and knows that we are capable of doing this with no problem.

The Roto-Rooter crew was able to create an access point to the pipe and clean and clear the debris allowing us to install the 100-foot liner in less than a day.

We saved over 100-feet of landscape and over $5,000 in excavation expenses.

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