Over the past decade, Dynamic Drain Technologies has perfected zero-dig pipe lining solutions for the commercial market. Our extensive training and experience has taught us to efficiently locate, diagnose, and repair commercial pipe and drain problems.

The tools and technologies that we utilize have been specially selected to eliminate the need for the traditional dig-and-replace methods.


  • Up to 75% cheaper than traditional excavation.
  • Faster- less facility and utility downtime.
  • Zero surface disruption.
  • Zero restoration.
  • Totally odorless process.
  • Safer
  • Guaranteed to last a minimum of 50 years.
  • Approved by domestic and international plumbing codes.


  • Pipe diameters from 2”to 84”.
  • Parking lot storm and sewer drains.
  • In-slab sewer and storm drains.
  • Sewer laterals.
  • Mainline sewers.
  • Vertical roof drains.
  • Water sculpture drains.
  • Electrical conduits.

Video Pipe Inspections:

We start the process off with an unbiased Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) pipe inspection technology. Regardless of the diameter of the pipeline, we have the pipe inspection technology to properly find, evaluate, and report the defects to the commercial client. Keep in mind that this all happens underground where everyday commercial business is un-disturbed.

The information output from the pipe inspection is FAST and accurate so that the commercial property manager or facility engineer can make prompt and accurate repair decisions.

All pipe inspections include PACP compliant reports, video recordings and snapshots of all pipeline defects. (Please see the sample version of a PACP report and a GIS map provided below).

This process also allows our project managers to design a scope of work based on the reported pipeline defects and to engineer a proper trenchless technology repair solution.

Once the defects have been located and reported, we then introduce a pipe cleaning technology called water-jetting or hydro-jetting. This process scrubs all debris and sediment off the pipe walls and propels it downstream for removal. Keep in mind this also happens sub-surface, so everyday commercial operations are not disturbed.

After the drain has been properly hydro-jetted, another pipe inspection is recorded to confirm that the pipe is in proper condition to receive the pipe lining. Materials are then cut to specified measurements and saturated with an epoxy or polyester resin and inverted with air pressure into the host pipe.

The lining is then cured in place inside the existing damaged pipe. Finally a post lining video inspection is conducted to verify a flawless installation. The new cured in place liner is seamless and joint less and guaranteed to last a minimum of 50 years.

This process has been applied to all kinds of commercial pipe applications. Please check out some of our latest and greatest commercial applications below.