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Do You Have Broken Pipes in Newport News? Learn How To Fix it Fast With Pipe lining.

Dynamic Drain Technologies was recently dispatched to a main line sewer problem at a large apartment complex in Newport News, VA. The issue was with an 8″ PVC sewer that had separated at a joint and was infiltrated with tree roots. The property management team was desperately looking for a better alternative than digging. The line ran under the newly paved parking lots and under a reinforced concrete dumpster pad. Excavation prices were through the roof and the disruption would have angered many tenants. Dynamic Drain Technologies came up with a trenchless pipe lining solution in which no digging would be involved. Dynamic Drain first removed the root infiltration with our high pressure water jetting technology, and then we were able to repair the section with a cured in place lining point repair. This trenchless pipe lining solution took only half a day and saved the property manager over $10,000 dollars. We truly are the one stop shop for all your Newport News trenchless pipe lining projects.Newport News Pipe Lining Repair
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