The following are some of the companies we have worked with in order to save our clients tons of money. We really appreciate all of our clients and look forward to meeting new clients all the time. Please let us know if you would be interested in working with us or have any questions at all about our pipe repairing services in your area.

Smithsonian Pipe Repair in Washington DC Department of Corrections in Virginia Pipe Repair Virginia State University Pipe Repair Waffle House Pipe Repair Simon Malls CIPP Pipe Repair Frankies Pipe Repair United States Postal Service Pipe Repair Client Hilton Hotels Pipe Repair Yum! Pipe Repair Norfolk Scope Pipe Repair


See what some of our previous clients have said about our award winning pipe repairing services.

William Bennet in Falls Church, VA says, “We’ve used Dynamic Drain Tech. for sewer relining work and they do excellent work. Thanks, Dynamic Drain Technology” – (Facebook Recommendation)

RJoseph284 in Virginia Beach, VA says, “They do a great job. They come quickly, do a great job and back up what they do.”  (Yellow Pages)

Lloyd Kinch in Washington D.C. says, “We have used Nick’s firm to repair a damaged city sewer connection for a project in Arlington Virginia and received prompt and professional service at a reasonable rate that saved our client from project delay and and a large unforeseen cost. We will keep Nick’s number handy for those hard to solve problems in the future.” (LinkedIn Recommendation)

Mel Willett in Washington D.C. says, “I have used Nick’s expertise on several projects that we have worked together on and highly recommend Nick and his company, Dynamic Drain for any type of challenging project. He is a man of his word and does exactly what is tells you he will do.” (LinkedIn Recommendation)

Mark in Norfolk, VA says, “Our neighbor had a pipe that was broken going from her upstairs bathroom and had her call Dynamic Drain. They came out and did a pipe inspection and found out that a backup down the sewer line due to roots getting into her pipes was causing the sink to back up and leak. They recommended to have a regular plumber fix the pipe inside the house while they cleaned and cleared my lines going to the city’s connection, showed me the exact spots that were messed up and were done in two days. Great work.” (LinkedIn Recommendation)