Insituform Perma Liner Pipe Repair in the capitol Richmond, VA

Richmond Pipe Lining fixes pipes fast under the capitol building in richmond.

We came to Richmond, VA to find an old historic monument.. with monumental problems. Not only was this historic infrastructure priceless, it would have taken months to prep this job for a major excavation. The risk of damage to the property, everybody thought — was inevitable. Upon searching for an alternative to their problem they came upon our site and learned that we were able to do this — without digging. We came in and told them how our system, which we bought from, was completely mobile and could do the job in three easy steps. They said, “yeah we wanna learn about how you guys have that machine that replaces pipe by pouring a new pipe into an old one”. So we told them about  our three step process. 1. Inspect the pipe – let us show you exactly what the problem is. 2. Clear the pipe – remove debris and rust 3. Perma-Line it – invert a wet liner into the pipe and cure it until it hardens into a brand new — pipe within a pipe. No joints. No seams. 100% better than before. All Without Digging!

Are you located in the Richmond VA metro area? Are you having sewer or storm drain problems? Dynamic Drain Technologies offers pipe re-lining technologies that can repair your pipes from the inside out! This can be done with little to no digging. Our trenchless technology staff can rehabilitate you pipe from 2″ to 12″ inches in less than a day at a fraction of the cost of traditional digging. We have tons of experience in the Richmond, VA area and can address your problem the same day. Our liners carry a 50 year warranty and pass all the local Richmond City plumbing codes. Don’t pay more to excavate Richmond! Pay less to fix with Dynamic Drain Technologies pipe lining services!


Underground Pipe Repair by Dynamic Drain Technologies

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