Dynamic Drain Technologies was founded to bring cost effective-cutting edge sewer and drain technologies to the East coast.

Cured In Place Pipe LiningPerma-Liner Inversion Unit

We offer a single access pipe relining system to rehabilitate existing building service laterals without destroying or damaging property. Our trained staff can rehabilitate existing building service pipelines in 2″ to 12″ diameters in less than a day or even less than five hours. This method allows the liner to negotiate 22s, 45s, and sweeping 90 degree bends with ease. We also inspect pipeline in full color and can identify, clean and clear any pipe with our commercial grade Mongoose Jetter.

The 3 Step Process to Pipe Lining

We have three main things that we need to do in order to evaluate and repair any drain problems you may have.

Step 1 – Pipe Inspection Video Evaluation

pipe-inspectionbeforeBefore any pipe lining project the pipe in question must be properly inspected to properly locate any blockage or debris that may be causing the flow of water or electrical conduit to become stuck. Our camera inspections use state of the art Vivax and Metrotech equipment. The videos/pictures you will receive are high-quality and full color. The camera itself is self leveling and can be uploaded to YouTube and sent via email within one business day of the inspection. Our pipe inspection services are always completed in a timely manner and filmed in order to give you the most efficient look into your pipe problems.

Step 2 – Clear and Clean Any Pipe or Drain

hydrojettingAfter the inspection is complete the next step is to clean, clear and unclog any size piping. Our state of the art Mongoose© Jetter can de-scale cast iron, remove grease, eliminate roots in the drain pipe and eliminate rocks sand and sludge in utility ducts, conduits, vent stacks, chimneys, septic tanks, cooling tower pipes, roof drains and fountain drains. Tip: After the pipe is cleaned and cleared there is another inspection done to show the pipe before it is re-lined. This is done in order to show insure proper pipe rehabilitation procedures are being followed at all times.

Step 3 – Liner Installed & Re-inspected

sewerpiperepairedNow comes the fun part! This new process of pipe repair is superior to digging and risking damage to other underground utilities. Also it saves the environment from hazardous waste and destructive practices. Most projects are able to lined in less than a day and in most cases less than 5 hours. Our inversion method allows the liner to negotiate up to 90˚ bends with ease. We also have a robot technician that can cut out any Y’s and T’s to further reducing the cost of digging.