pvc pipe repair map in warrenton vaThe city of Warrenton, VA needed to repair a 4-inch PVC pipe with a zero-dig CIPP installation. The city owned clean-out had slipped joints and needed repair.

This PVC pipe was about 60-feet long going into an asphalt cul-de-sac.

Our pipe repair on this project included professional cctv pipe inspection reports. The technicians not only identified slipped joint locations but also found breaks and ovaling from ground shifting.

Since the foundation was slowly causing compressive pressures to damage the pipelines we were able to reline the pipe and save the existing underground infrastructure.

Lateral Repair in Northern Virginia

This job took our professional staff a half a day to rehabilitate the existing PVC pipe. Since the new CIPP liner is seamless and jointless the worries of slipped joints was eliminated.

Usually the cause of PVC pipes becoming separated is from faulty installation. The trenchless sewer liners will reinforce the pipes and re-establish the structural integrity to the durability of installing a brand new line without digging.

Sewer pipe lining repair

Northern Virginia Sewer pipe lining repair

Services provided to the city of Warrenton, VA include:

CIPP Pipe Repair – Our liners were able to reinforce the damaged pipes without digging utilizing our mobile trenchless pipe repair system.

CCTV Pipe Inspections – Before, during and after the process our technicians monitored the structural integrity of the existing lines to ensure a successful installation.