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CIPP Pipelining in Portsmouth, VA

Hey Portsmouth Virginia, wanna learn how to pay less and repair your pipes without destruction? Learn how to pay less with pipe lining!

Dynamic Drain Technologies offers trenchless pipe lining to all!

Check out our Portsmouth project profile below:

CVS Pharmacy on Airline Blvd. and Greenwood Rd in Portsmouth, VA

Once again Dynamic Drain Technologies, East West Construction and CVS Pharmacy teamed up to save thousands on a small diameter pipe lining project. The 4″ cast iron pipe that needed repairing was running out of a brand new CVS Pharmacy across the parking lot then crossing under the intersection of Airline and Greenwood road in Portsmouth VA.

Traditional excavation would have shut down the roads and taken several days. Dynamic Drain was able to save traffic control, costly excavation time delays and money by utilizing trenchless pipe lining methods.

Common Problems Included: Pipe Repair Services Performed:
  • Offset Cast Iron
  • Missing Pipe Sections
  • CCTV Pipe Inspection
  • Pipe Clearing
  • CIPP Installation

Below is a short ad for our pipelining company we made for Hampton Roads, VA!

Pipe Repair Expert - 

Nick has been working in the pipe repair industry since 2004. Focusing on CIPP trenchless pipe repair technologies has given him a competitive advantage when it comes to hiring a professional trenchless contractor.

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