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Concrete Sewer Line Repair In Washington D.C.

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No Dig Pipe Repair Application in Washington DC

No Dig Pipe Repair Application in Washington DC

We recently encountered a faulty Concrete Sewer Line In Washington D.C. The Washington Sanitary Sewer Commisions collection system – WSSC had sewer lines that went underneath a natural flowing creek. The concrete sewer lines going into it were coming from a housing development carrying waste off of the property. The concrete sewer line was over 40 years old and backing up all the time. Due to the landmark creek the property manager would have had to wait weeks for approval from the city to stop up the creek and risk damaging it and the surrounded properties with debris and waste material. These materials could have harmed farm animals, pets, wildlife and people if they became exposed to the remnants. There was also a timeline of 2 days to complete the job to add to that! The Perma-Lateral air inversion system was brought in to fix the aging concrete sewer lines. With over 300 feet of 6″ concrete sewer lines the commercial property needed help fast. The property management company turned to the world wide web and came across a video explaining everything they needed to know about trenchless pipe lining pipe repair industry of our world today. How it can save you time. How it can save you money. How it doesn’t damage your yard or driveway or garden or surrounding areas. Risking the environment was not an option.

Dynamic Drain Technologies was called in to the rescue. Two days later the commercial property was fixed with a sewer pipe lining and the lifeline of the existing concrete sewer lines was extended to last for the next 50 years. If you live in Washington DC or anywhere on the East Coast they have trained and knowledgeable staff on hand ready to get the job done right. They will put a camera in it, give you a link to a YouTube video of your pipe, clean it out, re-inspect it, put a liner in it, and give you another video of it after so you can be assured the job was completed and all flow is completely re-stored in one smooth jointless, seamless and continuous line that ensures maximum flow is achieved at all times. This is the future of pipe rehabilitation. If you do not know about it yet please take a moment and learn more about no dig pipe repair, you will be glad you did!

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