don't ruin your orchard
don't dig your sewer drain pipes up, replace them with Dynamic Drain Lining

Don’t dig your sewer drain pipes up, replace them with
Dynamic Drain Trenchless Sewer Lining


Nationwide polls conducted show that about 78% of respondents had never heard of “no dig” sewer technology. If you are in the trenchless pipe repair industry this number is huge. Of those polled 73% stated that they would most definitely pay more for sewer pipe replacement if it would preserve their existing landscaping, patio, deck, garden, driveway, home or any other outdoor or indoor infrastructure.

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Trenchless Sewer Replacement Technologies

Sewer Repair Residential

Sewer Repair Residential

After discussing cured in place pipe lining and other trenchless methods such as slip lining, HDPE pipe repair, pipe bursting, “pull and replace” methods, and inverted liners many respondents were amazed by how much time and money they wasted not to mention the headaches associated with major excavation projects. A quarter of the polled entrants had already had their sewer systems replaced but only 3% say it is something they were considering. That 3% is the reason plumbers will always be in business! Being proactive about getting pipe inspections and preventative maintenance on your drain systems is a whole other topic you can read more about in another blog post here!

Most of the current recipients of traditional excavation projects had spent over $5,000 to have their systems excavated and replaced with new pipe.

Traditional Excavation and Pipe Replacement

A lot of times there is no other choice but to dig up and replace pipe. If your pipe becomes back-pitched or the cast iron has deteriorated more than 25%-35% of the pipe, a pipe may not be able to hold a liner. Some times if clay pipe becomes crushed it will need to be excavated or if an electrical conduit pipe has been shifted or offset more than 50% out of the way the concrete slab or infrastructure that contains the pipe will need to be broken and removed.

Our Network of Plumbers, Electricians and Contractors

That is why we have an extensive network or plumbing, electrical and construction engineers and contractors that we work with on all types of jobs. It truly is a win-win situation. Most importantly the home owner or business owner is happy because they saved time and money and received an honest opinion by trustworthy individuals. The contractor is happy because they make the most money off of putting their time and effort into their profession and we are happy because we get to reline another pipe!!

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