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The Process and Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Lining

trenchless pipe lining
Posted on: 12 Dec 2013

Out with the old and in with the new; trenchless pipe lining offers dig free options for sewer pipe repair. In the last few years, innovation in pipeline work has allowed contractors to inspect, repair, and clear pipelines without disturbing ground. This saves the homeowner or business owner a lot of cash since repairs can be preformed without ripping up concrete walkways, driveways, or foundations.

The Process Of Trenchless Pipe Relining

New technology has allowed the contractor to rehabilitate pipe made of cast iron, clay, PVC, HDPE, ABS, and concrete using cured-in-place piping methods. Once the pipe is thoroughly inspected using CCTV technology, it is cleaned and the surfaces are prepped for epoxy. The damaged pipe areas are then measured and the product needed is cut to length. The pipe liner is then coated with a heavy duty resin epoxy. The new pipe is then inserted into the damaged pipe using an air pressure inversion device. The pipe liner and epoxy are given a few hours to set and dry. Once the pipe is secure, it is again ready for service.

The key advantages to using this method of repair include but are not limited to:

  • No dig repair so less ground around your home or business is disturbed.
  • The new lining seals any abnormalities within the pipe that may have gone unnoticed such as small cracks or holes.
  • The trenchless repair system takes less time and in turn is more affordable than the traditional dig and replace method.
  • The process smooths out offsets at pipe connections for better flow.

To find out more about trenchless pipe repair and relining, please  contact  the experts at Dynamic Drain Technologies. We pride ourselves on serving our customers using only the most sophisticated equipment and knowledgeable personnel. We provide residential and commercial pipeline services in areas of North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland.

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Rockville MD | Replace Pipe

chilled water system repair virginia

Our technicians can replace pipe in Rockville, MD inside walls, under concrete slabs and other valuable landscaping or infrastructure with no excavation necessary.

Replace Pipe

chilled water system repair virginiaWhen it comes to replacing pipe, no dig trenchless technology offers many cost saving and time saving advantages. When compared to traditional dig and replace jobs CIPP pipelining can be a viable alternative.

Depending on the surrounding areas, depth, traffic and value of the surrounding landscape and infrastructure, there are advantages to both.

If the pipe lays in a shallow area mostly covered by dirt in an out of sight area, digging up and replacing the pipe will most likely be the best option.

We can provide references to many plumbing contractors in the area if this method is advantageous.

Using CIPP to Replace a Pipe

  • CIPP offers the ability to minimize down time.

If your pipe is located in a high traffic area this may be a major concern for either your business or residents.

CIPP can replace a pipe within a matter of hours.

  • CIPP can completely eliminate the need for excavation.

If you are concerned about destroying walls, dealing with asbestos, endangering pedestrians and residents or destroying your property excavation may be out of the question.

Many times pipes will run under railroads, protected landscapes and many other undiggable areas.

  • CIPP will increase flow.

CIPP Liners for sewer pipe and drain repairIncreased flow and less friction are just some of the advantages of an epoxy liner.

Since there are no joints and no areas of weakness, infiltration and exfiltration along with concerns of joints causing backups is completely eliminated.

Electrical wires have nothing to get hung up on and waste will continue to flow smoothly.

CIPP Can Save You Money

All in all CIPP can save you money since there is usually only a three to four man crew required.

There are many less safety hazards involved.

Equipment and materials are all contained inside of trailers and no heavy equipment is necessary.

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Manassas VA | Replace Drain

CIPP Liner repairing wastewater system

Drain replacement when it comes to CIPP pipe repair refers to relining the interior of the pipes with a cured in-place epoxy liner. We can replace a drain in Manassas, VA with our services.

Drain Replacement Services

pipe inspections for sewer and drainsIn order to replace a drain, our technicians will want to fully analyze the pipe in question.

In order to get a visual and structural report of the pipe in question we will often request to view any CCTV pipe inspection reports that were generated for the damaged drain pipe.

CCTV Pipe Inspections

If no report is available, Dynamic Drain will offer to perform the CCTV pipe inspection. Our pipe inspection reports are state of the art and can be uploaded to Youtube.

Vertical drain lines will require the use of our Vivax Metrotech push cameras.

Other lateral lines can be inspected and analyzed with our Rovver X robotic camera.

Computer Generated Inspection Reporting

fort lee sanitary sewer cctv pipe inspection

This sewer relining project was inspected using a Rovver X Mainline Crawling Camera

3D renderings are able to be produced along with GPS overhead mapping of your entire infrastructure.

WinCam lasers and leveling gyroscopes will measure any defects in the pipe and produce a virtual image of the damaged pipe along with grade and depth measurements.

PACP certified reports will be generated as well.

Drain Cleaning

Many times a line will need to be cleaned and cleared prior to replacing a drain with an epoxy liner.

keg nozzlesWe also offer commercial grade hydro jetting and water jetting services and have a variety of chain cutters, robotic cutters and spinning nozzles.

With this arsenal of drain cleaning equipment we are able to remove anything from grease, sludge and rust to collapsed pipe sections and more with ease.

Installing a CIPP Liner

CIPP Liner repairing wastewater systemOnce the drain is inspected, cleaned and cleared a liner will be introduced into the existing pipe and cured in-place without having to dig-up or destroy any property.

This liner will completely rehabilitate your entire drainage system of any defects including offset joints, missing pipe sections, bottomless cast iron, cracks and pinholes, and root infiltration.

Advantages of a Trenchless No Dig Pipe Liner

The liner provides an increase in flow and reduction in friction.

The liner is a continuous pipe which means there are no joints or points of weakness for roots to enter or water to leak out of.

This liner material has a 50 year design life warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Independent studies have shown that these pipes are capable of lasting for 100+ years under strenuous condition testing.

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Sewer Lining Can Save Time, Money And Effort

Ask any commercial property owner who has ever had to have his or her sewer pipes replaced and you are likely to get a horror story. That is because if older properties need their sewer pipes completely replaced, it can be a long, expensive and messy process.

Luckily, some companies have recognized that a great many owners of businesses and commercial properties are not ready to deal with the cost and hassle of such drastic repairs and have begun working with products like sewer lining.

To put it in layman’s terms, sewer lining is performed by blowing or pulling a flexible resin sheath into a broken or damaged pipe. Once in place, the resin sheath hardens, or “cures.” For this reason, sewer lining is sometimes called “cured-in-place pipe.”

Sewer lining is not the right remedy for every situation in which a sewer pipe is broken or damaged, but in the circumstances when it a realistic options, it is often significantly less expensive than the traditional dig-and-replace sewer pipe method. As you can imagine, it also creates far less mess and hassle because yards do not have to be dug up and landscaping does not have to be moved.

At Dynamic Drain Technologies, we are able to offer sewer lining repair services to many Virginia and Maryland property owners. If you are interest in learning more about whether you are a good candidate for this approach, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. We would love to hear from you and are happy to offer guidance as to what may be your best option.

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Hampton VA Uses Pipe Lining Company To Save Sewers

Trenchless pipe repair on angies list

The city of Hampton, VA uses trenchless rehab methods to the fullest. The City’s cured in-place pipe (CIPP) crew has taken full advantage of the benefits of using Dynamic Drain’s cured in place epoxy lining products.

CIPP seals broken cast iron, pvc, orangeburg, clay pipe and more

Avoid Costly Open-Cut Pipe Repair

We have been able to perform sewer rehabilitation that would have otherwise been very disruptive and costly using open-cut methods due to high traffic, depth and underground utility problems.

The City of Hampton is recognizing that broken clay pipes, root-infested and leaking sewer systems are a serious threat to our existing infrastructure. Business owners and city maintenance departments realize that Dynamic Drain offers a proactive approach to rehabilitate old pipes.

cipp pipe repair virginia beach va

Declining Resources

Maintaining the city’s infrastructure includes miles of stormwater pipes, catch basins and storm drains. Each day the city transports millions of gallons of sewage in an environment of declining resources.

This is why we have sought more efficient ways of doing business. The systems are aging and like any other facility, rely on a budget to repair sewer systems. Pipe lining technology offers a reduced amount of money spent on maintaining wastewater treatment options.

CIPP Rehabilitation Provides Extended Design Life

Trenchless pipe repair on angies listThese practices and large projects aim to further the sustainability with long-term design practices. CIPP rehabilitates infrastructure with an extended design life of over 50-years that has been tested by individual scientific studies to be able to last for up to and over 100-years.

Broken clay pipes and root-infested leaking sewer systems are a serious issue and trenchless rehabilitation utilizes a safe, clean and efficient way to use our epoxy lining systems.

We are a certified Perma-Liner and Maxliner installation contractor. We are fully licensed and insured to provide “green” pipe renewal services at cost-saving prices to all of Virginia.

Call us today to learn more, we always offer free estimates and consultations.

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Benefits of Drain Cleaning in Loudoun County, VA

One of the fastest growing counties in VA is Loudoun County. This area has seen many large businesses and diverse communities beginning to thrive.

Areas include Sterling, Ashburn, Countryside, Potomoac Falls, South Riding, Middleburg, Hamilton and the famous Dulles International Airport.

New Construction – Old Infrastructure

keg nozzlesNew construction and growing communities often take existing wastewater systems for granted. Overlooking drains when installing plumbing systems has been a major problem in the past.

Without these drainage systems our organic waste and water systems would not be able to safely and effectively dispose of this matter.

Passing these materials safely and efficiently into a municipal waste management systems will provide lower costs for taxpayers and insurance coverage fees. Proper disposal to septic or municipal systems can help prevent blockages and failing drain pipes in the future.

Drain Cleaning May Save Your Sewer System

pipe clearing cleaning and removal with water jettingDrain cleaning and sewer system cleanings can provide excellent preventative measures for city officials and municipalities, property management companies, facilities maintenance managers and property owners.

Drain cleaning with high pressure water jetting and hydro jetting will help disposal systems operate to the best of their abilities and prevent costly repairs down the line.

Dynamic Drain Technologies provides professional drain cleaning services in the Northern Virginia area and in parts of North Carolina and Maryland as well.

Long Term Benefits of Drain Cleaning

sanitary sewer overflowThere are many reasons to have your drains cleaned and serviced. We have gathered a few of the most common reasons to clean your sewer pipes regularly here:

  • Avoid Plumbing Disasters. Preventative maintenance can provide you the peace of mind and convenience you are looking for when managing a large facility or municipality. Avoid the need to call plumbers in an emergency. A regular cleaning schedule will allow you to entertain guests, keep traffic flowing smoothly and keep tenants happy without worrying about an unexpected plumbing nightmare happening at the worst of times.
  • Hazard and Safety Concerns. Backups and clogs can cause major health hazards. You have seen the damage caused by faulty drainage systems in the wake of large storm surges and natural disasters. Most health related issues and even deaths in some cases are caused not by the storm itself but by the aftermath and bacteriological growth that occurs when wastewater sits stagnant.
  • Increase the Lifespan of Your Sewer Systems. High-Pressure water-jetting provides an alternative to pipe damaging practices like snaking and using chemicals. Blockages and clogs can cause also cause wear and tear to increase exponentially over time. Cast-Iron, PVC, clay pipes, Orangeburg and more can be safely cleaned with our services to stop buildup and debris from causing long term damage from things like rust, sludge, oil and bacteria.
  • Prevent Backflow. Get your wastewater moving fast and efficiently. Cross-contamination can occur when organic waste accumulates inside piping which can lead to blockages and piping damage.

Our sewer rehabilitation services include CCTV pipeline inspections, Robotic Cutter reinstatements, Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining, Epoxy Coating and free evaluations. For drain cleaning services in Loudoun County, VA, call Dynamic Drain Technologies today!

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Why Do You Need Sewer Repair? Let’s Take A Look.


It seems we’re asking a lot of our sewer drains these days.

Across the country, wastewater and sewer districts are mounting public awareness campaigns designed to educate the public about what not to flush. The impetus, apparently, is a surge in blocked pipes.


Pipe Inspection

What is Clogging Our Pipes?

In 2011, Maine’s Portland Water District analyzed what was clogging its pipes.

There is not guarantee the results of the study are equally applicable here, but it’s probably at least a similar story.

The study found that:

  • 42 percent of clogs were caused by paper products that should not be flushed, like paper towel.
  • 24 percent of blockages could be attributed to baby wipes.
  • 17 percent of pipes were stopped up by feminine hygiene products.
  • 8 percent of pipes were clogged by “flushable” moistened wipes.

As you can see, the results of this study suggest that people are flushing more than the obvious things you think would be flushed, and that’s a strain on your pipes.

Public Awareness for Sewer Safety

In Virginia, the Washington DC Sanitation District has tried to tackle this problem with a public-awareness campaign telling people only the three Ps (paper, and you can probably guess the other two) should be flushed down the toilet.

So far, it isn’t clear that any of these public awareness campaigns has resulted in a marked decreased in clogged and blocked pipes.

That doesn’t mean they are not worthwhile, but it does mean the issue of people flushing clog-inducing items might be here to stay, at least for awhile.

If you need sewer repair, you’re welcome to contact us. We specialize in addressing business’ sewer problems promptly and thoroughly.

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Stop Digging: Pipe Relining Without the Hassle

What are the most hated words in a driver’s vocabulary? “Men At Work”. It means trenches, holes in the ground, massive backups and delays in their commutes. It means pavement torn up and weeks of repaving ahead, all to fix a problem they didn’t even know was there.

There’s a better way.

Pipe RepairDon’t dig up the street when you can reline sewer pipes with jut a small hole. Dynamic Drain Technologies can reline a pipe without ever unearthing it.

We send a felt tube into the pipe from a small hole. Resin gets pumped in, hardens, and the pipe is fixed! No mess, no massive construction project…no massive construction cost.

Pipe Relining

Relining can add as much as 50 years to the life of sewer pipe, which makes the cost much easier to live with when spread over the life of the pipe.

Infrastructure in a lot of US cities is old and getting older, with the cost of replacement getting larger as more systems reach the end of their lifespan.

For example, more than half of the sewer systems in Arlington, VA were installed in the 1950’s. They’re using the same cured in place liner Dynamic Drain Technologies offers and they expect to get another 50 years out of the system before major replacements need to happen.

And they’ll do it all without digging the long trench and exposing miles of pipe. They’ll do it without the constant complaining phone calls of motorists, and without the eyesore of a construction project.

Dynamic Drain Technologies can help you fix your pipes without the hassle. We can inspect, clean and reline sewer pipes without the need for major invasive digging. Contact us today to find out what we can do to make your project easier.

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No Dig Pipe Repair: Cured in Place Pipe Lining Prevents Landscapes from Being Ruined

No dig pipe repair (or cured in place pipe lining) has become our specialty here at Dynamic Drain Technologies. And because we’re one of the earliest adopters of this technology, we’ve seen how much money it’s saved people over the years.

cipp repair chilled water lineIt’s also saved numerous landscapes from ruination and creating extreme expense.

Call it the angioplasty of the plumbing world, because it essentially creates a non-invasive method to help open up aging water pipes without opening the ground.

By inserting a new fiberglass tube into the existing pipe, take a look at the different types of landscapes that can be saved as a result.

Preventing Front Yards from Being Ruined

Most water pipes are going to be under the ground of your yard, parking lot or business. That meant the grounds would have to be considerably torn up before the age of pipe lining.

While that could still happen if the pipes have to be completely replaced, a no-dig solution can keep your front property from looking like an excavation site.

Such a scenario can be very difficult to deal with if you have regular gatherings in your building and giant dirt piles become the first thing visitors see.

It’s worse when it rains, hence creating mud on and around the dirt mounds.

Water Pipes Under Steps

No dig pipe sewer drain repair don't excavate rehabilitateIn older homes and buildings, water pipes might even be under your front-door steps, requiring an expensive removal before digging can occur.

For older homes that need to be preserved, that can be a major problem. Those problems compound if your home is also a business and the main entrance is where the steps are.

Having to re-route foot traffic to a back door can be an extreme inconvenience and potentially cost you business.

The Cost of Restoration

The time and expense of digging and removing things around your property is only half of the story.

We can help save you having to restore your landscape after the repair is done.

Restoration can also take considerable time to make your business look like it did before, especially if you start in the winter when there’s cold and rain. Plantings and other vegetation that you might have had to remove will also take months if not even years to grow back.

Visit us here at Dynamic Drain Technologies and learn more about how cured in place pipe lining works. You’ll be amazed at how fast we can help solve your water pipe issues with one day of work.

Plus, we’re fully licensed, bonded and insured to make that happen.

Contact us if you’re having issues with your water pipes and we’ll provide a free estimate. Our pricing is going to save you exponential amounts of money, especially if you live in challenging landscapes you need to preserve for a lifetime.

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No Dig Pipe Repair: Cured in Place Pipe Lining Prevents Landscapes from Being Ruined

Welcome to a better pipe repair solution

No dig pipe repair (or cured in place pipe lining) has become our specialty here at Dynamic Drain Technologies. And because we’re one of the earliest adopters of this technology, we’ve seen how much money it’s saved people over the years.

It’s also saved numerous landscapes from ruination and creating extreme expense.

No dig pipe sewer drain repair don't excavate rehabilitateCall it the angioplasty of the plumbing world, because it essentially creates a non-invasive method to help open up aging water pipes without opening the ground.

By inserting a new fiberglass tube into the existing pipe, take a look at the different types of landscapes that can be saved as a result.

Preventing Landscaping from Being Ruined

Most water pipes are going to be under the ground of your front yard or business. That meant a front yard or landscape would have to be considerably torn up before the age of pipe lining.

While that could still happen if the pipes have to be completely replaced, a no-dig solution can keep your front yard from looking like an excavation site.

Welcome to a better pipe repair solutionSuch a scenario can be very difficult to deal with if you have regular gatherings at your business and giant dirt piles become the first thing visitors see. It’s worse when it rains, hence creating mud on and around the dirt mounds.

Water Pipes Under Steps

In older homes, water pipes might even be under your front-door steps, requiring an expensive removal before digging can occur.

For older homes that need to be preserved, that can be a major problem.

Those problems compound if your home is also a business and the main entrance is where the steps are. Having to re-route foot traffic to a back door can be an extreme inconvenience and potentially cost you business.

The Cost of Restoration

Trusted plumbers and perma liner installers in Washington DCThe time and expense of digging and removing things around your yard is only half of the story. We can help save you having to restore your landscape after the repair is done.

Restoration can also take considerable time to make your yard look like it did before, especially if you start in the winter when there’s cold and rain.

Plantings and other vegetation that you might have had to remove will also take months if not even years to grow back.

Visit us here at Dynamic Drain Technologies and learn more about how cured in place pipe lining works. You’ll be amazed at how fast we can help solve your water pipe issues with one day of work. Plus, we’re fully licensed, bonded and insured to make that happen.

Contact us if you’re having issues with your water pipes and we’ll provide a free estimate.

Our pricing is going to save you exponential amounts of money, especially if you are located in challenging landscapes you need to preserve for a lifetime.Plumbing, pipe, sewer and drain repair experts and perma liner installers in virginia

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Cured-In-Place Pipe Prevents Broken Pipes From Becoming A Disaster

A broken pipe isn’t good, of course, but thanks to a repair method known as cured in place pipe, it may not have to be a disaster.

The easiest way to think of cured-in-place pipe (or CIPP) is that it is a pipe within a pipe. It was first successfully implemented in London in 1971. Since then, it’s become widely popular as a timely and cost-efficient way to repair pipes.

How CIPP Works

Pipe RepairCIPP works by inserting a tube, usually made of polyester or resin-saturated felt, into a damaged pipe from an “upstream access point,” like a manhole. The pipe is then cured with hot water, UV light or steam.

That stiffens the resin to form a jointless and corrosion-resistant repair to the broken pipe.

The final product is usually inspected via closed-circuit television.

Video: Pipe Repair with Cured In Place Pipe CIPP Lining – Trenchless No Dig Solution
by Dynamic Drain Technologies LLC

Advantages of Going with Trenchless Technology

One of the main advantages of CIPP is that it does not required excavation to address the pipe breakage. That’s a very real benefit because it means your business won’t have to deal with the messy, loud and expensive process of digging to get to the broken pipe.

Now, CIPP isn’t the right remedy for every broken pipe. Some pipes are too large, and others are not a good candidate for this approach because the upstream access point is not readily accessible. Even so, CIPP is an excellent fix for many broken pipe situations.

If you are interested in learning more about CIPP and would like to speak to a D.C.-area firm about it, you are welcome to contact us.

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Does Your Facility Have Orangeburg Pipe? You Might Need Sewer Repair

Orangeburg pipe deteriorating (fiber pipe)

Orangeburg pipe deteriorating (fiber pipe)Named after the upstate New York city in which it was invented, Orangeburg pipe is made from compressed tar paper or a blend of pitch and wood fiber. It was invented in the 1860s, but really took off in popularity in the middle part of last century.

Are you familiar with Orangeburg pipe?

That is because in World War II, metal was in short supply. That meant that sewer pipe had to be made out of something else, since metal was needed for the war effort. Thus, Orangeburg pipe was used to build the sewer lines of many homes, government facilities and the like.

The problem with Orangeburg pipe is that it does not last particularly long, especially in comparison with how long other types of pipe can be expected to last. It is an organic product, so it decomposes after awhile. It also is not especially resistant to tree roots, which can break the pipe.

Modern Day Pipes

Modern-day options like PVC pipe have addressed these problems, but of course, that’s only after they are used to replace Orangeburg pipe.

Many people do not know that their home, business or facility has Orangeburg pipe, and so don’t realize that they need sewer repair until something drastic happens.

Sewer Repair Process

Although the discovery that you need sewer repair can be unpleasant, working with the right company can take some of the anxiety out of the process for you. We invite you to contact us today if you are researching sewer repair options. Sewer repair does not need to be an ordeal or a long, drawn-out process.

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CIPP for Sightlier Drain Repairs

Pipe Lining Company Ad

Are you in charge of government property that is inconveniencing  your citizens with elderly leaky pipes? How about the hassle of your homeowners having to park cars blocks away from their houses because the street has been dug up to repair plumbing?  CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) requires little or no trench digging to repair leaking gas, sewer or water pipes, and Dynamic Drain Technologies is an expert in using CIPP for urgent, or long-term, community repairs.

Recently placed on the Small-Women-and-Minority owned (SWAM) GSA schedule for pre-qualified contractors in the state of Virginia, Dynamic believes in treating its surrounding community with respect and efficiency.

Pipe Lining Company Ad

CIPP Process

During the CIPP process, a felt inner pipe covered with raw resin is fed into the damaged pipe upstream of the leak. Compressed air, or another pressure-bearing substance, is pumped through the pipe until the resin is secured to the wall, and then the resin is cured (set and hardened). After testing with a closed circuit camera for structural soundness, the pipe is considered fixed. Ecologically friendly and economically easy, the job is done.

The drain experts at Dynamic Drain Technologies are experts at CIPP, for little or big jobs. The history of CIPP is as follows: “In 1971, Eric Wood implemented the first cured-in-place pipe technology in London,England. He called the CIPP process insit u form, derived from the Latin meaning “form in place.” Wood applied for U.S. patent no. 4009063 on January 29, 1975. The patent was granted February 22, 1977 and was commercialized.. until it entered the public domain on February 22, 1994″.

If you are in charge of a commercial, federal or local government property that is trying to stop a leaking underground pipe, call in Dynamic Drain Technologies for help. Their online contact information makes them easy to find; visit them at

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Avoid Expensive Sewer and Drain Repairs Now

robotic cutters for mainline reinstatements

Does your insurance cover sewer repair? There are a few we have worked with tin the Aberdeen, MD area that were more than helpful when we asked about their coverage.

Our Experience

We have worked with plenty of commercial property associations and maintenance departments. Having a good working knowledge of how your sewer systems work can help you avoid expensive sewer and drain repairs now.

CIPP seals broken cast iron, pvc, orangeburg, clay pipe and moreKeeping Your Sewer System in Good Condition

It is extremely important to be pro-active when it comes to taking care of your facilities. The last thing you want is a surprise in the sewer system to pop up and create a nasty mess. Regular pipe inspections are always a good idea to at least have an idea of what lies beneath your building.

CCTV pipe inspections can assure you that your sanitary systems are draining properly and smoothly. The last time we visited Aberdeen, MD our pipe inspections revealed many drain pipe problems that were 10 to 20 feet underground. Some of the repairs were simple fixes only requiring the use of our waterjetting services.

Trenchless Pipe Repair or CIPP

Trenchless pipe repair is often referred to as CIPP or “cured-in-place pipe” repair. Other methods have been known as sliplining, pull-in-place, pipe bursting and a multitude of other trenchless technologies.

Depending on the size and infrastructure of your property, trenchless technologies may be your best bet.

cipp liner for broken sewer pipe lining companiesAsk a friend if they know any plumbing contractors that are able to perform these types of procedures. Often times, especially in the metro area of Washington DC and Maryland, this technology can be a great way to save money. There is little to no digging required and the contractors will not have to break up slabs to replace the pipelines.

Deep Pipes in Northern Virginia

We have found that many pipes in this area require contractors to break up slabs of concrete sidewalks, roadways and large flooring areas. This destruction costs a lot of money to coordinate with the city. Most areas of Northern Virginia are concrete jungles and require tons of excavation to simply replace one or two sewer lines.

With our trenchless technology we are able to use our Perma-Liner and Maxliner inversion heads to completely replace pipes without digging. This pipe relining process is simple and just as effective as traditional pipe repair methods.

Often times the flow of your sewer system will increase and have fewer backups since the liners contain zero joints and can smooth bends and offset pipes. These liners can even connect entire sections of missing pipe.

Reinstatements with Robotic Cutters

Does your system have T’s or Y’s in them connecting them to other lateral pipe lines?

No worries here. With our robotic cutters and professionally trained technicians we can navigate your pipes from the inside and cut out any pre-existing connections.

robotic cutters for mainline reinstatementsOur pipelines often last much longer than their design life, which is guaranteed by the manufacturer for up to 50 years. Feel free to call us on our toll-free number is you have any questions about our services and we will be more than happy to walk you through this new technology!

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Traditional VS Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless pipe repair

Trenchless Pipe Repair


Traditional VS Trenchless

Traditional pipe repair generally means digging down to a pipe that have been damaged, cutting out sections, and replacing it with brand new piping. With advances in technology, contractors are now able to replace or simply repair pipe without having to dig a massive trench that disturbs the landscape.

This is known as trenchless pipe repair or no dig pipe repair. Almost every contractor out there today can benefit from this more versatile way of repairing pipe.


The first main benefit that you can expect from trenchless pipe repair is that you don’t actually have to do any serious digging. This means that you won’t have to worry about damaging precious land that would otherwise be expensive to fix. There is virtually no mess involved and clean up is often a breeze.

Tight Spaces

Another great benefit of trenchless pipe repair is that a pipe can be fixed or replaced in areas that would otherwise be impossible to get to.

As an example, say a sewer needs to be repaired but it is stuck underneath a building. The only two options would be to dig around the entire building and run a fresh new sewer line or to simply replace the broken pipe with a pipe-bursting machine.

Pipe bursting is a form of trenchless pipe replacement. Trenchless pipe repair is a very green technology. You really don’t need to throw dirt and silt everywhere in order to do the job. The beauty is that natural habitats won’t need to be disturbed. We think trenchless pipe repair just makes sense.


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Reason To Choose Trenchless Sewer Repair

W ftn lining 20120403_1856-1


While trenchless sewer repair is a fairly new technology, it has been used within the United States and Virginia for around 20 years. While traditional methods work, trenchless sewer repair has a few differences that put it in a field of its own.

Below are a few reasons why you should opt for trenchless sewer repair.

Cost Effective

This is often one of the biggest reasons why you should consider using trenchless sewer repair. Compared to traditional methods of fixing your sewers, the trenchless system is far more cost effective. There is no point spending a huge amount of money when fixing your sewers when you can do it for a fraction of the price.

Quick And Easy

If your sewer line is out of service, you are going to be very inconvenienced indeed. It can be even more of a problem if you own a commercial property. Whether its commercial or residential, trenchless sewer repair can get your system up in a flash. Your business will be able to run smoothly in no time and you won’t have to worry about your customers being interrupted for too long.

Zero Landscape Destruction

When you think of traditional forms of sewer repair, your mind thinks of dug up landscape and large holes. This is often why traditional methods are so costly, it is the cost of replacing the landscape that hurts your wallet. You won’t have to worry about this with trenchless technology. As the name implies, there is no need for a trench when making repairs. The only damage done is two small holes at either side of the sewer that must be fixed at the end.

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Chilled water line repair and replacement without digging

Chilled water line system repair condensors

Rehabilitating existing water lines is crucial to maintaining a healthy chilled water system in large buildings. We installed (4) 50-foot long, 8-inch liners replacing the existing chilled water lines at Green Run High School in Virginia Beach, VA.

Chilled Water Line Repair

Chilled water system diagramThe water lines went from the outdoor condensers under the asphalt parking lot and concrete slab into the mechanical room. We repaired the supply and return pipes with CIPP liners.

These pipes bring in chilled water into the building to cool the building and it’s occupants. This chilled water unit, also known as an AC unit is often used to cool a large building’s air and equipment.

Learn more about chilled water systems on’s wiki page here:

Types of Chilled Water Line Systems

There are two types of chilled water line systems:

    • Site Generated
    • Utility Generated

Chilled water line system repair condensors

Chilled Water System Rehabilitation Practices

When it comes time to replace the condensors on these chilled water units it is a common practice to renew the entire piping infrastructure. This has been a major problem in the past due to the large costs of excavation.

Sewer Line Repair

cipp repair chilled water lineOur trenchless technology provides an extremely cost-effective and time saving procedure to rehabilitate existing piping infrastructure with cured-in-place pipe lining. CIPP is one of the newest plumbing repair methods on the market to date. Pipe lining is significantly faster than traditional excavation plumbing repair practices.

Plumbing Repair

When it comes to finding a plumber that can tackle this job there are a few types of plumbing repair methods to choose from:

  • Traditional Dig-and-Replace
  • Trenchless Pipe Lining or CIPP
  • Slip Lining
  • Sectional Point Repair

Each method has it’s advantages and disadvantages. With traditional dig-and-replace, if there are no major structures between the surface and the piping infrastructure, digging and replacing is usually the most cost effective way to replace aging and broken pipe.

Trenchless pipe lining, slip lining and sectional point repair are all newer methods that utilize trenchless technology.

CIPP involves inverting liners into existing lines and curing them in place with hot air or water. This method can offset the costs of major excavation and downtime. Since there is no digging involved, business can continue as usual and existing infrastructure is completely preserved.

Pipe lining also increases the rate at which water travels through the pipe by at least 20% making for a much more efficient system.
chilled water system repair virginia

Did you know?

Did you know that Dynamic Drain Technologies has worked with some of the nation’s largest facilites?

We have been brought in as a sub-contractor with many well known plumbing companies. We have repaired conduit infrastructure in Washington DC at the National Gallery of Arts. We we’re brought in to repair aging pipe infrastructure at the Smithsonian and the Subway systems of New York. We pride ourselves on the quality of work we provide and are always looking for new opportunities to work with you on your plumbing repair projects.

Follow the locations tab above and check out some of our recent jobs!

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Sewer Repair Companies In Virginia for Home or Business

Old damaged pipes cut out by plumber

CIPP SAMPLESThere are many sewer repair companies in Virginia. If your sewer is clogging and backing up or you are having drainage problems, pipe repair can help fix it. There are many reasons why you may need to call a sewer repair expert.

Calling a Professional Plumber

  • Constant Backups
  • Leaking Pipes
  • High Water Bills
  • Infiltration/Exfiltration
  • And more…

All of these problems can leave you searching for help. If you own a business, property or even an industrial plant, losing money to leaking water pipes can cost you thousands of dollars. Sometimes you don’t even know that this is happening.

A professional plumber can investigate your drainage systems and give you a detailed evaluation of your piping infrastructure’s condition. A trustworthy company will give you a copy of any pipe inspection videos taken during the evaluation.

Why use trenchless technology?

Old damaged pipes cut out by plumber Our sewer repair techniques are very unique. We can repair or replace a pipe without digging. What we do is evaluate the pipe with a CCTV pipe inspection to see any problem areas and connections. Once we have reviewed this we can see what we are dealing with.

If the pipe needs to be cleaned we have an industrial strength waterjetting machine that can clean an clear any type of blockage or build up. Sometimes the pipe can have massive amounts of rust build up from old age so we use de-scaling nozzles to remove the rust.

If it is some type of sludge build up from grease or oil or any other type of blockage we have a whole arsenal of nozzles that can degrease and remove blockages.

Aging Sewer Systems – Why Should You Care?

Aging sewer systems can also face problems such as cracking or shifting. This can offset joints and create openings that can become infiltrated with roots and various other debris. We have found all kinds of things inside of pipes and repairing them is crucial to maintaining a healthy sewer system.

Most sewer repair companies do not offer trenchless pipe repair and will excavate your property to remove the old pipe. Once they replace the pipe they will fill the holes back up and replace any flooring or objects that were above ground.

Did you know that you don’t have to dig to replace sewer pipes?

Instead of digging up your pipe what we do is insert a sock like sleeve into the pipe with our inversion machine. Once the sleeve is inside the pipe we put another tube inside of that and blow it up with hot air or water. This holds the liner material against the wall of the old pipe allowing it to cure in place and create a brand new pipe inside of the old pipe without digging. This can save your building from having to shut down. We can repair your pipes while you work!

Plumbing Companies

We work with the best plumbing companies in Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and al over the East coast.

CIPP pipe repair materialsWe work with plumbers from all over the East coast who call us and use our services. If you have any questions about your sewer repair problems and want some honest advice we can help you. We have over ten years of experience in the plumbing field and always work with the best plumbing companies. Anything you need.. we are here to help. Give us a call today and let us help with all of your pipe, sewer and drain repair needs!

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What are the next steps for Dynamic Drain?

Certified Small Women and Minority Owned, Member EVA, Class A Contractor Logos

Our sewer rehabilitation and pipe repair teams are excited with future additions to our CIPP lining technologies.

Working to further our no dig technologies and expand customer base.

This could be a steamy new avenue for the team since there are talks of adding some new steam equipment to there arsenal. The (Mini Steam Units) will increase productivity and lessen curing times.

We would be able to line sewers and pipelines all throughout the year regardless of temperature. The newest trend in trenchless technology allows 100% solid epoxies to be applied with infinite working time in a compact and user friendly continuous inversion gun’s.

Testing and Training

We are still testing various steam units but are planning on bringing in some of our friends from the most successful trenchless lining equipment companies in the world to Hampton Roads in the near future for demos and high tech training. They will be showing us how to use the new equipment and all of the benefits of using the new steam systems.

Plumbers, contractors, municipalities and residents can utilize this new range of “trenchless” cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) repair techniques. If you have any questions about working with us on your next big utility infrastructure rehabilitation project feel free to contact us at 757-383-6611.

Our Industry Network

Business affiliates and clients
Our network of plumbing repair contractors, property managers and city officials is constantly growing. We have lined a massive amount of pipes in the last decade, all over the mid atlantic. We have comprised an incredible list of clients and partners. Through healthy collaboration and feedback with our clients we feel this is the best decision to better serve and grow our customer base.

Nick SantoniChief Excecutive Officer

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How do you repair asbestos cement pipe?

What is Asbestos?Asbestos itself is known to be a very dangerous substance. Lots of care and caution should be taken when dealing with any type of infrastructure that utilizes asbestos.

Any sewer pipe or conduit infrastructure that is prone to extreme temperatures may have utilized asbestos for its flame retardant capabilities.

Dig & Replace Method

If you decide to use the dig and replace method, some of the proper procedures will include breathing masks, proper closure of the area, and disposal procedures.

How to Reduce Risk of Exposure to Asbestos

In order to reduce the risk of exposure you may want to consider repairing the pipe by installing a CIPP liner.

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Dynamic Drain Technologies Gets A New Logo

New Logo

Our logo has received a makeover thanks to the Webby award winning folks over at

Check out this video of their team celebrating the win with a tribute to Queen! It’s nice to be able to work with fun people and get great results. They were willing to work with us and team us up with some of the best logo designers the web has to offer.

And here it is.. our new logo!

New Logo

Head on over to their website to see more about the Webby Award for their services!

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Perma-Liner Lateral Lining Resins and Epoxy

Dynamic Drain utilizes many different types of lateral lining resins from the Perma-Liner and Rhino lining supply companies. These resins are the top of the line in the trenchless pipe repair industry.

Perma-Liner Lateral Lining Epoxy

The Perma-Lateral™ ambient cure resin is formulated to meet the job site needs. Perma-Liner™ has formulated its resin for all working temperatures. The Perma-Lateral™ epoxy resin is most-commonly utilized with a 3 hour cure time. The epoxy is pre-formulated and sready to mix on -site. The formulation is a 2-part mix. You simply measure the quantity of resin needed mix with the activation and introduce it into the liner. There’s no waste of materials.

Rhino Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) epoxy

The Rhino 1310T-LT Blue is a 100% solids, non-draining, epoxy system for producing Cured In-Place Pipe applications. A single resin system with multiple choices for curing agent hardeners that can be adjusted for time needed and temperature etc. Rhino 1310T LT Blue epoxy resin is a tinted transparent blue, and the hardeners are transparent yellow,  when the system is properly mixed a uniform green color is achieved. Rhino  CIPP systems have a proven track record in conjunction with felt or fiberglass liner materials.

Features & Benefits:

• Rehabilitate underground pipes
• Cures very fast with mild (120°F) heat
• Trenchless repair of pipes
• Effectively lines pipes and drain lines with a 90-degree bend
• ASTM F-1216 compliant, adding value and assuring quality in the CIPP process


• Applications requiring less invasive pipe system replacement procedures
• Municipal, residential, commercial markets (manholes and underground pipe systems)
• Trenchless, less invasive sectional point structural repair without digging
• Lateral and sectional re-lining markets (homes, storm drains and sewer pipes)
• Compliant NSF 61 system when using 1310T-LT BLue resin with 3191 hardener

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Sewer Pipe Lining Virginia with MaxLiner CIPP Repair Systems


Sewer Pipe Lining Virginia

Sewer Pipe lining Virginia with MaxLiner CIPP (cured-in-place-pipe) repair systems are replacing old dig and excavate techniques with Insituform style small scale applications all over Virginia and the world. This low-cost alternative is one of the most viable solutions in the sewer pipe repair market today.

Our MaxLiner USA systems allows us to install continuous lengths of 2” to 12” diameter CIPP liners.  The system also gives us the opportunity to use external heat to speed up the cure times.  The system uses a portable diesel boiler to re circulate hot water through the liner. The system is extremely portable and can tackle the most challenging installs.

Sewer Pipe Repair virginia maxliner gunTested, proven and perfected to stringent standards in residential and commercial applications throughout the world for more than 15 years, only MaxLiner® offers a completely comprehensive solution for relining lateral pipelines. With the MaxLiner System, you can deliver results that are more effective than the traditional dig-and-replace method of repairing broken, cracked and leaking pipes, without the disruption of digging up yards, sidewalks, or damaging interior walls. This makes CIPP one of the best methods of pipe repair.

With the compact and portable MaxLinerGun® our installers can repair interior drain pipes behind walls and beneath floors without disturbing tenants or residents by reaching and relining even the toughest vertical pipes and downspouts. Entrance into this relatively untapped building market is supported by the MaxLiner System’s code compliance from ICC Evaluation Service, Inc. (ICC-ES). R

MaxFeltLiners™ and MaxPox™ resin are the keys to the MaxLiner System. These materials are specially developed for optimal results in a variety of applications and pipe configurations such as up to 90° bends and 4” to 6” diameter transitions that are only available through MaxLiner.

Inversion Table

The Inversion Table will ensure the right choice of MaxFeltLiner and MaxPox hardener to use with MaxPox Resin to form the right combination of materials for your particular application. Years of testing have gone into engineering the optimal combination of materials for specific jobs, circumstances and applications, so you can rely on the MaxLiner System for consistent, reliable and long-lasting results, every time.

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Perma Liner Formulated Epoxy Passes Chlorine Test

Pipe repair liner resin
Perma Liner epoxy passes chlorine tests

Perma Liner epoxy passes chlorine tests

Perma liner has been testing it’s epoxies rigorously against all known chemical agents found in water systems.

Clearwater, Florida – 11/14/12 – The Perma-Liner™ Formulated Epoxy has been tested against Chlorine – and has passed all testing.

As certified Perma-Liner installation experts this means good news for the CIPP industry.

perma liner epoxy

Water systems in many cities are rapidly growing in their need for rehabilitation programs. Aging pipe, breaking due to accidents and more are limiting the ability to transport increasing volumes of water usage. Epoxy lining and other trenchless sewer rehabilitation methods such as CIPP or Insituform processes are being developed and used. The reduction in costs and environmental hazards give the CIPP method many advantages. Many trenchless methods such as epoxy lining, ceramic mortar lining, slip-lining, pull in place and more have been going through testing slowly but surely and this study was intended to survey the present state of the effects of chlorine on the epoxy used for trenchless pipe repair. Testing is being done on intensity, tensile and flexural intensities of unsaturated polyester resins, hardening agents and accelerators. The resistance of the CIPP against chemicals such as chlorine, nitric acid, sodium hydroxide and the formation of microorganisms is crucial to understanding the full scope of applications this technology can be used for. Testing is showing that CIPP will be proper to be used as water distribution material. The application of CIPP for water main rehabilitation will be acceptable.

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Trenchless Pipe Repair Robotic Lateral Re-instatement Cutter

Lateral and Main line reinstatement cutter
Trenchless Pipe Repair Laterl Re-instatement Cutter

Robotic Lateral Reinstatement Miller/Drill for Trenchless Pipe Lining

Trenchless pipe repair robotic lateral re-instatement cutters are necessary to cut holes from the inside of a small diameter pipe and re-establish existing connections.

A valuable piece of equipment in the pipe rehabilitation business is in the form of a robotic cutter. Like something out of the SandLot, a cutter is an engineered and capable operating machine that can traverse through any pipe and cut out lateral connections.

What is a robotic pipe cutter?

Trenchless Pipe Repair Cutter

robotic pipe cutter

Capable of drilling through PVC, clay, cast iron pipe and obstructions such as tree roots, rock, gravel and even small amounts of concrete. These rugged little robots are configured to allow specialized situations to be navigated with s straight forward design and assembly that is able to be deployed within minutes.


Sharp and non abrasive, this addition to pipe lining makes lining pipelines, sewer pipes a breeze. These machines are applicable to all types of pipe systems.

Call or Click Today for More Info 757-383-6611

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Why Did My Sewer Fail? And Who Is Responsible?

Tree root infiltration
sewer fail due to tree roots

Tree Roots Are Always Searching for A Nutrient Rich Water Source

Ever wonder how much and who is responsible if you happen to have a sewer fail? It’s a thin line between where your responsibility stops and the city’s begins. The basic answer is, if it’s under the street it’s not your responsibility, it’s the water company’s. The lines under your home are your responsibility when a failure occurs.

Is there a sewer line repair program?

Yes there are programs offered that will offer protection against the deterioration of your sewer pipe lines. Failing sewer lines are popping up more and more often mainly due to old age. It is impossible to predict when a sewer line will fail and when they happen they are unexpected, inconvenient and costly. We have seen programs offer this protection for around $4/month. A usual residential sewer line replacement is upwards of $2,000 if there are no complications.

Many things can cause problems with sewer lines

If a sewer line breaks or fails a common pipe inspection will be able to show you the extent of your problem. Invasive tree roots, pressure from a growing tree, disintegrating pipe, shifting foundations and more can cause sink holes and unpleasant odors to get all up in your yard. Signs of sewer line failures can include collapsing or soggy lawn syndrome, collapsed or recessed sidewalks and driveways and any other types of possible seepage.

Know Your Options

Do your homework. Ask a certified plumber if they will give you a copy of the pipe inspection so you can obtain multiple estimates. Don’t go with the cheapest option.. many times a cheap offer will amount to more problems than they are worth. Talk to someone that makes you feel confident that you are getting the right job done.

Ask About No-Dig Pipelining

There is a new way of replacing pipe that includes inverting a liner into existing pipe and curing it in place without digging. The technology has advanced to the point where it is a viable option in many residential situations for a very competitive price depending on the situation. Our small scale applications work well in any residential, commercial, municipal or industrial place that wants to considerably reduce down time and damage to existing structures.

Call Or Click Today For More Info 757-383-6611

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Clay Sewer Pipe Discontinued in the 70’s Now Cracked and Damaged

I clog toilets

What Should Go In Your Homes Sewer Line?

The toilet clogger

The toilet clogger

There are things that belong and things that don’t belong in your drainage system. Water, human waste and toilet paper are the objects that belong here.

What doesn’t?

Our pipe inspections have found an array of items fooling around inside of drain pipes. We’ve seen under garments, cell phones, toys, pens, grease, fat and more. Often baby wipes or paper towels will become lodged and form a clog as well.


A clog in your main sewer line can cause commodes and drains to back up. The water will outrun the solids, if the next flow of water doesn’t wash out the clog, it becomes backed up. Usually a plunger will fix this problem but what if it continues to back up and cause more problems?

Clogging All The Time

Unless your a clogger, you don’t necessarily like when clogs happen all the time. One of the most common causes for multiple back ups to occur is the intrusion of tree roots. If a line is intact, tree roots will not cause problems but any crack or separation will attract the roots to any moisture in or around the pipe. Once they get in, roots will continue to grow and cause major damage. Sewer inspection companies can locate any line that is susceptible to mainline failure and any home that was built prior to the 80’s is a high risk for sewer failure due to tree roots.

Dynamic Drain Technologies is a full service trenchless cured in place pipe rehabilitation company focusing on small scale residential, commercial municipal and industrial applications for 2″ to 12″ sewer, drain and pipe systems. We will clean, clear, inspect and reline any pipe with little to no excavation in half the time of traditional methods.

Preventative Maintenance

Sewer inspections, sewer cleaning and chemical additives that kill roots and degrease will help keep your lines from backing up. If you have a septic system be cautious with any cleaning products or disinfectants that you put down the toilet or drain, they can destroy the enzymes that break down human waste and feces in the septic tank.

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Is it possible to fix my sewer drain pipe without digging?

don't ruin your orchard
don't dig your sewer drain pipes up, replace them with Dynamic Drain Lining

Don’t dig your sewer drain pipes up, replace them with
Dynamic Drain Trenchless Sewer Lining


Nationwide polls conducted show that about 78% of respondents had never heard of “no dig” sewer technology. If you are in the trenchless pipe repair industry this number is huge. Of those polled 73% stated that they would most definitely pay more for sewer pipe replacement if it would preserve their existing landscaping, patio, deck, garden, driveway, home or any other outdoor or indoor infrastructure.

[polldaddy poll=6687480]

Trenchless Sewer Replacement Technologies

Sewer Repair Residential

Sewer Repair Residential

After discussing cured in place pipe lining and other trenchless methods such as slip lining, HDPE pipe repair, pipe bursting, “pull and replace” methods, and inverted liners many respondents were amazed by how much time and money they wasted not to mention the headaches associated with major excavation projects. A quarter of the polled entrants had already had their sewer systems replaced but only 3% say it is something they were considering. That 3% is the reason plumbers will always be in business! Being proactive about getting pipe inspections and preventative maintenance on your drain systems is a whole other topic you can read more about in another blog post here!

Most of the current recipients of traditional excavation projects had spent over $5,000 to have their systems excavated and replaced with new pipe.

Traditional Excavation and Pipe Replacement

A lot of times there is no other choice but to dig up and replace pipe. If your pipe becomes back-pitched or the cast iron has deteriorated more than 25%-35% of the pipe, a pipe may not be able to hold a liner. Some times if clay pipe becomes crushed it will need to be excavated or if an electrical conduit pipe has been shifted or offset more than 50% out of the way the concrete slab or infrastructure that contains the pipe will need to be broken and removed.

Our Network of Plumbers, Electricians and Contractors

That is why we have an extensive network or plumbing, electrical and construction engineers and contractors that we work with on all types of jobs. It truly is a win-win situation. Most importantly the home owner or business owner is happy because they saved time and money and received an honest opinion by trustworthy individuals. The contractor is happy because they make the most money off of putting their time and effort into their profession and we are happy because we get to reline another pipe!!

Give us a call today to see if we can help you out or give you a free consultation on your project. 757-383-6611 or visit us online at

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Save money with Sewer Pipe Inspections Before They Fail

storm water drain repair

Wise Decision or Wasteful Spending?

Replacing pipe lines before they collapse, break or clog is the best way to save money in the long run

Replacing pipe lines before they collapse, break or clog is the best way to save money in the long run

We believe that this is a necessary step towards in the right direction for drain pipe maintenance. Failing sewer and drain pipes are becoming a more and more prevalent issue since the life span of cast iron is usually around 50 years depending on the pipes environment underground. Relining a pipe before it is damaged will add 50+ years onto a pipe’s life without having to dig and replace anything. Just one access point needs to be made to expose the pipe and a liner can be inserted and cured in place.

According to this article:

Fayetville, Georgia also known as the Peachtree City Council is working towards an initiative to fund more storm water projects and upsize the maintenance department.

The council approved a resolution that allows the city to be reimbursed for preliminary expenses in a financing of up to $7.5 million.

Still up in the air is the specific project list, the possible inclusion of additional maintenance employees, and how much all of that might translate in the form of an increase to residents’ sewer bills.

This will come in the form of an increase to residents’ sewer bills.

City staff suggested the stormwater bills could be doubled, which in the case of a residential property would increase to between $63 and $142 a year, up from the current range of $32-$72.

The stormwater fee is also assessed on businesses, schools and even churches to help fund infrastructure repair, improvements and maintenance of the city’s stormwater collection system.

Mayor Don Haddix voted against the resolution, saying he preferred to get the city’s spending under control before proceeding with an increase in stormwater fees.

“I know we need stormwater money, I know, but as I said before when it comes to property taxes I am not prepared to vote for any increase in anything until we get our spending adjusted,” Haddix said.

In the May proposal, Public Works Director Mark Caspar suggested adding several employees to increase the level of stormwater pipe maintenance. Currently when a stormwater pipe is replaced, Caspar has to take his crew off maintenance projects to replace the pipe.

The new hires would cost the city about $358,246 a year according to Caspar’s projections.

As for the new capital projects, those under consideration include rehabilitation of the Rockspray Pond, the Kedron ponds, the Harbor Loop drainage system and the Golfview Drive drainage system.

Other projects in the mix include repairs to the BCS Pond, pipe lining in the area of Woodsdale and Lenox Road and also other pipe lining projects throughout the city.

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Broken Sewer Pipe? Fix Fast with Trenchless Pipe Lining

sewer stormwater repair plumbing
A trenchless installation can fix your storm drain and sewer system in little time without digging up the whole system.

A trenchless installation can fix your storm drain and sewer system in little time without digging up the whole system.

The main sewer drain is what carries household sewage to city owned municipal sewer lines and also to septic systems. Drains can suffer from many problems including root infiltration where tree roots start to crack and invade pipes in order to try and find water. This causes many plumbing problems for city officials, business owners and residents. The problem must be inspected with a camera that is inserted into the pipe. If the sewer pipe is unable to be inspected due to blockage or collapsed broken sewer pipes the drain must be cleaned out with our hydrojetter/waterjetter and re-inspected.

Keep your sewer flowing

In order to keep your sewer pipes flowing freely you should always follow a few important rules. Inspect in advance if you are buying a home. Add this to your checklist of things to look for in advance to spot any major problems before they arise. A small fee of around $300 could save you tons of money in the future. If you already own a home you should have a pipe inspection video saved in case any problems should arise in the future. Any reputable plumber will be able to provide you with this, we provide this via a USB thumb drive, cd/dvd and/or a YouTube video that you can send to anybody that needs to see it in the future.

How to fix your sewer, the trenchless way

Sewer Pipe lining or pipe bursting is also known as slip lining, cured in place pipe (CIPP), trenchless pipe repair, “no-dig” sewer technology and can save your existing landscape, buildings or structures from costly excavations. Preventative maintenance on sewer systems is very important, just like having a well maintained vehicle, making sure things are in good working order will assure years of uninterrupted service.

We are just a call or click away from helping you with your sewer wastewater repairs. Call 757-383-6611 today or contact us online today for a free evaluation.

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Water Main’s Will Have an estimated $183 Billion Facelift by 2023

residential sewer repair portsmouth
Trenchless Pipe Installation and Repair

Trenchless Pipe Installation and Repair

By 2023 the US Congress has estimated that they will need to invest approximately $183 billion towards water distributing infrastructure that provides clean and safe drinking water to consumers. Trenchless technology can provide extended lifetimes and a refreshing rehabilitation of existing lines. The evolving technology provides lower economic and social costs by implementing these practices. Lining can help restore almost any old pressure pipe including, concrete, clay, iron, steel, PVC and more.

Today’s innovations include cement mortar lining, slip-lining which is also known as fold and form, deformed/reformed or direct insertion, cured-in-place-pipe or CIPP and more recently gaining popularity are Continue reading

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North Carolina Aquarium Invited Us to Evaluate Their Storm Drain Pipe Repair Problems

The aquarium has lots of valuable infrastructure that they do not want to risk damaging

North Carolina Aquarium invited Dynamic Drain out to evaluate their storm drain pipe systems and pipe repair problems

The Aquarium in Wilmington, North Carolina has been having problems with their storm drain pipes lately. For the past few months water has been backing up and drains have been not flowing correctly. They called us in to evaluate the situation and give them an estimate or at least a second opinion on their sewer repair options.

October 31st, 2012 – Our tour guide was quite scary!


Tour Guide during Halloween at the Museum

Upon entering the aquarium we were greeted by our tour guide. The aquarium just finished up their Halloween festivities and still had remnants of scariness scattered throughout their museum.

Finding The Source of the Storm Drain Sewer Repair Site


aquarium pipe repair walkthrough

We went to look at the main storm drain for the aquarium.

The Sewer Was Heavily Affected by the Tide Levels



The lowest pipe was submerged underneath the water level inside this basin. The other main concern was the amount of sand contained within a pipe from a previous pipe inspection. Not only is it extremely difficult to clean sand out of a pipe, but without being able to penetrate and pull the sand down the line, the pipe would have to have been cleared from up stream into a collection that is completely submerged where the water leads to in the end. This is called hydrojetting or waterjetting a pipe.



We went inside to evaluate the possibility of cleaning the drains from the inside access clean-outs and found that they were full of water as well. Small excavation pits were the only way to be sure that the pipes could be fully restored which is why we called in our buddy Ernest from Tideline Construction. The only problem is that the aquarium had just commissioned a new exhibit to be installed right where the pit would need to be and prevented us from being able to fully fix this problem.


Checking out the access cleanouts inside the walls of the aquarium

Valuable Infrastructure


The aquarium has lots of valuable infrastructure that they do not want to risk damaging

We toured the last bits of the valuable infrastructure and Nick was excited to make a new friend..


nick made a friend

Who turned out not to be a very good friend at all..


The alligator got loose and starting eating customers (joke for Halloween)

Give us a call for a free evaluation of your projects and pipe repair or sewer repair problems and we will give you the best information as possible. We will never try and sell you something you don’t need and always give you the most honest and professional answer possible. If we don’t know it we have a friend that knows everything there is to know about your situation! 757-383-6611 Call Today!

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Pipe Repair Hazards During Flood Cleanup in the Sewer

sewer flood repair job
Pipe Repair During Floods Causes Hazards

Pipe Repair During Floods Causes Hazards

Anybody working in a sewer repair related industry should be well aware of the necessary safety precautions for working in areas where the sewer has backed up, but floods bring additional concerns and require extra precautions. The OSHA Fact Sheet on flood cleanup outlines the following hazards for those in the cleaning industry.


They warn about the overflow of water that can often contain infectious organisms, including intestinal bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Shigella; Hepatitis A Virus; and agents of typhoid, paratyphoid and tetanus.

Effects of Hurricane Sandy

Heavy flooding from Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’Easter currently affecting the East Coast have led to massive flooding and destruction of infrastructure on a grand scale. Destruction wreaked by Hurricane Sandy may reach $50 billion, putting it roughly in-line with the second most devastating storm in postwar history. At the end of the day, Sandy may end up being beneficial for the U.S. economy, pushing indicators like construction spending, industrial production, and retail sales above their pre-disaster trend-lines over the next few quarters, according to Goldman Sachs. [source:Forbes]

Proper Procedures During Pipe Repairs

Trying to maintain a sanitary work environment can be difficult and take a back seat to disaster relief efforts. It is counter productive to not try and include these practices since it will not help anybody if you save them and in turn get them sick again. Please remember to wash your hands often with soap and clean running water, especially before work breaks, food breaks and at the end of each work shift. ALWAYS assume that any flood water and surrounding areas is not safe unless local or state authorities have declared otherwise. Pipe repair companies in VA, NY, NJ, MD, PA and even as far as West VA should stay informed on these safe practices during the cleanup efforts that will be taking place due to the major damages caused by this tragedy.

Stay Safe!

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Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) prevention projects


Commercial pipe inspectionATTENTION all food service establishments! We can take care of all your Fat, Oil and Grease problems! Don’t let untimely backups cause you downtime. Our experts just completed a preventative FOG project at Pho 79 on Virginia Beach Blvd. The popular local Vietnamese restaurant prides itself on complying with municipal FOG programs. The Dynamic Drain team utilizes special emulsifying agents and high pressure water jetting to clean and clear grease build up to eliminate backups and avoid costly municipal fines. This process also increases the life expectancy of the pipes. We set special rates with many Virginia based restaurants. Call today to set up a free on-site consultation at your food service establishments.

Pipeline inspection restaurant in virginia beach

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Sewer Cleaning and Inspection Lands Another Government Contract

leak detection and locating pipesDynamic Drain Technologies lands another contract with the federal government to inspect, clean and install epoxy liners in the galley drains of the Indian Head Naval Base in Indian Head, Maryland. Dynamic Drain’s sewer cleaning and inspection team was dispatched last week to complete the preliminary inspection, cleaning and locating. We were able to access the pipe via a toilet flange on the upstream end and a manhole of the downstream end. The technicians went to work utilizing our Mongoose trailer jetter to clear the pipe so the vivax camera equipment could thoroughly insect the pipe to determine the condition and locate a collapsed area to spot excavate. Utilizing the Vivax locating technology allows us to pin point the spot of the collapse and eliminate any blind digging.

Pipe inspection, locating, and plumbing repair with perma liner and maxliner

Four Inch Cast Iron Pipe Exposed
and ready to Be Repaired

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Pipe Inspection near Richmond in Mechanicsville, VA

Septic tank diagram

Septic Tank and Drain Fields

We are currently running pipe inspection services in the greater Richmond VA area. We just wrapped up an inspection in Mechanicsville, VA. We inspected 100 plus linear feet of 4″ cast iron pipe for a residential homeowner who was experiencing backups a couple of times a year. We inspected the pipe and were able to figure out the reason for the homeowners troubles. The septic tank and drain fields were the problem and the lateral looked structurally sound. Pipe inspection services can determine any and all problems with your plumbing, and can save you time and money when it comes to repair methods. The camera never lies and we always leave you a copy of the inspection video along with a detailed professional report with findings recommendations and repairs.

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High pressure water jetting and CCTV pipe inspection

Pipe line diagram for UVA sewer repair project

pipe_inspection_trenchlessDynamic Drain Technologies just wrapped up a successful 4 day high pressure water jetting and CCTV pipe inspection project in Hopewell, VA.  The project was for KRS Holdings based out of Richmond, VA. KRS is a property management and real estate company. We were contacted by KRS last month, they had two properties in the small town of Hopewell VA that were currently condemned due to constant sewer backups. The managers at KRS had no sewer plans or prints and could not come up with a viable plan to evaluate and fix the constant sewer backups. We dispatched two of our best technicians along with a fleet of Mongoose sewer jetting technologies and Vivax sewer inspecting and locating technologies. Before the arrival of the technicians, our in-house engineers printed out a real time satellite image via Google Earth of the two properties. These images included the apartment buildings and the surrounding parking lots. Once on site our technicians were able to utilize the sewer cleaning and CCTV technologies to remove all clogs and evaluate the condition of the sewer systems. Most importantly we were able to generate a full evaluation of the two sewer systems and generate new sets of digital imagery plans for our client.  We suppled KRS holdings with a digital map outlining the exact point of their sewers. And a individual report of each pipeline that was cleaned and inspected along with the digital inspetion video. These maps and in depth evaluations come with our general pipe cleaning and televising services.

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How does ground water get into the sewage lines?

water infiltration into a leaking sewer system

Result of groundwater infiltration through sewer wall

Potable water is also called drinking water. It can be treated and enriched from natural springs or community reservoirs. Most first world countries do not put much thought about where the water comes from when they turn on a faucet.

Adding ground-water to the sewer systems is called Inflow and Infiltration, also referred to as “I & I.” When soil becomes saturated it puts the soil under a lot of pressure from the combined weight. Any crack or opening in a sewer turns into the path of least resistance for water. Water can push through anywhere it can and eventually infiltrate the sewer pipe. I & I is present in every sewer system. This is also the reason sanitary sewer flows increase dramatically during heavy rains and/or spring snow melt, even in cities with separate storm sewer systems.

I & I sites can occur along a sewer pipe in many different places for different reasons. Poor lateral connections, joints in concrete or clay pipe, root intrusion sites, broken spots in the sewer, manhole chimneys that are cracked, aging brick and mortar manholes, manhole/sewer connections, etc. are all common sites for I & I. The most obvious is from water going underneath of a cast iron manhole cover.

I & I is a tremendous emerging problem since much of America’s infrastructure has lasted far past its reasonable life expectancy. Tons of tax-payer dollars are budgeted to modernize sewage treatment plants to handle excessive flows due to increasing I & I problems, most of which are untraceable. This is the driving force behind many of todays trenchless sewer rehab technologies, such as CIPP lining and point repair, chemical grouts, specialty epoxy coatings such as spray-on structural liners for rehabbing manholes, etc. It is also one of the major reasons why cities obtain CCTV camera pipe inspections of their lines on a regular basis as a preventative maintenance measure.

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Does insurance cover sewer repair?

hurricane flooding problems
Flooding in Lynnhaven Colony Virginia Beach Hurricane Sandy

Flooding in Lynnhaven Colony Virginia Beach Hurricane Sandy

Do you know if if your homeowner’s insurance policy covers sewer pipe repair or replacement? Hurricane Sandy has done more damage to homeowners from the ground up than many hurricanes in the past. A super high tide and full moon cycle paired with storm surges that have been steadily pushing water into our water basin over the past few days have caused multiple backups and drainage system failures. Gradual wear and tear are multiplied by the fact that we have this enormous storm surge at our doorsteps. Sudden sewer backups are causing toilets not to flush and that is not cool. Many state insurance departments offer resources for finding out which companies write policies in your area.

Insurance Surprise

Hurricane Sandy Causing an umbrella to flip upInsurance Sewer Repair Coverage QuoteBefore a sewer line backup causes an expensive repair, check to see if your homeowner’s insurance policy covers sewer pipe repair or replacement. A fact that surprises many homeowners is that most policies exclude repairs needed due to damage caused by gradual wear and tear. If you shop around or consult an independent insurance broker, you can find policies that will cover it. You may also want to consider purchasing an additional sewer and drain endorsement to your policy, which averages about $20 per year and covers losses related to sewage backup such as carpet, HVAC or other property damage.

Homeowner’s insurance rates are going up. Severe weather, higher rebuilding costs and an increase in claims can all affect the price of your premium. The economic downturn is also to blame and coastal areas are the ones seeing the higher increase.

Make sure to shop around and get quotes before you let anyone pull your credit report.

Company Loyalty Schmoyalty

People get insurance when they buy their house, and a common misconception is that they think if they’re loyal to their company, their company will be loyal to them. This is for the most part not true. Some companies do offer loyalty discounts but they aren’t usually significant discounts. The best way to lower your premium is to raise your deductible.

Tom Deparka of Richmond, VA ditched his insurer of 40 years after finding another reputable company to re-write his policy for half of what he was paying to insure his ranch home in Virginia. He started shopping around last summer after he saw his premium go up more than 40 percent over five years.

Think About This

A homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t mean your home will be covered from weather-related storm damage. In fact, many insurance policies do not cover things like floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides and even sewer backups. You should always check with your insurance agent so you know what is covered and under what circumstances.

Hurricane Sandy Causing Havoc before Halloween

Hurricane Sandy Causing Havoc before Halloween

It’s a good idea to know what your homeowner’s insurance covers in the case of a major storm. Ask about flood damage and sewer backups. Having prior experience in the real estate industry, I know that finding someone that knows and is passionate about all the policies and coverage information is hard to come by. Don’t be afraid to find someone that can tell you what is best for you and will take the time to explain what is exactly going on. If it seems like they are giving you quick answers and trying to push you along, hang up and try again!

Read The Policy, Take The Ride

With all that being said – Remember – in the end, YOU are responsible for reading the entire policy and understanding the type of coverage you have for your home and possessions. Many policies do not cover things that might seem standard, a failure to understand your policy may result in high replacement costs down the road.

Determine potential weather-related threats that can damage your home and adjust your insurance policy accordingly. If you have any questions consult your agent. The best thing to do if you are stumped is to get an appraiser to look at your situation and give you a calculated answer.

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Sewer Line Inspection Before Purchasing A Home

Pipe Inspection Equipment - Camera

Plan Ahead

Sewer Inspection before home purchase

Angie’s List Experts now say to inspect sewer lines with a camera before you purchase a home. One look at the articles on (at the bottom of their blog) about Trenchless Pipe Repair will tell you, this trend is starting to catch on and will soon be required just the same as a home inspection. The last thing you want when you move in is a $3,000 to $5,000 sewer problem.

Home Inspection Trends

Pipe Inspection Equipment - Camera

Pipe Inspection Equipment – Camera

Some cities around the nation, like Tacoma, Washington, have begun requiring an inspection before selling a home, but the National Association of Realtors spokesman Walter Molony says, “the practice isn’t widespread”. Even if you have a new home you may be responsible for older pipes that your system is connected to, this knowledge is crucial to avoid costly repairs in the future.

If you’ve lived in your home for years, it’s still beneficial to hire a professional to inspect your line. You can budget for future repairs or replacement and won’t have to make decisions when an emergency happens.

Inspection prices usually run between $250 to $350. Some companies will advertise free or reduced rate inspections, but make sure the contractor is reputable with no hidden fees and that they will provide you with a copy of your pipe inspection via a USB thumb drive, a CD or on YouTube.

Sewer Problems

Sewer problems are not a fun or glamorous repair but, it’s better to get it done. Once roots start growing in your line or pipes begin to crack, backups will ensue and problems will start to escalate.

Going trenchless can save you money, in the majority of situations homeowners are responsible for the condition of the sewer line to its connection with the sewer main. It used to be that homeowners were only responsible for the sewer pipe beneath their properties, but municipalities looking to tighten their budgets are now more likely to require them to pay the bill all the way to the city’s main connection, as well as repairs to disturbed municipal property. Inquire within your city for details.

Problem Pipes

Usually acts of nature, accidents or gradual wear will damage sewer lines, the most common culprit in homes built before the 1970’s is the intrusion of tree roots into the joints of the pipes, which can be made of clay, cast iron or Orangeburg, a substance made of wood fibers and pitch.

Pipe Lining Clients of Dynamic Drain Technologies