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CIPP Wastewater Sewer Pipe Lining

CIPP Liner repairing wastewater system

cipp baltimore maryland

Wastewater sewer pipelining with cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology has been installed in over 19,000 miles of plumbing and piping infrastructures all over the world.

The process is suited for wastewater pipeline repair and can be used to rehabilitate sanitary sewers, storm sewers, force mains, electrical conduit, vent stacks and any other form of plumbing or piping infrastructure.

Dynamic Drain CIPP

Dynamic Drain Technologies has been at the forefront of this technology ever since it has been adapted for use on smaller scale pipe lines. Recent engineering has allowed trenchless technology to be applied to pipes in diameters ranging from 2-inches across all the way up to 36-inches and above in some cases.

CIPP Liner repairing wastewater systemThe invention of the CIPP technology started with a company called Insituform.

They formulated this technology to address the need for the rising number of aging sewer systems reaching the end of their design lives.

Aging sanitary sewer systems can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair and finding a way to repair sewer systems without digging has changed the market in a huge way.

Perma-Liner and Maxliner Epoxy Pipe Lining Systems

Perma-Liner and Maxliner are two of the most notable companies when it comes to installing CIPP liners. Their equipment is second to none allowing companies like Dynamic Drain to offer our pipelining services to plumbers, businesses, property managers and facilities maintenance departments.

maxliner and perma liner machinesWe utilize their inversion machines, lining materials and epoxies to formulate specific pipe specifications for any application. Whether your pipe or sewer system is in an extremely temperate area with varying hot or cold temperatures or if it contains specific chemical supply lines, our manufacturers can provide us with tested and proven solution to replace your pipes with engineered results.

Top concerns that CIPP can address are:

Revenue Loss Due to Infiltration and Exfiltration

Failing wastewater systems can cause drastic revenue loss. When an influx of water is entering or exiting your systems, treatment facility bills can cause extreme loss of revenue.

CIPP can eliminate leakage.

Infiltration and exfiltration can occur for many reasons:

Tree root infiltrationRoot infiltration can cause blockages in your sewer systems and cause overflows to occur. This can also cause loss of water and damage lines.

Roots will seek out any source of water and are extremely resilient in their efforts. The slightest amount of condensation will attract tree and plant roots, especially in dry climates.

Defects in pipelines will allow roots to slowly infiltrate the line and completely damage the sewer lines. Once inside the line they can expand and create further cracking, causing an avalanche of problems within your pipelines.

Improper Installations – Offset Pipe – Missing Sections – Bottomless Cast Iron

Missing pipe sectionsImproperly installed lines can also cause loss of water for obvious reasons, maybe a joint was not correctly connected and buried inside of a concrete slab. This can cause offset pipes over time. Sometimes pipes are left out all together and can cause missing pipes sections to ruin your entire drainage system.

All of these problems can be cured with a CIPP trenchless pipeline installation. The liner material when inserted into an existing pipeline will bridge any missing pipe sections.

If there is a crack or pipe missing the bottom due to rust or old age, a CIPP liner will completely cover and seal any imperfections in the line.

Shifting foundations, runoff, overhead traffic and many other forces can cause broken sewer pipes and drain pipes to occur.

CIPP will seal, smooth, repair and replace pipe lines, conduit lines, drain pipes, vent stacks and more.

Structural Integrity Restoration

sewer stormwater repair plumbingThe CIPP pipe lining process uses a mixture of epoxy resin. The epoxies are then applied to the liners and inverted into pipes to create a single and continuous pipe-within-a-pipe. This will restore the structural integrity of a pipeline to better than new.

Over the last 40 years epoxy cured CIPP liners have been tested by engineers and independent studies to verify the strength and longevity of these liners.

Design models and engineers have confirmed that these pipe lines have design lives that are capable of lasting up to at least 100 years or more.

Increased Flow Capacity

pipe relining before and afterThere is a small reduction in diameter of the pipelines containing CIPP liners. This has been proven to have zero adverse reactions to the flow.

In fact, flow capacity is significantly increased. Since the liners have zero joints and a smooth interior, flow capacity concerns and risks associated with clogging are all but eliminated.

There are no joints that will separate over time. And no risks associated with human err in reference to missing pipe sections or improperly installed lines or incomplete installation faults.

The resistance to abrasion also makes this a perfect solution for electrical conduit and other situations where lines are used to supply electricity, cable or any other wires or materials into a pipe.

CIPP Saves Money

cipp liner for broken sewer pipe lining companiesWhen compared to the pitfalls and costs associated with traditional dig-and-replace excavation techniques to repair and replace pipes, CIPP can easily save thousands of dollars.

Normally in-slab pipes require complete destruction of concrete walkways, walls or parking lots, etc. in order to access the pipe lines. This can cause hazards to customers and workers and require tons of time to accomplish often ruining priceless infrastructure in the process.

Pipelines that travel underneath roadways and natural habitats require traffic control, traffic congestion and unsightly repair work to occur above the ground. This also often requires heavy machinery and tons of workers. This increases liability and insurance issues associated with large excavation projects.

CIPP Advantages

With CIPP you can-

  • Completely avoid costs associated with damaging and repairing priceless structures.
  • You can avoid unsightly construction zones and damaged property.
  • You can avoid closures and inconveniences to residents, customers and employees.
  • And you can save time, since CIPP can repair 100’s of feet of damaged pipes in a matter of days and in most cases one day.

Small Equipment and Small Job-site Footprints

The equipment used to install these CIPP epoxy liners is completely mobile and requires a very small access point and little real estate. Materials can be mixed and curated onsite and in very little time.

Small crews of usually 3-4 people can install 100’s of feet of pipe at a time. We work completely in the background and often times without ever even disturbing normal traffic or business from continuing as usual.

Strict Standards

Perma Liner epoxy passes chlorine tests

Specifications and Certifications Logos

The CIPP and trenchless pipelining industry is held to the same standards and codes as your typical wastewater and pipeline rehabilitation restoration contractor. Often times we are even called to reinforce brand new pipelines that have been mistakingly installed and are not up to code.

We are licensed bonded and insured Class A Contractors. We are certified Perma-Liner and Maxliner installation specialists and have a large track record of working with some of the largest contracting firms on the East coast.

  • We have worked with the Architect of the Capitol on jobs such as roof drain repair on the Smithsonian and Capitol Building.
  • We have worked with the subway systems of New York City to repair leaking drain pipes in the City’s subway systems.
  • And we have worked with large industrial plants and military installations providing solutions for highly sensitive areas and areas with extreme temperature changes.

Working with Us Is Easy

We offer our services to contractors and installations that are looking for a professional service in a timely manner. We focus solely on trenchless pipe repair methods and offer CCTV pipes inspections, pipe cleaning and clearing and CIPP installations. 

We are NOT plumbers and do not do any plumbing specific jobs. If you are a plumber and would like to learn more about our services we would love to come by and give you a demonstration on how you can offer CIPP to your customers and clients.

Increase leads and build your brandAny maintenance departments or facilities management departments should feel free to bring us in to explain our services to your board of directors. We have complete documentation and are able to give samples to any on-site engineers responsible for adhering to strict standards.

Give us a call if you have any questions and we will be happy to answer you with a knowledgable solution.

Every job is unique and we would love the opportunity to share how our trenchless pipelining rehabilitation methods can offer you the safest, quickest and most cost-efficient solution to solve your pipeline rehabilitation problems.

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Stop Root Infiltration in Orangeburg Pipe with Trenchless CIPP

Old Orangeburg Pipe Ad

Old Orangeburg Pipe Ad
Do you have problems with your sewer pipes backing up from root infestation, missing pipe floors or broken sewer pipes?

Maybe you should consider relining old pipes with a CIPP trenchless sewer drain pipe lining.

Orangeburg Sewer Pipe Lining Repair

Orangeburg was initially bought and sold in Orangeburg, NY. At the time it was touted as being completely resistant to root infiltration.

The main selling point was it’s lightweight and easy to move characteristics. Since it is a pipe made from compressed fibers the pipes were able to be transported quickly and cheaply.

This old advertisement says, Why men who know building… use and recommend Orangeburg root-proof pipe”.

Then it goes on to show the engineer, the builder, the plumber and the architect evaluating the pipes. It says it has root-proof joints and revolutionary non-metallic material.

Fast-forward 30-50 years and this equates to modern day furniture being made out of particle board.

The pipes are now becoming a burden to new homeowners, property managers and maintenance departments. The fiber pipe material is becoming either dry rot to the point of cracking or rotting from shifting soil and water infiltrating the Orangeburg pipe itself.

The natural qualities of Orangeburg mean that water will naturally saturate the pipe material. Any contractor knows what tree roots aim for. Tree roots are one of the most powerful forces that damage underground infrastructure below and above the surface.

Advantages of Fixing Orangeburg Pipes with Trenchless CIPP

Tree root infiltrationModern pipe lining installs are replacing the old pipes with a brand new pipe inside the old pipe. The actual lining process itself takes under three hours to complete and has a 50 year warranty.

This new repiping is just as strong as replacing an entire pipe with a brand new pipe. In many cases it is better since there are no joints and any bends are slightly straightened creating even more flow to improve within the pipe.

Tough Pipe Lining Materials

The materials used to repair this Orangeburg pipe, or any other type of sewer, conduit or other drain pipe, are engineered to last for over 100 years. They are completely approved by the National Association of Trenchless Technology, the NSF, IAPMO approved and ASTM certified to last.

They are required to be tested to verify that standards are maintained just as any other type of pipe would be. As a company that has performed many trenchless restorations on Orangeburg pipes we can assure you that these techniques will completely rehabilitate any residential, commercial, government or industrial application of Orange-burg that has gone bad.

No Excavation Necessary

Orangeburg pipe deteriorating (fiber pipe)We have used CIPP cured in place pipe to repair vertical drain stacks in hospitals, leaking sewage pipes in high-rise apartment buildings and drain lines in the subway systems of New York. This process saved the pipe replacement contractors tons of time and money.

Not only was normal business and traffic not affected during the repair process but the pipes were completely rehabilitated from any root infiltration, pinhole leaks, slab leaks and separated pipe sections. Water infiltration and exfiltration or I and I was completely stopped without excavating any floors, walls, driveways, foundations, basements, or concrete slabs.

Sewer Repair and General Pipe Repair CIPP advantages

  1. Speed is important because it takes less than a day to repair hundreds of feet of pipe at a time
  2. Cheaper than excavation in most cases since Orangeburg was installed i
    n many industrial and federally owned properties that have very fragile infrastructure
  3. Safer than excavation means that there is less mess and less man power associated with CIPP installations meaning it is perfect for delicate areas such as schools, hospitals, apartments and anywhere else that may be affected by large excavation projects
  4. Zero downtime costs gives you the ability to continue business as usual while our trenchless CIPP equipment is brought onto the job site in the background and out of the way of customers, clients and pedestrians
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Plumbing & Septic Service in Charlottesville, VA Cover Story

Plumbing & Septic Service in Charlottesville, VA Cover Story
Nick Santoni Feature on the Cover of Cleaner Magazine

Dynamic Drain Feature
Cover Story | Feb 2013

See the full article: Cover-CleanerMagazine-March-2013-fullarticle

Read it on their website by clicking this link!


This article written by Scottie Dayton features Dynamic Drain’s targeted approach to fuel rapid revenue growth. Owner Nick Santoni, Donald Libby and Wes Fogleman work on a job at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.

This article reveals Nick Santoni’s inception of Dynamic Drain Technologies and it’s rise to conquer high-profile projects including lining pipes at the National Gallery of Arts, The Smithsonian Institution, U.S. Capitol Building, Postal Service Buildings, University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA and Theodore Roosevelt Island. Military bases such as the ever popular Quantico made the list of major plumbing jobs as well.

In June 2012, Santoni hired Mark Kolodziej as an SEO Marketing Consultant to facilitate search engine optimization marketing winning new business through online advertising. This approach doubled the company’s revenue within six months. Marketing and sales are a part of Santoni’s lifestyle. His team’s attention to detail has contributed greatly to his success by earning the trust of contractors to bring him in on their jobs. His full and part time employees clean, inspect and rehabilitate pipes using the ambient cure Perma-Liner lateral system or hot-water cure MaxLiner system. Without worry he can send in his Vivax-Metrotech V Push cameras and trailer mounted Mongoose 184XL sewer jetter with nozzles from Stone Age to inspect clean and clear any pipeline. Then RS Tecknik pneumatic reinstatement cutter will re-establish any connecting laterals after the pipe has been relined.

Success with innovation includes the MacGuyver award for fashioning a push-rod cable system with high-powered magnets to retrieve forks and other silverware. Other sewer machines and hydrojetters wouldn’t budge the metallic debris created in the mess halls that serve thousands of military personnel per day. They have also floated cameras through missing inverts by carving up foam footballs and fabricated custom welds to remove scale from sharp bends.

Dynamic Drain offers Fast, Efficient and Low-Cost service in Charlottesville, VA. Our drain cleaning technicians are trained to handle all your plumbing and drain cleaning needs including: clogged drains, plumbing repairs and more! Our Charlottesville service area zipcodes include: 22901, 22902, 22903, 22904, 22909, 22911.

Dynamic Drain Technologies of Charlottesville, VA is Your Local Charlottesville Plumbing Contractor. We specialize in pipe lining, pipe repair, cipp cured-in-place pipe repair, pipe cleaning and clearing and CCTV pipe inspections.

We would like to thank the folks over at Cole Publishing for organizing the article for our feature on the cover of Cleaner Magazine!


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CIPP Used to Reline Capitol Conduit




CIPP or cured in place pipe formerly known as Insituform, is being utilized more frequently due to advances in technology. Pipe lining is gaining popularity for it’s ability to skip digging and reline pipes without digging.

Six years ago the federal government began construction on an underground visitor center beneath the United States Capitol Building in Washington DC. The new visitor center extends from the Capitol to the Library of Congress. During the construction, 114-ft vertical, galvanized electrical conduits were installed. The purpose of these conduits was to supply a series of electrical wires 40-ft underground to power a series of security and other electrical equipment within the Capitol Visitor Center (CVC). Shortly after the installation of the conduits, groundwater started to seep in at the joints.

This water was creating serious problems for the CVC. First, the ground water was infiltrating the roof where the conduits entered the building; this was causing discoloration  within the ceiling tiles. Secondly, the wires that were incased by the galvanized conduits were at risk to be damaged by the groundwater and could fail at any time, which could shut down the CVC security system.

Finally, due to the sensitivity of the area absolutely no excavation was possible. The vault that housed all 11 conduits was no more than a 100 yards from the actual Capitol Building.


Dynamic Drain Technologies out of Virginia Beach, VA, was approached by the general contractor to come up with an application to stop the water infiltration without disrupting the Capitol grounds without any excavation.

Dynamic Drain Technologies was founded to bring cost-effective, cutting-edge sewer and drain technologies to the Mid-Atlantic region. The contractor offers a wide variety of residential and commercial sewer and drain services, such as cured-in place pipe (CIPP) renewal, CCTV pipe inspections, pipe bursting and water jetting. Dynamic Drain is also a certified Perma-Liner installer using its Inversion System and offers industrial and municipal services. The contractor services North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Washington DC, Mid-Atlantic and Pennsylvania. A time frame of less than three days was also in place once the project was started because of security and the fact that the Capitol Visitor Center was already open and was housing events each day. A lightweight, fast pipelining system that would not create any harmful odors in order to not disturb visitors was needed; Dynamic Drain went with its Perma-Liner pipe lining technology.

This would allow Dynamic Drain to install an epoxy-felt liner within the broken initial
diameter of the conduits. The liner was a good idea because it barely reduced the initial diameter of the conduit and it would be a seamless brand new structural pipe from end to end. This would allow the electrical contractor to string new wires without the risk of getting caught on joints and stripping the wires. The Perma-Liner Inversion System allowed Dynamic Drain to install four liners a day in order to meet the Capitol Visitor Centerʼs time requirement of three days. The 100 percent solids epoxy created no alarming odors.

Pipe Lining Clients of Dynamic Drain Technologies