Old Orangeburg Pipe Ad

Old Orangeburg Pipe Ad
Do you have problems with your sewer pipes backing up from root infestation, missing pipe floors or broken sewer pipes?

Maybe you should consider relining old pipes with a CIPP trenchless sewer drain pipe lining.

Orangeburg Sewer Pipe Lining Repair

Orangeburg was initially bought and sold in Orangeburg, NY. At the time it was touted as being completely resistant to root infiltration.

The main selling point was it’s lightweight and easy to move characteristics. Since it is a pipe made from compressed fibers the pipes were able to be transported quickly and cheaply.

This old advertisement says, Why men who know building… use and recommend Orangeburg root-proof pipe”.

Then it goes on to show the engineer, the builder, the plumber and the architect evaluating the pipes. It says it has root-proof joints and revolutionary non-metallic material.

Fast-forward 30-50 years and this equates to modern day furniture being made out of particle board.

The pipes are now becoming a burden to new homeowners, property managers and maintenance departments. The fiber pipe material is becoming either dry rot to the point of cracking or rotting from shifting soil and water infiltrating the Orangeburg pipe itself.

The natural qualities of Orangeburg mean that water will naturally saturate the pipe material. Any contractor knows what tree roots aim for. Tree roots are one of the most powerful forces that damage underground infrastructure below and above the surface.

Advantages of Fixing Orangeburg Pipes with Trenchless CIPP

Tree root infiltrationModern pipe lining installs are replacing the old pipes with a brand new pipe inside the old pipe. The actual lining process itself takes under three hours to complete and has a 50 year warranty.

This new repiping is just as strong as replacing an entire pipe with a brand new pipe. In many cases it is better since there are no joints and any bends are slightly straightened creating even more flow to improve within the pipe.

Tough Pipe Lining Materials

The materials used to repair this Orangeburg pipe, or any other type of sewer, conduit or other drain pipe, are engineered to last for over 100 years. They are completely approved by the National Association of Trenchless Technology, the NSF, IAPMO approved and ASTM certified to last.

They are required to be tested to verify that standards are maintained just as any other type of pipe would be. As a company that has performed many trenchless restorations on Orangeburg pipes we can assure you that these techniques will completely rehabilitate any residential, commercial, government or industrial application of Orange-burg that has gone bad.

No Excavation Necessary

Orangeburg pipe deteriorating (fiber pipe)We have used CIPP cured in place pipe to repair vertical drain stacks in hospitals, leaking sewage pipes in high-rise apartment buildings and drain lines in the subway systems of New York. This process saved the pipe replacement contractors tons of time and money.

Not only was normal business and traffic not affected during the repair process but the pipes were completely rehabilitated from any root infiltration, pinhole leaks, slab leaks and separated pipe sections. Water infiltration and exfiltration or I and I was completely stopped without excavating any floors, walls, driveways, foundations, basements, or concrete slabs.

Sewer Repair and General Pipe Repair CIPP advantages

  1. Speed is important because it takes less than a day to repair hundreds of feet of pipe at a time
  2. Cheaper than excavation in most cases since Orangeburg was installed i
    n many industrial and federally owned properties that have very fragile infrastructure
  3. Safer than excavation means that there is less mess and less man power associated with CIPP installations meaning it is perfect for delicate areas such as schools, hospitals, apartments and anywhere else that may be affected by large excavation projects
  4. Zero downtime costs gives you the ability to continue business as usual while our trenchless CIPP equipment is brought onto the job site in the background and out of the way of customers, clients and pedestrians

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