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Drain Lining in Hampton Roads

How cured in place pipe cipp lining works video image

Our drain lining services in Hampton Roads have helped lots of businesses save time and their property from costly excavations. Want to learn how we do it? Watch these videos below to learn more now!

cipp sewer repair virginia beach va

Drain Lining Videos by Dynamic Drain Technologies

Pipe Repair with Cured In Place Pipe CIPP Lining – Trenchless No Dig Solution
This short video below shows how our CIPP drain lining process is installed using trenchless and zero-dig methods.
Short video link:

How Cured In Place Pipe CIPP Lining Works
This video goes into detail about the differences between traditional dig-and replace pipe and drain repair methods vs. CIPP trenchless technology. It is about eight minutes long but will answer any questions you may have about our drain lining technology!
8 minute video link:

Drain Cleaning Spartan 300 Video Pipe Inspection 
Check out this video of our Spartan 300 Drain Cleaning service removing grime and rust from a cast iron pipe. This de-scaling nozzle removes heavy build-up as part of our drain cleaning process. Drain lines must be cleaned and cleared before our CIPP drain liners can be installed.
4 minute video link:

Many of our plumbing contractor partners in Hampton Roads have utilized our drain lining services: including contractors from CVS Pharmacy, many local restaurant chains and property management companies.

Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach also replaced their drain lines using our company as well to avoid downtime and major excavations inside the mall.

We were able to complete the job overnight since there was very minimal excavation required to replace the drain lines under their stores and through the mall.

Give us a call today 1-855-937-6944.

We can give you free estimates and consultations directly over the phone!

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The Ease of Non-Digging Pipe Lining

maxliner and perma liner machines

maxliner and perma liner machinesSave time, money, and resources with Dynamic Drain Technologies pipe lining.  Working in the Virginia-North Carolina-Maryland areas, Dynamic Drain Technologies offers the convenience of rehabilitating piping for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential sewer pipes without the headache of unsightly excavations.  There are multiple reasons for using the services offered.


Bypassing the need for excavation Dynamic Drain Technologies is able to avoid the costs for large equipment and the labor to dig up the area to lay new pipes.  Plus there is no unsightly construction site making your parking lot or property unsightly.

Services offered

Besides fitting pipe liners these Class-A Contractors are able to inspect, clean, and repair anything from major pipes all the way to fountain piping and every type of pipe in between.

Technologically advanced

Unlike many other companies out there Dynamic Drain Technologies takes that technology in their name to heart.  By utilizing a remote controlled rover; think the sewer inspecting version of Argo that brought us real-time images of the Titanic, the professionals on the surface can take a close up look at every inch of pipe they are about to replace.


With rave reviews and countless nationally recognized customers how can a company not afford to bring on what Dynamic Drain Technologies has to offer.  Check their website ( ) to read the testimonials from satisfied customers.

They have worked with companies ranging from state agencies to museums to restaurant chains.  It would appear that they can successfully work with anyone who has a problem.


Sometimes the pipe does not need to be replaced right away, but instead can be cleaned with state of the art waterjetting.  Even when fitting a new pipeliner this waterjetting is used to clear out even the heaviest of clogs, ensuring a proper tight fit for the installed piping.

With a resume such as Dynamic Drain Technologies can put forward it is the wisest decision to take a look at what they can offer you.  Unparalleled service awaits you.  Give a call @ 1-855-937-6944 or check us out on the web @

See what advantages a pipe lining from Dynamic Drain Technologies can bring to you.

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Chilled water line repair and replacement without digging

Chilled water line system repair condensors

Rehabilitating existing water lines is crucial to maintaining a healthy chilled water system in large buildings. We installed (4) 50-foot long, 8-inch liners replacing the existing chilled water lines at Green Run High School in Virginia Beach, VA.

Chilled Water Line Repair

Chilled water system diagramThe water lines went from the outdoor condensers under the asphalt parking lot and concrete slab into the mechanical room. We repaired the supply and return pipes with CIPP liners.

These pipes bring in chilled water into the building to cool the building and it’s occupants. This chilled water unit, also known as an AC unit is often used to cool a large building’s air and equipment.

Learn more about chilled water systems on’s wiki page here:

Types of Chilled Water Line Systems

There are two types of chilled water line systems:

    • Site Generated
    • Utility Generated

Chilled water line system repair condensors

Chilled Water System Rehabilitation Practices

When it comes time to replace the condensors on these chilled water units it is a common practice to renew the entire piping infrastructure. This has been a major problem in the past due to the large costs of excavation.

Sewer Line Repair

cipp repair chilled water lineOur trenchless technology provides an extremely cost-effective and time saving procedure to rehabilitate existing piping infrastructure with cured-in-place pipe lining. CIPP is one of the newest plumbing repair methods on the market to date. Pipe lining is significantly faster than traditional excavation plumbing repair practices.

Plumbing Repair

When it comes to finding a plumber that can tackle this job there are a few types of plumbing repair methods to choose from:

  • Traditional Dig-and-Replace
  • Trenchless Pipe Lining or CIPP
  • Slip Lining
  • Sectional Point Repair

Each method has it’s advantages and disadvantages. With traditional dig-and-replace, if there are no major structures between the surface and the piping infrastructure, digging and replacing is usually the most cost effective way to replace aging and broken pipe.

Trenchless pipe lining, slip lining and sectional point repair are all newer methods that utilize trenchless technology.

CIPP involves inverting liners into existing lines and curing them in place with hot air or water. This method can offset the costs of major excavation and downtime. Since there is no digging involved, business can continue as usual and existing infrastructure is completely preserved.

Pipe lining also increases the rate at which water travels through the pipe by at least 20% making for a much more efficient system.
chilled water system repair virginia

Did you know?

Did you know that Dynamic Drain Technologies has worked with some of the nation’s largest facilites?

We have been brought in as a sub-contractor with many well known plumbing companies. We have repaired conduit infrastructure in Washington DC at the National Gallery of Arts. We we’re brought in to repair aging pipe infrastructure at the Smithsonian and the Subway systems of New York. We pride ourselves on the quality of work we provide and are always looking for new opportunities to work with you on your plumbing repair projects.

Follow the locations tab above and check out some of our recent jobs!

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Hampton Roads Chamber Passes Transportation Funding Plan

Sewer Horse is watching you

Over the weekend, Republicans and Democrats joined together to pass the first new significant sustainable transportation funding and reform bill in Virginia in 27 years.

For a summary of HB2313, click here.

The Hampton Roads Chamber is thrilled by the passage of a long-term, comprehensive transportation funding plan that will increase sewer repair jobs such as storm pipe lining and pipe repair in general for the VDOT.  Transportation funding has been the Chamber’s top legislative priority for many years. This new legislation, a necessary compromise, will result in $3.5 billion in new transportation funding over the next five years, an estimated 35% reduction in the tax on gas at the pump and the strengthening of Virginia’s economic competitiveness.

Thousands of new jobs will be created. Before this vote it was projected that by the year 2018 we would have been transferring $500 million meant for construction just to fund simple maintenance projects. There would have been virtually no new money available for new construction projects. Now, this problem has been solved for the foreseeable future.

We applaud Governor McDonnell for his leadership on this historic legislation. We also want to thank the Hampton Roads General Assembly delegation who worked on this bi-partisan funding plan that will now allow the Commonwealth to address its failing transportation infrastructure.

Thank You Governor McDonnell.. We will be in your sewer system watching and waiting for our chance to clean, clear and help rebuild our city!

See more on Know Your Meme

So what does this mean for the trenchless pipe lining industry?

We will see a rise in VDOT projects out for bid. Mostly storm pipe lining to help rebuild the transportation infrastructure.

Pipe Lining Clients of Dynamic Drain Technologies