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Commercial Sewer Contractors in Aberdeen, MD

There are plenty of commercial sewer contractors in Aberdeen, MD that we have worked with to provide CIPP cured in place trenchless pipe repair. We are completely licensed and insured to provide full service pipe inspections and GPS reports for either you or your sewer repair contractor. trenchless sewer repair map of maryland

To get a better idea of what we are able to provide it is good to understand what a sewer lateral is. There are two main concepts here.

City or Municipal Sewer Lines

If your entire street is having problems with sewage backups then the problem can be dealt with by your municipality. The problem is most likely a backup within the city sewer main line and needs to be handled with the city’s water department. Contacting the Public Works department of Aberdeen, MD is a good place to start. You can find all the necessary information on their website: There is alink in the bottom left where you can report a problem.

Property Sewer Lines

If your business, home or building is the only one on the block suffering from backups then most likely it is your responsibility to have this taken care of. Most of the time a sewer repair contractor will be able to locate and identify the problem with a CCTV pipe inspection. Older buildings usually consisting of clay pipes often have trouble with tree root infiltration.

unhealthy clogged and damaged pipesThese pipes can be cleaned and cleared using an auger for the most part, but if the problem is due to tree root infiltration then this will only be a temporary fix and will still not completely clear the sewer lines.

Tree roots are naturally inclined to find sources of water and if there is even a small crack or break in a pipeline the tree roots will find a way to access the water source. This usually is a slow process that will eventually lead to broken, cracked and clogged pipes.

Hiring a sewer contractor is the responsibility of the property owner.

You can get a CCTV pipe inspections camera to view the problem area without digging. Then use a high-pressure water jetting machine to remove the tree roots and then you will be able to see the damaged pipe in it’s entirety!

Mongoose-Model-184XLWe are constantly hearing customers and clients mention that sewer contractors must dig up your yard or building in order to fix and replace sewer lines. Not true!!

CIPP Cured In Place Pipe Repair

If you haven’t heard of CIPP or cured in place pipe. This is a trenchless technology that the government has utilized since the early 90’s to replace main lines without disrupting the surface. Google “Insituform”.

This technology has progressed to the point where contractors like us can replace smaller diameter sewer, pipe and drain lines with this same technology. There are plenty of cured in place pipe or zero dig contractors all over the world now that can do this repair work without digging. Google “no-dig pipe repair” or “pipe lining” or “trenchless pipe repair” in your area and you should be able to find someone that can help.

Time and Cost of Sewer Pipe Repair

pipe-lining-in -subwayThis usually can save you tons of time and money since the crews are usually 2-4 person crews. The time it takes is usually 1-3 days for a complete repair including CCTV pipe inspections, pipe cleaning and clearing and complete pipe rehabilitation. And you won’t have to excavate your property or building at all!

Sorry for ranting but I am always running into people that have never heard of this new technology before and it makes me want to shout it from the top of a mountain about what we do here!!!

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Looking for Good Jetting Contractors in Bel Air, MD

keg nozzles

High-Pressure water jetting contractors in Bel Air, MD have been some of the best equipment in the industry. Dynamic Drain Technologies has an extremely powerful Mongoose Jetter with the ability to operate with a remote control.

Jetting Contractors – Bel Air, Maryland

Our jetting technicians are fully trained to take extreme care not to damage your existing infrastructure. If you are having problems with clogged pipes backing up then high-pressure water jetting will take care of any problems that may exist. If your drains or sewer lines are causing problems and needing to be repaired, a jetting machine will clean the lines and expose any problems that exist within the lines.

Snaking vs. Jetting

commercial water jetting nozzleHigh-pressure water jetting can be much more effective than snaking a line. Not only can a jetter remove and clear objects but can also completely clean the line.

Snaking a line can leave behind debris after breaking through the problem area only to become clogged again after the line has been left alone.

A jetter will not only remove the debris, grease and sludge but will pull it completely out of the pipe back towards the entry point for proper waste removal.

Jetting Nozzles

Snaking may break through slight drain backups and create a hole through the problem area only to leave you problems shorty thereafter.

The wide array of jetting nozzles available on the market today allow us to tackle any type of blockage inside of a drain.

keg nozzlesFrom simple single spray nozzles to completely robotic cutting and drilling devices. There are also de-scaling nozzles for removing scale and rust that rotate blades through the pipe to break up the build up.

If you are tired of dealing with constantly calling out plumbers for quick fixes and want a cure for your drains and pipes that will be documented and shown to you with a full color pipe inspection, give us a call and we will help you figure out exactly what needs to be done!

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The Ease of Non-Digging Pipe Lining

maxliner and perma liner machines

maxliner and perma liner machinesSave time, money, and resources with Dynamic Drain Technologies pipe lining.  Working in the Virginia-North Carolina-Maryland areas, Dynamic Drain Technologies offers the convenience of rehabilitating piping for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential sewer pipes without the headache of unsightly excavations.  There are multiple reasons for using the services offered.


Bypassing the need for excavation Dynamic Drain Technologies is able to avoid the costs for large equipment and the labor to dig up the area to lay new pipes.  Plus there is no unsightly construction site making your parking lot or property unsightly.

Services offered

Besides fitting pipe liners these Class-A Contractors are able to inspect, clean, and repair anything from major pipes all the way to fountain piping and every type of pipe in between.

Technologically advanced

Unlike many other companies out there Dynamic Drain Technologies takes that technology in their name to heart.  By utilizing a remote controlled rover; think the sewer inspecting version of Argo that brought us real-time images of the Titanic, the professionals on the surface can take a close up look at every inch of pipe they are about to replace.


With rave reviews and countless nationally recognized customers how can a company not afford to bring on what Dynamic Drain Technologies has to offer.  Check their website ( ) to read the testimonials from satisfied customers.

They have worked with companies ranging from state agencies to museums to restaurant chains.  It would appear that they can successfully work with anyone who has a problem.


Sometimes the pipe does not need to be replaced right away, but instead can be cleaned with state of the art waterjetting.  Even when fitting a new pipeliner this waterjetting is used to clear out even the heaviest of clogs, ensuring a proper tight fit for the installed piping.

With a resume such as Dynamic Drain Technologies can put forward it is the wisest decision to take a look at what they can offer you.  Unparalleled service awaits you.  Give a call @ 1-855-937-6944 or check us out on the web @

See what advantages a pipe lining from Dynamic Drain Technologies can bring to you.

contact us

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Pipe Lining Contractors in Annapolis, MD

Sewer Pipe Lining with Grease Release

Are you in need of professional pipe lining contractors in Annapolis, MD? Our network of industry professionals has provided top quality work here for years. Our experts are able to provide the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate and repair any type of piping infrastructure.

Sewer Pipe Lining with Grease ReleaseCommon Pipe Repair Issues

Commonly our customers will find us through one of our plumbing partners and inquire about professional pipe lining services. They may have found that their cast iron pipes have been broken due to root infiltration. Sometimes they have no idea what the problem has occurred from and need professional advice on what to do next.

Our Services

Our services include everything from professional evaluations – for free. To pipe inspection services that will show you exactly what is causing your sewage system or drainage system to backup in the first place.

Annapolis, MD

Pipe lining with perma liner insituform style trenchless pipe repairMany of our best jobs have been done in the Maryland area due to lots of underground pipes being located inside of cement slabs or under major roadways. We have been able to save time and headaches since our trenchless technology requires little digging. Most of the times we are able to repair entire broken sewer systems without digging at all.

As you can imagine, this can save you tons of money!

Pipe Lining Contractors

Our certified pipe lining contractors are trained to handle any type of pipe repair question. Our specialty lies within our ability to install CIPP liners. These liners are one shot liners that replace the pipe with a brand new pipe using no dig pipe repair.

CIPP or cured in place pipes have no joints and are completely seamless. This improves the overall flow and completely covers any imperfections in the existing pipe lines.

Sewer Repair Questions

If you have any questions about ways to reduce infiltration or exfiltration caused by damaged sewer systems please feel free to contact us. We are here for you and look forward to answering any of your pipe repair questions!

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Avoid Expensive Sewer and Drain Repairs Now

robotic cutters for mainline reinstatements

Does your insurance cover sewer repair? There are a few we have worked with tin the Aberdeen, MD area that were more than helpful when we asked about their coverage.

Our Experience

We have worked with plenty of commercial property associations and maintenance departments. Having a good working knowledge of how your sewer systems work can help you avoid expensive sewer and drain repairs now.

CIPP seals broken cast iron, pvc, orangeburg, clay pipe and moreKeeping Your Sewer System in Good Condition

It is extremely important to be pro-active when it comes to taking care of your facilities. The last thing you want is a surprise in the sewer system to pop up and create a nasty mess. Regular pipe inspections are always a good idea to at least have an idea of what lies beneath your building.

CCTV pipe inspections can assure you that your sanitary systems are draining properly and smoothly. The last time we visited Aberdeen, MD our pipe inspections revealed many drain pipe problems that were 10 to 20 feet underground. Some of the repairs were simple fixes only requiring the use of our waterjetting services.

Trenchless Pipe Repair or CIPP

Trenchless pipe repair is often referred to as CIPP or “cured-in-place pipe” repair. Other methods have been known as sliplining, pull-in-place, pipe bursting and a multitude of other trenchless technologies.

Depending on the size and infrastructure of your property, trenchless technologies may be your best bet.

cipp liner for broken sewer pipe lining companiesAsk a friend if they know any plumbing contractors that are able to perform these types of procedures. Often times, especially in the metro area of Washington DC and Maryland, this technology can be a great way to save money. There is little to no digging required and the contractors will not have to break up slabs to replace the pipelines.

Deep Pipes in Northern Virginia

We have found that many pipes in this area require contractors to break up slabs of concrete sidewalks, roadways and large flooring areas. This destruction costs a lot of money to coordinate with the city. Most areas of Northern Virginia are concrete jungles and require tons of excavation to simply replace one or two sewer lines.

With our trenchless technology we are able to use our Perma-Liner and Maxliner inversion heads to completely replace pipes without digging. This pipe relining process is simple and just as effective as traditional pipe repair methods.

Often times the flow of your sewer system will increase and have fewer backups since the liners contain zero joints and can smooth bends and offset pipes. These liners can even connect entire sections of missing pipe.

Reinstatements with Robotic Cutters

Does your system have T’s or Y’s in them connecting them to other lateral pipe lines?

No worries here. With our robotic cutters and professionally trained technicians we can navigate your pipes from the inside and cut out any pre-existing connections.

robotic cutters for mainline reinstatementsOur pipelines often last much longer than their design life, which is guaranteed by the manufacturer for up to 50 years. Feel free to call us on our toll-free number is you have any questions about our services and we will be more than happy to walk you through this new technology!

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CuraFlo Water Distribution Repiping In Washington DC

repiping manifold used for cleaning and clearing and repairing the pipes

We were invited to see the CuraFlo epoxy pipe lining process at an apartment complex in Washington DC. The CuraFlo process was invented to safely and non-invasively rehabilitate piping systems eliminating the need for a costly, invasive and messy repipe projects.

CuraFlo repiping compressors

CuraFlo Mid-Atlantic out of Frederick, MD has been servicing large buildings in the Northern Virginia area with their pipe restoration services. They are members of many Washington Metro area, Northern DC and Maryland Associations and Chapters. They have also received many accolades for their quality of work and attention to detail.

Check them out online!

You can visit their website here:

Also they sent us this great article detailing some of the past jobs they have completed in the area:

In the article they go over the process of water epoxy pipe lining and past project descriptions such as:

  • What is Epoxy Lining?
  • Three Easy Steps
  • Their Proven Track Record
  • Who Can Benefit from Epoxy epoxy pipe lining
  • Project Profiles Include – The historic Westchester in Upper Northwest Washington, DC, Middletowne Apartments in Laurel, MD, The Berkshire in the District and more…

Impressive Compressors

The first thing we looked at were there giant compressors that power the customizable manifolds and vacuum systems that clean, clear and line the water systems. They have the same engine as a Mercedes and provide all the air pressure needed to control the volume of materials being pumped into the systems.


These manifolds are connected to every sink, toilet and water supply line in the building and are capable of cleaning as many lines as needed at the same time.

repiping manifold used for cleaning and clearing and repairing the pipescured in place pipe lines runing to every sink in the complexDistribution of Lining Materials

The stage we were able to witness was the cleaning of the water supply and return systems.

They were using a special grade of small sand particles that were being added to the system to remove any impurities in the lines.

Their technicians go through rigorous training courses to learn how to operate these complex manifolds.

Benefits of Epoxy Pipe Lining

A domestic water system can benefit from this type of epoxy pipe lining. From what we learned from our day with CuraFlo was very educating and answered a lot of questions about the process, benefits and pitfalls associated with this technology.

Every job they work on is extremely professional and very well thought out. They even give presentations to current residents and building tenants to clarify any concerns they may have.

What are the Hazards?

Manifold inside distributing the pipe lining materialsOne question people ask a lot is if the epoxy is hazardous to the drinking water. This apparently is not a problem due to the fact that the cured liner has been tested and approved to contain zero toxins of any kind.

It also reduces the amount of contact with copper or cast iron that is aging and becoming oxidized in the systems.

Taking Care of Tenants

Another concern is that property management will have to relocate residents for the duration of the repairs. With this CuraFlo technology residents and tenants are able to stay in their homes with minimal disruption.

sink toilet and water line repair connectionsNot only do they not have to deal with tearing up walls and construction going on in their home but the smaller teams can repair this in a lot less time than traditional epoxy pipe lining jobs.

The Vacuum System

On the way out we were able to take a look at the giant vacuum system being used for this job that helps to pull out the debris and sand or any other materials used in the process.

vacuum for repiping systemAll in all it was a great experience for us and we are glad to have had the opportunity to work with this team of experts in their field on many more jobs in the future.

Pipe Lining Clients of Dynamic Drain Technologies