There are plenty of commercial sewer contractors in Aberdeen, MD that we have worked with to provide CIPP cured in place trenchless pipe repair. We are completely licensed and insured to provide full service pipe inspections and GPS reports for either you or your sewer repair contractor. trenchless sewer repair map of maryland

To get a better idea of what we are able to provide it is good to understand what a sewer lateral is. There are two main concepts here.

City or Municipal Sewer Lines

If your entire street is having problems with sewage backups then the problem can be dealt with by your municipality. The problem is most likely a backup within the city sewer main line and needs to be handled with the city’s water department. Contacting the Public Works department of Aberdeen, MD is a good place to start. You can find all the necessary information on their website: There is alink in the bottom left where you can report a problem.

Property Sewer Lines

If your business, home or building is the only one on the block suffering from backups then most likely it is your responsibility to have this taken care of. Most of the time a sewer repair contractor will be able to locate and identify the problem with a CCTV pipe inspection. Older buildings usually consisting of clay pipes often have trouble with tree root infiltration.

unhealthy clogged and damaged pipesThese pipes can be cleaned and cleared using an auger for the most part, but if the problem is due to tree root infiltration then this will only be a temporary fix and will still not completely clear the sewer lines.

Tree roots are naturally inclined to find sources of water and if there is even a small crack or break in a pipeline the tree roots will find a way to access the water source. This usually is a slow process that will eventually lead to broken, cracked and clogged pipes.

Hiring a sewer contractor is the responsibility of the property owner.

You can get a CCTV pipe inspections camera to view the problem area without digging. Then use a high-pressure water jetting machine to remove the tree roots and then you will be able to see the damaged pipe in it’s entirety!

Mongoose-Model-184XLWe are constantly hearing customers and clients mention that sewer contractors must dig up your yard or building in order to fix and replace sewer lines. Not true!!

CIPP Cured In Place Pipe Repair

If you haven’t heard of CIPP or cured in place pipe. This is a trenchless technology that the government has utilized since the early 90’s to replace main lines without disrupting the surface. Google “Insituform”.

This technology has progressed to the point where contractors like us can replace smaller diameter sewer, pipe and drain lines with this same technology. There are plenty of cured in place pipe or zero dig contractors all over the world now that can do this repair work without digging. Google “no-dig pipe repair” or “pipe lining” or “trenchless pipe repair” in your area and you should be able to find someone that can help.

Time and Cost of Sewer Pipe Repair

pipe-lining-in -subwayThis usually can save you tons of time and money since the crews are usually 2-4 person crews. The time it takes is usually 1-3 days for a complete repair including CCTV pipe inspections, pipe cleaning and clearing and complete pipe rehabilitation. And you won’t have to excavate your property or building at all!

Sorry for ranting but I am always running into people that have never heard of this new technology before and it makes me want to shout it from the top of a mountain about what we do here!!!

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