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Pipe Inspection USCG Elizabeth City NC

Our pipe inspection crew recently completed a video pipe inspection project for the United States Coast Guard base in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The project included pipe inspections of 3,000 linear feet of 36″-48″ corrugated metal and reinforced concrete pipe. Eight storm structures were also inspected using MACP level-one procedures.
Pipe Inspection Services

Our video inspection crew utilized Envirosight’s Rover X crawling CCTV technology. The heavy duty chassis allowed the crawler to navigate the large diameter pipe with ease! The Rover effortlessly plowed through the aging corrugated metal as it captured every defect with precision.

The project was done in less than two days and without disturbing any USCG activities. Our pipe and storm structure inspection technologies are set up to swiftly reach hard to access areas. All reports and procedures are conducted using PACP practices and procedures.

Our crews are set up to safely and effectively deliver video pipe inspection services to the entire state of North Carolina. We can inspect pipelines from 2″ to 84″ in diameter.

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Manassas VA | Replace Drain

CIPP Liner repairing wastewater system

Drain replacement when it comes to CIPP pipe repair refers to relining the interior of the pipes with a cured in-place epoxy liner. We can replace a drain in Manassas, VA with our services.

Drain Replacement Services

pipe inspections for sewer and drainsIn order to replace a drain, our technicians will want to fully analyze the pipe in question.

In order to get a visual and structural report of the pipe in question we will often request to view any CCTV pipe inspection reports that were generated for the damaged drain pipe.

CCTV Pipe Inspections

If no report is available, Dynamic Drain will offer to perform the CCTV pipe inspection. Our pipe inspection reports are state of the art and can be uploaded to Youtube.

Vertical drain lines will require the use of our Vivax Metrotech push cameras.

Other lateral lines can be inspected and analyzed with our Rovver X robotic camera.

Computer Generated Inspection Reporting

fort lee sanitary sewer cctv pipe inspection

This sewer relining project was inspected using a Rovver X Mainline Crawling Camera

3D renderings are able to be produced along with GPS overhead mapping of your entire infrastructure.

WinCam lasers and leveling gyroscopes will measure any defects in the pipe and produce a virtual image of the damaged pipe along with grade and depth measurements.

PACP certified reports will be generated as well.

Drain Cleaning

Many times a line will need to be cleaned and cleared prior to replacing a drain with an epoxy liner.

keg nozzlesWe also offer commercial grade hydro jetting and water jetting services and have a variety of chain cutters, robotic cutters and spinning nozzles.

With this arsenal of drain cleaning equipment we are able to remove anything from grease, sludge and rust to collapsed pipe sections and more with ease.

Installing a CIPP Liner

CIPP Liner repairing wastewater systemOnce the drain is inspected, cleaned and cleared a liner will be introduced into the existing pipe and cured in-place without having to dig-up or destroy any property.

This liner will completely rehabilitate your entire drainage system of any defects including offset joints, missing pipe sections, bottomless cast iron, cracks and pinholes, and root infiltration.

Advantages of a Trenchless No Dig Pipe Liner

The liner provides an increase in flow and reduction in friction.

The liner is a continuous pipe which means there are no joints or points of weakness for roots to enter or water to leak out of.

This liner material has a 50 year design life warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Independent studies have shown that these pipes are capable of lasting for 100+ years under strenuous condition testing.

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Benefits of Using Video for Mainline Pipe Inspection

mainline sewer pipe inspection camera

For mainline pipe inspection, video offers the customer a multitude of benefits.

mainline sewer pipe inspection cameraBy using cutting-edge technology, your contractor can reach even the most hard to get to areas, ensuring the entire system is in good working order.

By employing the use of video technology, regular pipe maintenance and diagnostic tests can be performed more quickly and more efficiently than ever before.

How does video pipe inspection work?

The process of video pipe inspection is performed using a remote control video camera to go deep into the mainline pipe of your home or business. Once the camera is in proper position, the contractor is able to view and inspect the entire pipeline for obstructions or any other issues.

These obstructions can include but are not limited to dirt and debris, tree roots, areas where the pipe is broken, and degradation of seals and pipe joints.

The advantages of video pipe inspection

Plumbing installation, repairs, and inspection can be performed with minimal soil disruption. This means less digging to find and repair mainline pipe problems.

Without a video system, clogs or leaks that are buried beneath a building or structure can be extremely expensive to locate and repair.

rovver mainline pipe inspection cameraOften times, a contractor has to dig up huge portions of pipe in order to discover the problem; add that to the actual repairs, and expenses can mount rather quickly.

Because problems within a system can be found in a shorter amount of time and without digging, your contractor can minimize your costs and save time in making repairs.

For ROVVR CCTV pipe inspection and repair services, contact the experts at Dynamic Drain Technologies. They also offer no-dig pipe lining repair, pipe cleaning and jetting services, and much more. Call today for a free consultation or free estimate for your home or business pipe repair.

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ROVVER CCTV Mainline Camera Aids in Sewer Pipe Inspection and Repair

fort lee sanitary sewer cctv pipe inspection

These high-tech camera systems can be used to identify faulty pipe drains, sludge buildup, and dirt and debris in commercial and residential plumbing applications. The advantages of using a CCTV system for sewer pipe inspection and repair are limitless.

Rovver X Advantages

fort lee sanitary sewer cctv pipe inspection

This sewer relining project was inspected using a Rovver X Mainline Crawling Camera

The images produced by CCTV inspection systems like the ROVVER are extremely high quality, allowing for complete system inspection without digging up sewer pipes.

Sewer Pipe Inspections

For many years, the act of inspecting sewer pipes has been a daunting task at best. Locating points of blockage or drainage issues was next to impossible.

With the ROVVER camera system, countless man hours are spared in finding and eradicating sewer pipe issues.

Every nook and cranny of a sewer pipe can be inspected in high-def, allowing workers to locate a problem area without disturbing working pipe.

As with any business, employing practices that allow you the most valuable information for decision making is essential.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Sewer Repair

Rovver Mainline CCTV Pipe Inspection Camera

ROVVER X is the one system that lets you do everything—control inspections, view and record digital video, log observations, generate reports, and link directly to asset-management

A CCTV system allows pipeline experts like Dynamic Drain Technologies to take the guess work out of sewer troubleshooting and repair. This saves you, the consumer, time and money in repairing sewer pipes.

When using old technology to inspect sewer pipes, sewer pipe bore size was always an issue. When using a CCTV system, bore size issues become obsolete.

Using camera system lighted heads and tractor units to drive the system, the ROVVER can view and maneuver through areas smaller than 25 millimeters; displaying what it finds in a full color display.

CCTV system technology has revolutionized the pipeline industry.

For more information on how Dynamic Drain Solutions can help you with pipeline issues, please contact us. We specialize in residential, commercial, and municipal pipe inspection, cleaning, and repair. We proudly serve areas in Washington DC,Northern Virginia,  Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia. NOVA areas consisting of FairfaxArlington,Loudon, Prince William, Alexandria, and Falls Church.

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Exfiltration in Charlottesville, VA

water infiltration into a leaking sewer system

Are you dealing with exfiltration issues in Charlottesville, VA? Sewer exfiltration or sewer leakage is a problem that has been studied and received increasing attention due to it’s importance in water conservation.

water infiltration into a leaking sewer system

The University of Virginia has utilized our sewer lining process to help stop their housing developments from water loss due to exfiltration. You can find studies on some of the ways scientists are trying to measure and evaluate the effects of this water loss. Read more on these articles here:


There are people that feel exfiltration is a naturally and healthy process to help clean soiled water and replenish nutrients into the ground. But as to whether it is environmentally safe or not is still a topic of debate.

Some experts say that sedimentation and small growth inside of pipes will naturally stop exfiltration. But at the same time these sediments and growth can lead to greater loss over time, especially if there is a massive flow that washes away anything that was holding lines together. Another article on this topic can be found here:

Sewer Drain Pipe Lining

Sewer drain pipe lining is one of the most effective ways to completely stop sewer exfiltration. If you are incurring losses or heavy water bills due to loss of water, chemicals or other liquids in your systems installing a CIPP liner will cure any problems you are having. Pinholes and cracks will be completely sealed and corrected with this type of pipe repair.

Visit our website for more information on our trenchless pipe lining repair services that can correct any of your leaking pipes in the Charlottesville, VA area.

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The Benefits of CCTV Pipeline Inspection

Tree root infiltration

Today it is possible to utilize a video camera to examine the interiors of pipelines and it is called CCTV Pipeline Inspection.  This is often used to verify the condition of piping in various structures including government buildings.


Pipe Line Condition

It enables a view of the internal infrastructure of a pipeline.  This makes it possible to detect any current or potential pipeline damage as well as the accumulation of sludge, dirt, waste and more.  The results can be used to design pipeline maintenance programs as well as cleaning strategies.

Pipe Inspection Results

Tree root infiltrationThere are many different types of vegetation and tree roots that can find their way into the joints between sections of pipe.

It can be strong enough to create an opening in corroded or cast iron pipe.  This will result in a root ball being created in the pipe.

This will obstruct the flow through the pipe.  The downtime created as a result of an unexpected breakdown of a pipe can be very expensive.

CCTV pipeline inspection is a method of non-invasive testing.

Pipe Maintenance Decisions

Being able to use this type of technology makes it possible for the maintenance departments at large and small buildings to make decisions based on direct evidence.  It enables cleaning to only be performed on sections of pipe where necessary.

There is no longer any need to clean the entire system and hope for the best.

Benefits of Pipeline Inspections

Pipe Inspection Equipment - CameraCCTV requires no digging and causes very little or no pipe traffic disturbance.  It will provide the best possible information in determining when piping needs to be fixed or replaced.

This technology has been made to accommodate any possible situation.  It is able to identify any pipeline eventuality.  Using this has saved many organizations time and money.

The maintenance departments at various government structures have piping that needs to be maintained and regularly inspected.

Dynamic Drain Technologies has the knowledge and experience in using CCTV for pipeline inspection.

Contact us today and learn about all the benefits it provides.

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