No dig pipe repair (or cured in place pipe lining) has become our specialty here at Dynamic Drain Technologies. And because we’re one of the earliest adopters of this technology, we’ve seen how much money it’s saved people over the years.

cipp repair chilled water lineIt’s also saved numerous landscapes from ruination and creating extreme expense.

Call it the angioplasty of the plumbing world, because it essentially creates a non-invasive method to help open up aging water pipes without opening the ground.

By inserting a new fiberglass tube into the existing pipe, take a look at the different types of landscapes that can be saved as a result.

Preventing Front Yards from Being Ruined

Most water pipes are going to be under the ground of your yard, parking lot or business. That meant the grounds would have to be considerably torn up before the age of pipe lining.

While that could still happen if the pipes have to be completely replaced, a no-dig solution can keep your front property from looking like an excavation site.

Such a scenario can be very difficult to deal with if you have regular gatherings in your building and giant dirt piles become the first thing visitors see.

It’s worse when it rains, hence creating mud on and around the dirt mounds.

Water Pipes Under Steps

No dig pipe sewer drain repair don't excavate rehabilitateIn older homes and buildings, water pipes might even be under your front-door steps, requiring an expensive removal before digging can occur.

For older homes that need to be preserved, that can be a major problem. Those problems compound if your home is also a business and the main entrance is where the steps are.

Having to re-route foot traffic to a back door can be an extreme inconvenience and potentially cost you business.

The Cost of Restoration

The time and expense of digging and removing things around your property is only half of the story.

We can help save you having to restore your landscape after the repair is done.

Restoration can also take considerable time to make your business look like it did before, especially if you start in the winter when there’s cold and rain. Plantings and other vegetation that you might have had to remove will also take months if not even years to grow back.

Visit us here at Dynamic Drain Technologies and learn more about how cured in place pipe lining works. You’ll be amazed at how fast we can help solve your water pipe issues with one day of work.

Plus, we’re fully licensed, bonded and insured to make that happen.

Contact us if you’re having issues with your water pipes and we’ll provide a free estimate. Our pricing is going to save you exponential amounts of money, especially if you live in challenging landscapes you need to preserve for a lifetime.

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