What are the most hated words in a driver’s vocabulary? “Men At Work”. It means trenches, holes in the ground, massive backups and delays in their commutes. It means pavement torn up and weeks of repaving ahead, all to fix a problem they didn’t even know was there.

There’s a better way.

Pipe RepairDon’t dig up the street when you can reline sewer pipes with jut a small hole. Dynamic Drain Technologies can reline a pipe without ever unearthing it.

We send a felt tube into the pipe from a small hole. Resin gets pumped in, hardens, and the pipe is fixed! No mess, no massive construction project…no massive construction cost.

Pipe Relining

Relining can add as much as 50 years to the life of sewer pipe, which makes the cost much easier to live with when spread over the life of the pipe.

Infrastructure in a lot of US cities is old and getting older, with the cost of replacement getting larger as more systems reach the end of their lifespan.

For example, more than half of the sewer systems in Arlington, VA were installed in the 1950’s. They’re using the same cured in place liner Dynamic Drain Technologies offers and they expect to get another 50 years out of the system before major replacements need to happen.

And they’ll do it all without digging the long trench and exposing miles of pipe. They’ll do it without the constant complaining phone calls of motorists, and without the eyesore of a construction project.

Dynamic Drain Technologies can help you fix your pipes without the hassle. We can inspect, clean and reline sewer pipes without the need for major invasive digging. Contact us today to find out what we can do to make your project easier.

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