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Here is our story about a Sewer Pipe Relining job we just recently did in Washington DC. A homeowner had a pipe that was backed up and stopped and had no idea what might have been causing the problem. Upon receiving a pipe inspection from Dynamic Drain Technologies we were able to show her what exactly was causing the problem. The Pipe had become rotted out and root intrusion had caused a major backup. After cleaning and re-inspecting the pipe it was clear that the pipe would need to be replaced. They compared the cost of excavating and replacing their existing top notch Italian marble flooring and exotic hardwood flooring to the cost of simply re-lining the pipe utilizing our trenchless pipe repair technology. This was a no-brainer!

We repaired the 70 feet of 4-inch pipe from only a single access point in a single day.

This is the exact reason this Washington D.C. homeowner decided to use our Perma-Liner pipe relining system as opposed to destroying and replacing tons of costly home improvements. We would love the opportunity to come show you the Dynamic Drain difference and look forward to sharing our knowledge of this new technology to help you feel comfortable with this new process. Give us a call anytime and we will be there in a Dynamic Drain Minute!

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