perma liner pipe washington dc
pipe lining saves washington dc

Pipe lining saves a local contractor from impending doom!

Dynamic Drain Technologies was contacted to discuss a broken sewer pipe that ran underneath a river and a road. After walking through the job site and evaluating the costs, the answer was simple; enlist the professionals at Dynamic Drain Technologies! The pipe lay 10 feet deep through tons of concrete slab and existing infrastructure. It would have taken weeks to dig the pipe up and tons of money to replace it using conventional methods. We were able to complete the lining of the 145 foot long, 6 inch sewer main in less than one day. We then applied heat to the curing process and cut the time to cure in half. If you are looking for a contractor in or around the Washington D.C. area call us and we will give you references for any jobs in the area we have done. Call us today and we will come show you how we can save you and your property from destructive digging and destruction!!

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