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Are you in charge of government property that is inconveniencing  your citizens with elderly leaky pipes? How about the hassle of your homeowners having to park cars blocks away from their houses because the street has been dug up to repair plumbing?  CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) requires little or no trench digging to repair leaking gas, sewer or water pipes, and Dynamic Drain Technologies is an expert in using CIPP for urgent, or long-term, community repairs.

Recently placed on the Small-Women-and-Minority owned (SWAM) GSA schedule for pre-qualified contractors in the state of Virginia, Dynamic believes in treating its surrounding community with respect and efficiency.

Pipe Lining Company Ad

CIPP Process

During the CIPP process, a felt inner pipe covered with raw resin is fed into the damaged pipe upstream of the leak. Compressed air, or another pressure-bearing substance, is pumped through the pipe until the resin is secured to the wall, and then the resin is cured (set and hardened). After testing with a closed circuit camera for structural soundness, the pipe is considered fixed. Ecologically friendly and economically easy, the job is done.

The drain experts at Dynamic Drain Technologies are experts at CIPP, for little or big jobs. The history of CIPP is as follows: “In 1971, Eric Wood implemented the first cured-in-place pipe technology in London,England. He called the CIPP process insit u form, derived from the Latin meaning “form in place.” Wood applied for U.S. patent no. 4009063 on January 29, 1975. The patent was granted February 22, 1977 and was commercialized.. until it entered the public domain on February 22, 1994″.

If you are in charge of a commercial, federal or local government property that is trying to stop a leaking underground pipe, call in Dynamic Drain Technologies for help. Their online contact information makes them easy to find; visit them at https://www.dynamicdraintechnologies.com/contact-us/.

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