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Pipe Repair During Floods Causes Hazards

Pipe Repair During Floods Causes Hazards

Anybody working in a sewer repair related industry should be well aware of the necessary safety precautions for working in areas where the sewer has backed up, but floods bring additional concerns and require extra precautions. The OSHA Fact Sheet on flood cleanup outlines the following hazards for those in the cleaning industry.


They warn about the overflow of water that can often contain infectious organisms, including intestinal bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Shigella; Hepatitis A Virus; and agents of typhoid, paratyphoid and tetanus.

Effects of Hurricane Sandy

Heavy flooding from Hurricane Sandy and the Nor’Easter currently affecting the East Coast have led to massive flooding and destruction of infrastructure on a grand scale. Destruction wreaked by Hurricane Sandy may reach $50 billion, putting it roughly in-line with the second most devastating storm in postwar history. At the end of the day, Sandy may end up being beneficial for the U.S. economy, pushing indicators like construction spending, industrial production, and retail sales above their pre-disaster trend-lines over the next few quarters, according to Goldman Sachs. [source:Forbes]

Proper Procedures During Pipe Repairs

Trying to maintain a sanitary work environment can be difficult and take a back seat to disaster relief efforts. It is counter productive to not try and include these practices since it will not help anybody if you save them and in turn get them sick again. Please remember to wash your hands often with soap and clean running water, especially before work breaks, food breaks and at the end of each work shift. ALWAYS assume that any flood water and surrounding areas is not safe unless local or state authorities have declared otherwise. Pipe repair companies in VA, NY, NJ, MD, PA and even as far as West VA should stay informed on these safe practices during the cleanup efforts that will be taking place due to the major damages caused by this tragedy.

Stay Safe!

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