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Hampton VA Uses Pipe Lining Company To Save Sewers

Trenchless pipe repair on angies list

The city of Hampton, VA uses trenchless rehab methods to the fullest. The City’s cured in-place pipe (CIPP) crew has taken full advantage of the benefits of using Dynamic Drain’s cured in place epoxy lining products.

CIPP seals broken cast iron, pvc, orangeburg, clay pipe and more

Avoid Costly Open-Cut Pipe Repair

We have been able to perform sewer rehabilitation that would have otherwise been very disruptive and costly using open-cut methods due to high traffic, depth and underground utility problems.

The City of Hampton is recognizing that broken clay pipes, root-infested and leaking sewer systems are a serious threat to our existing infrastructure. Business owners and city maintenance departments realize that Dynamic Drain offers a proactive approach to rehabilitate old pipes.

cipp pipe repair virginia beach va

Declining Resources

Maintaining the city’s infrastructure includes miles of stormwater pipes, catch basins and storm drains. Each day the city transports millions of gallons of sewage in an environment of declining resources.

This is why we have sought more efficient ways of doing business. The systems are aging and like any other facility, rely on a budget to repair sewer systems. Pipe lining technology offers a reduced amount of money spent on maintaining wastewater treatment options.

CIPP Rehabilitation Provides Extended Design Life

Trenchless pipe repair on angies listThese practices and large projects aim to further the sustainability with long-term design practices. CIPP rehabilitates infrastructure with an extended design life of over 50-years that has been tested by individual scientific studies to be able to last for up to and over 100-years.

Broken clay pipes and root-infested leaking sewer systems are a serious issue and trenchless rehabilitation utilizes a safe, clean and efficient way to use our epoxy lining systems.

We are a certified Perma-Liner and Maxliner installation contractor. We are fully licensed and insured to provide “green” pipe renewal services at cost-saving prices to all of Virginia.

Call us today to learn more, we always offer free estimates and consultations.

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Sewer Line Replacement Cost Estimate Recommendations

Sewer evaluation and replacement cost analysis

If sewage is becoming backed up there are many ways to get a rough estimate and evaluate what the problem is. Many times the problem can be resolved with a simple snaking of a sewer line and a pipe inspection to unsure any blocked pipes are cleared.

Sewer Line Evaluation

pipe inspections for sewer and drainsA proper sewer line evaluation will include a CCTV pipe inspection.

Any reputable company will provide you with a copy of this pipe inspection.

New technology allows these pipe inspection recordings to be uploaded and shared via YouTube for easy sharing.

A pipe inspection will allow the plumbing technician to investigate the causes of blockages within a sewer line.

Other things a pipe inspection will reveal are:

  • Pipe Depth
  • Pipe Diameter
  • Pipe Composition
  • Rust in the Sewer Line
  • Broken Pipes
  • Missing Pipe Sections
  • Bulging Pipes
  • Bellied Pipe Sections
  • Back-pitched Pipe Sections
  • Deteriorating Sewer Lines

Sewer Pipe Replacement Cost Estimates

Sewage assemblyMost of the times it is advisable to get several estimates. Locate plumbers that specialize in sewer replacement and the rehabilitation of sewer systems and ask them about trenchless options as well.

There are several reasons that a pipe may become clogged or blocked and a professional will be able to evaluate this and give you options for repair.

To get the best determination for the cost of sewer replacement services there are many factors that will effect the cost.

The plumber or sewer service contractor will ask questions about the location of the line such as if it is:

  • Under asphalt?
  • Concrete?
  • Yard?
  • Open or fenced?
  • Under trees?
  • Accessible with equipment or hand-dig?
  • Near or crossing utilities such as gas, power, water, or cable?
  • Under low-hanging trees?
  • Sprinkler lines?
  • Is a new tap at the city main required?
  • How deep is the main, and what type of pipe?
  • Does this include landscape repair or is it for a rough backfill?

Overview of Sewer Pipe Replacement Estimate Evaluations

sewer relining project in virginia

GPS Satellite Sewer Diagrams Provided by Dynamic Drain Technologies

Finding the right company for the job is going to take some time to figure out the best option for your sewer pipe replacement job. You may find that your entire sewer infrastructure is damaged and that you can save even more money by getting an entire sewer rehabilitation estimate.

Remember that the problem may just be that the sewer lines need to be cleaned and inspected with a jetter and a camera. The camera inspection will reveal any defects within the pipe lines that may need to be repaired.

Trenchless sewer pipe rehabilitation can save you tons of money if there are many factors affecting the accessibility of the drainage system. Always ask about no-dig trenchless options that can save you money.

Every pipe is different depending on the situation so be wary of any plumber that will give you an estimate without looking at the problem first hand or asking for detailed information about the pipe in question. Sewer line rehabilitation projects can vary greatly and just like finding a great place for your new business the most important factors in obtaining estimates will be location, location, location… and a bunch of other things too!

Give us a call if you have any questions and we will be glad to help you or refer you to a professional that will be able to help you better understand your sewer replacement options.

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