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The Process and Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Lining

trenchless pipe lining
Posted on: 12 Dec 2013

Out with the old and in with the new; trenchless pipe lining offers dig free options for sewer pipe repair. In the last few years, innovation in pipeline work has allowed contractors to inspect, repair, and clear pipelines without disturbing ground. This saves the homeowner or business owner a lot of cash since repairs can be preformed without ripping up concrete walkways, driveways, or foundations.

The Process Of Trenchless Pipe Relining

New technology has allowed the contractor to rehabilitate pipe made of cast iron, clay, PVC, HDPE, ABS, and concrete using cured-in-place piping methods. Once the pipe is thoroughly inspected using CCTV technology, it is cleaned and the surfaces are prepped for epoxy. The damaged pipe areas are then measured and the product needed is cut to length. The pipe liner is then coated with a heavy duty resin epoxy. The new pipe is then inserted into the damaged pipe using an air pressure inversion device. The pipe liner and epoxy are given a few hours to set and dry. Once the pipe is secure, it is again ready for service.

The key advantages to using this method of repair include but are not limited to:

  • No dig repair so less ground around your home or business is disturbed.
  • The new lining seals any abnormalities within the pipe that may have gone unnoticed such as small cracks or holes.
  • The trenchless repair system takes less time and in turn is more affordable than the traditional dig and replace method.
  • The process smooths out offsets at pipe connections for better flow.

To find out more about trenchless pipe repair and relining, please  contact  the experts at Dynamic Drain Technologies. We pride ourselves on serving our customers using only the most sophisticated equipment and knowledgeable personnel. We provide residential and commercial pipeline services in areas of North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland.

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Rockville MD | Replace Pipe

chilled water system repair virginia

Our technicians can replace pipe in Rockville, MD inside walls, under concrete slabs and other valuable landscaping or infrastructure with no excavation necessary.

Replace Pipe

chilled water system repair virginiaWhen it comes to replacing pipe, no dig trenchless technology offers many cost saving and time saving advantages. When compared to traditional dig and replace jobs CIPP pipelining can be a viable alternative.

Depending on the surrounding areas, depth, traffic and value of the surrounding landscape and infrastructure, there are advantages to both.

If the pipe lays in a shallow area mostly covered by dirt in an out of sight area, digging up and replacing the pipe will most likely be the best option.

We can provide references to many plumbing contractors in the area if this method is advantageous.

Using CIPP to Replace a Pipe

  • CIPP offers the ability to minimize down time.

If your pipe is located in a high traffic area this may be a major concern for either your business or residents.

CIPP can replace a pipe within a matter of hours.

  • CIPP can completely eliminate the need for excavation.

If you are concerned about destroying walls, dealing with asbestos, endangering pedestrians and residents or destroying your property excavation may be out of the question.

Many times pipes will run under railroads, protected landscapes and many other undiggable areas.

  • CIPP will increase flow.

CIPP Liners for sewer pipe and drain repairIncreased flow and less friction are just some of the advantages of an epoxy liner.

Since there are no joints and no areas of weakness, infiltration and exfiltration along with concerns of joints causing backups is completely eliminated.

Electrical wires have nothing to get hung up on and waste will continue to flow smoothly.

CIPP Can Save You Money

All in all CIPP can save you money since there is usually only a three to four man crew required.

There are many less safety hazards involved.

Equipment and materials are all contained inside of trailers and no heavy equipment is necessary.

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Manassas VA | Replace Drain

CIPP Liner repairing wastewater system

Drain replacement when it comes to CIPP pipe repair refers to relining the interior of the pipes with a cured in-place epoxy liner. We can replace a drain in Manassas, VA with our services.

Drain Replacement Services

pipe inspections for sewer and drainsIn order to replace a drain, our technicians will want to fully analyze the pipe in question.

In order to get a visual and structural report of the pipe in question we will often request to view any CCTV pipe inspection reports that were generated for the damaged drain pipe.

CCTV Pipe Inspections

If no report is available, Dynamic Drain will offer to perform the CCTV pipe inspection. Our pipe inspection reports are state of the art and can be uploaded to Youtube.

Vertical drain lines will require the use of our Vivax Metrotech push cameras.

Other lateral lines can be inspected and analyzed with our Rovver X robotic camera.

Computer Generated Inspection Reporting

fort lee sanitary sewer cctv pipe inspection

This sewer relining project was inspected using a Rovver X Mainline Crawling Camera

3D renderings are able to be produced along with GPS overhead mapping of your entire infrastructure.

WinCam lasers and leveling gyroscopes will measure any defects in the pipe and produce a virtual image of the damaged pipe along with grade and depth measurements.

PACP certified reports will be generated as well.

Drain Cleaning

Many times a line will need to be cleaned and cleared prior to replacing a drain with an epoxy liner.

keg nozzlesWe also offer commercial grade hydro jetting and water jetting services and have a variety of chain cutters, robotic cutters and spinning nozzles.

With this arsenal of drain cleaning equipment we are able to remove anything from grease, sludge and rust to collapsed pipe sections and more with ease.

Installing a CIPP Liner

CIPP Liner repairing wastewater systemOnce the drain is inspected, cleaned and cleared a liner will be introduced into the existing pipe and cured in-place without having to dig-up or destroy any property.

This liner will completely rehabilitate your entire drainage system of any defects including offset joints, missing pipe sections, bottomless cast iron, cracks and pinholes, and root infiltration.

Advantages of a Trenchless No Dig Pipe Liner

The liner provides an increase in flow and reduction in friction.

The liner is a continuous pipe which means there are no joints or points of weakness for roots to enter or water to leak out of.

This liner material has a 50 year design life warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Independent studies have shown that these pipes are capable of lasting for 100+ years under strenuous condition testing.

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Sewer Lining Can Save Time, Money And Effort

Ask any commercial property owner who has ever had to have his or her sewer pipes replaced and you are likely to get a horror story. That is because if older properties need their sewer pipes completely replaced, it can be a long, expensive and messy process.

Luckily, some companies have recognized that a great many owners of businesses and commercial properties are not ready to deal with the cost and hassle of such drastic repairs and have begun working with products like sewer lining.

To put it in layman’s terms, sewer lining is performed by blowing or pulling a flexible resin sheath into a broken or damaged pipe. Once in place, the resin sheath hardens, or “cures.” For this reason, sewer lining is sometimes called “cured-in-place pipe.”

Sewer lining is not the right remedy for every situation in which a sewer pipe is broken or damaged, but in the circumstances when it a realistic options, it is often significantly less expensive than the traditional dig-and-replace sewer pipe method. As you can imagine, it also creates far less mess and hassle because yards do not have to be dug up and landscaping does not have to be moved.

At Dynamic Drain Technologies, we are able to offer sewer lining repair services to many Virginia and Maryland property owners. If you are interest in learning more about whether you are a good candidate for this approach, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. We would love to hear from you and are happy to offer guidance as to what may be your best option.

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Hampton VA Uses Pipe Lining Company To Save Sewers

Trenchless pipe repair on angies list

The city of Hampton, VA uses trenchless rehab methods to the fullest. The City’s cured in-place pipe (CIPP) crew has taken full advantage of the benefits of using Dynamic Drain’s cured in place epoxy lining products.

CIPP seals broken cast iron, pvc, orangeburg, clay pipe and more

Avoid Costly Open-Cut Pipe Repair

We have been able to perform sewer rehabilitation that would have otherwise been very disruptive and costly using open-cut methods due to high traffic, depth and underground utility problems.

The City of Hampton is recognizing that broken clay pipes, root-infested and leaking sewer systems are a serious threat to our existing infrastructure. Business owners and city maintenance departments realize that Dynamic Drain offers a proactive approach to rehabilitate old pipes.

cipp pipe repair virginia beach va

Declining Resources

Maintaining the city’s infrastructure includes miles of stormwater pipes, catch basins and storm drains. Each day the city transports millions of gallons of sewage in an environment of declining resources.

This is why we have sought more efficient ways of doing business. The systems are aging and like any other facility, rely on a budget to repair sewer systems. Pipe lining technology offers a reduced amount of money spent on maintaining wastewater treatment options.

CIPP Rehabilitation Provides Extended Design Life

Trenchless pipe repair on angies listThese practices and large projects aim to further the sustainability with long-term design practices. CIPP rehabilitates infrastructure with an extended design life of over 50-years that has been tested by individual scientific studies to be able to last for up to and over 100-years.

Broken clay pipes and root-infested leaking sewer systems are a serious issue and trenchless rehabilitation utilizes a safe, clean and efficient way to use our epoxy lining systems.

We are a certified Perma-Liner and Maxliner installation contractor. We are fully licensed and insured to provide “green” pipe renewal services at cost-saving prices to all of Virginia.

Call us today to learn more, we always offer free estimates and consultations.

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Benefits of Drain Cleaning in Loudoun County, VA

One of the fastest growing counties in VA is Loudoun County. This area has seen many large businesses and diverse communities beginning to thrive.

Areas include Sterling, Ashburn, Countryside, Potomoac Falls, South Riding, Middleburg, Hamilton and the famous Dulles International Airport.

New Construction – Old Infrastructure

keg nozzlesNew construction and growing communities often take existing wastewater systems for granted. Overlooking drains when installing plumbing systems has been a major problem in the past.

Without these drainage systems our organic waste and water systems would not be able to safely and effectively dispose of this matter.

Passing these materials safely and efficiently into a municipal waste management systems will provide lower costs for taxpayers and insurance coverage fees. Proper disposal to septic or municipal systems can help prevent blockages and failing drain pipes in the future.

Drain Cleaning May Save Your Sewer System

pipe clearing cleaning and removal with water jettingDrain cleaning and sewer system cleanings can provide excellent preventative measures for city officials and municipalities, property management companies, facilities maintenance managers and property owners.

Drain cleaning with high pressure water jetting and hydro jetting will help disposal systems operate to the best of their abilities and prevent costly repairs down the line.

Dynamic Drain Technologies provides professional drain cleaning services in the Northern Virginia area and in parts of North Carolina and Maryland as well.

Long Term Benefits of Drain Cleaning

sanitary sewer overflowThere are many reasons to have your drains cleaned and serviced. We have gathered a few of the most common reasons to clean your sewer pipes regularly here:

  • Avoid Plumbing Disasters. Preventative maintenance can provide you the peace of mind and convenience you are looking for when managing a large facility or municipality. Avoid the need to call plumbers in an emergency. A regular cleaning schedule will allow you to entertain guests, keep traffic flowing smoothly and keep tenants happy without worrying about an unexpected plumbing nightmare happening at the worst of times.
  • Hazard and Safety Concerns. Backups and clogs can cause major health hazards. You have seen the damage caused by faulty drainage systems in the wake of large storm surges and natural disasters. Most health related issues and even deaths in some cases are caused not by the storm itself but by the aftermath and bacteriological growth that occurs when wastewater sits stagnant.
  • Increase the Lifespan of Your Sewer Systems. High-Pressure water-jetting provides an alternative to pipe damaging practices like snaking and using chemicals. Blockages and clogs can cause also cause wear and tear to increase exponentially over time. Cast-Iron, PVC, clay pipes, Orangeburg and more can be safely cleaned with our services to stop buildup and debris from causing long term damage from things like rust, sludge, oil and bacteria.
  • Prevent Backflow. Get your wastewater moving fast and efficiently. Cross-contamination can occur when organic waste accumulates inside piping which can lead to blockages and piping damage.

Our sewer rehabilitation services include CCTV pipeline inspections, Robotic Cutter reinstatements, Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining, Epoxy Coating and free evaluations. For drain cleaning services in Loudoun County, VA, call Dynamic Drain Technologies today!

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