leak detection and locating pipesDynamic Drain Technologies lands another contract with the federal government to inspect, clean and install epoxy liners in the galley drains of the Indian Head Naval Base in Indian Head, Maryland. Dynamic Drain’s sewer cleaning and inspection team was dispatched last week to complete the preliminary inspection, cleaning and locating. We were able to access the pipe via a toilet flange on the upstream end and a manhole of the downstream end. The technicians went to work utilizing our Mongoose trailer jetter to clear the pipe so the vivax camera equipment could thoroughly insect the pipe to determine the condition and locate a collapsed area to spot excavate. Utilizing the Vivax locating technology allows us to pin point the spot of the collapse and eliminate any blind digging.

Pipe inspection, locating, and plumbing repair with perma liner and maxliner

Four Inch Cast Iron Pipe Exposed
and ready to Be Repaired

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