The trenchless pipe installation that we did underneath the Dulles Airport was a success.

Helpful Tip: Cured in place pipe also refers to CIPP.

Pipe Repair at Dulles Airport’s Gate Gourmet Facility in Sterling, VADulles Airport in Sterling, VA

Our company, Dynamic Drain Technologies, did a pipe inspection for a local plumbing company outside of Washington DC that called us in to evaluate the aging cast iron pipes that were causing back-ups at the facility.

Pipe Line Evaluation

After our evaluation of the plumbing system we found offset joints and missing pipe sections that were disrupting the normal flow. There were also rocks and other foreign objects caught in the lines causing a substantial decrease in the systems ability to drain properly.

Cleaning and Clearing Damaged and Clogged Drains

We brought in our high-pressure water-jetter and cleaned and cleared the pipes. After documenting that the pipes were cleaned and cleared with another pipe inspection we were able to compare the cost of installing a cured in place pipe versus a traditional dig and replace excavation project. Since most of the lines were underneath many feet of concrete slab going in and out of buildings, we were able to determine that relining would be a much more cost effective approach to rehabilitate this piping infrastructure.

See the Cured In Place Pipe Repair In Action

This video shows a screenshot of Dynamic Drain Technologies preparing the liner materials. The liner is then inverted into the sewer using a MaxLiner Gun. The liner itself is a Perma-Liner brand felt tube that is built to withstand varying temperatures, bends and chemicals.

Services We Provided for Dulles Airport’s Gate Gourmet Facility

CCTV Pipe Inspection – We provided a full color pipe inspection report to the maintenance department with a fully documented spec sheet showing the piping infrastructure. This included a copy of the before and after shots of the pipe inspections, links to the videos on YouTube for easy sharing and a spec sheet showing the layout, pipe depth and pipe composition as well as the problems fixed.

High-Pressure Water Jetting – We were able to clean and clear the lines to ensure all problem areas and damaged pipes were exposed and documented. Once we were satisfied with this step in the process we were able to identify multiple deficiencies within the plumbing and drain system with complete accuracy.

CIPP Cured In Place Pipe Repair – Our pipe repair process was completed with the installation of a Perma-Liner felt tube. This tube was impregnated with cooled epoxy resins and then inverted into the host pipe.

Our Maxliner inversion machine uses compressed air to unfold the liner into the pipe. Once it reaches the end of the line a popping sound indicates that the line has reached the other end.

A calibration tube is inserted into the liner and filled with hot water to hold the liner against the host pipe. Once the liner is completely cured and hardened, the calibration tube is removed.

A final inspection shows a completely new, seamless, jointless pipe within a pipe. The flow is tested and is stronger than the original pipe installation since the liner is now one continuous line instead of multiple sections pieced together.

Cost of Sewer Lining Services and Drain Rehabilitation

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