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Broken Pipe in Elizabeth City, NC

Orangeburg pipe deteriorating (fiber pipe)

We have been getting a lot of calls about broken pipe in Elizabeth City, NC lately. Not sure if it is our marketing or the fact that people are starting to realize the benefits of our trenchless technology.

We love working with the contractors there! They always show us some cool spots along the harbor and we love it when we find our way to the Outer Banks as well.

Anyways, what can be said about the underground pipes down in NC?

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Broken Pipes

Most pipes all over the country are hitting the end of their life spans. Broken pipes are becoming more and more easy to find, fix an locate with today’s trenchless technology companies.

Orangeburg pipe deteriorating (fiber pipe)Cast iron pipes start to corrode and rust. Clay pipes crack and crumble due to shifting soil and aging. Concrete pipes suffer from root infiltration. Electrical conduit lines become rusty and offset. You get the idea!

The problem is that a lot of pipes that are underground are out of sight and out of mind.

Hidden Pipe Problems Are Silent But Deadly

On top of that the drains and sewers may still have water flowing through them even though the pipe is broken. Most companies and facilities do not do regular inspections to their sewer infrastructures and don’t end up realizing there is a problem until a major backup occurs.

The worst part is this can cost your business tons of money without you knowing it. Why? Because of infiltration and exfiltration. Broken pipes can accumulate or lose water and your water bill could easily double or triple.

Consider This

water infiltration into a leaking sewer systemThink about it. Unless you have someone constantly monitoring your loss or inflow of sewer water, you would never know that you could be saving tons of money by simply replacing your broken pipes.

We have found pipes that are completely filled with roots but water is still flowing. Roots may not seem that bad at first, but left untreated, they can crack, bend and completely separate your sewer lines and drainage systems.

Fix Your Broken Pipes

There are two ways to fix these problems:

  1. Traditional dig and replace pipe repair
  2. Trenchless CIPP pipe lining

Traditional dig and replace practices are good when it won’t damage any property and the lines are fairly shallow. Also if you are not worried about shutting down your business or roads this is the best way to go since it will be much more cost-effective.

If you have a business that will lose money from shutting down and/or your property is very valuable trenchless methods are usually your best bet. Slip lining, pull-in-place lining, conduit lining and pipe bursting are all forms of trenchless pipe repair.

Insituform Style Liner Sewer RepairOur technicians focus on what is called CIPP pipe lining. If you want to learn more about what we do and how we can save you money visit our site at There is tons of information on trenchless methods to fix any type of broken pipe.

Alternatively our phone lines are always available if you need any information on how our pipe lining company works or if you just want a free consultation. Call 1-855-937-6944 and we will be happy to assist you!

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The Ease of Non-Digging Pipe Lining

maxliner and perma liner machines

maxliner and perma liner machinesSave time, money, and resources with Dynamic Drain Technologies pipe lining.  Working in the Virginia-North Carolina-Maryland areas, Dynamic Drain Technologies offers the convenience of rehabilitating piping for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential sewer pipes without the headache of unsightly excavations.  There are multiple reasons for using the services offered.


Bypassing the need for excavation Dynamic Drain Technologies is able to avoid the costs for large equipment and the labor to dig up the area to lay new pipes.  Plus there is no unsightly construction site making your parking lot or property unsightly.

Services offered

Besides fitting pipe liners these Class-A Contractors are able to inspect, clean, and repair anything from major pipes all the way to fountain piping and every type of pipe in between.

Technologically advanced

Unlike many other companies out there Dynamic Drain Technologies takes that technology in their name to heart.  By utilizing a remote controlled rover; think the sewer inspecting version of Argo that brought us real-time images of the Titanic, the professionals on the surface can take a close up look at every inch of pipe they are about to replace.


With rave reviews and countless nationally recognized customers how can a company not afford to bring on what Dynamic Drain Technologies has to offer.  Check their website ( ) to read the testimonials from satisfied customers.

They have worked with companies ranging from state agencies to museums to restaurant chains.  It would appear that they can successfully work with anyone who has a problem.


Sometimes the pipe does not need to be replaced right away, but instead can be cleaned with state of the art waterjetting.  Even when fitting a new pipeliner this waterjetting is used to clear out even the heaviest of clogs, ensuring a proper tight fit for the installed piping.

With a resume such as Dynamic Drain Technologies can put forward it is the wisest decision to take a look at what they can offer you.  Unparalleled service awaits you.  Give a call @ 1-855-937-6944 or check us out on the web @

See what advantages a pipe lining from Dynamic Drain Technologies can bring to you.

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