Lateral and Main line reinstatement cutter

This is a robotic cutter that enables us to cut out re-instatements from inside the pipe liner. We mark where the laterals come into the main line and after the pipe if fully cured in place we will use this tool and create a hole to re-establish complete flow.

This tool can also be used if there is a pipe blocked by concrete or rocks or anything in the way that a jetter can not remove. Like we said before — no pipe is too big or too blocked for us to fix!

The MaxCutter is a lightweight, easy-to-operate cutter used to reinstate service by reopening any side entrances to the lined and cured pipe and finishing off the openings at either end. Specially designed to perform quick and accurate cuts in small diameter pipes, MaxCutter is available in two sizes, the midi and the mini.

  • Operating range: 4″ to 8″ (lined pipe)
  • Power supply: Compressed air 36 cfm @ 90 psi
  • Output rating: 0.5 kW at approx. 22,000 rpm
  • Movement: axial-2.5″, radial-360 degrees
  • Cutting stroke: 3.2″ radial, pneumatic drive