Your Brand Our TechnologyAre you a plumbing company looking for a trenchless, no dig pipe lining company to team up with?

GREAT! That just what Dynamic Drain Technologies is looking for.

Over the last decade a major part of our business models has been to network with plumbers all over the East Coast to offer no dig solutions to your clients through you and your company brand. We have established business relationships with dozens of companies just like yours.

Heres how it works:

  • Free marketing for plumbersWe supply your company with pipe lining marketing materials with your logo and your contact info at our cost!
  • This includes brochures, stickers and pipe samples.
  • We train your sales staff on how to effectively diagnose what is a proper candidate for pipe lining and what is NOT!
  • We also supply your company with regional leads coming from our national web-based advertising.
  • Even if it’s not a pipe lining job, and we never request a commission.
  • We supply upfront negotiable pricing so your sales and estimating staff can deliver same day pricing to your clients.
  • We also offer net 30 payments terms.
  • We offer 24/7 support by phone, Your can call our CEO Nick Santoni at anytime of the day or night!
  • We have digital specifications and third-party testing we can provide you with and we can deal with any kind of permit and approval situations.
  • Our pipe lining systems meet both the UPC and IPC plumbing codes.


Projects • Clients • Partners

-Keep in mind we do not do any plumbing jobs! All we do is offer trenchless technologies.

We are not your COMPETITION!

Please call Nick Santoni directly to set-up your plumbing company up today at 757-619-8925.