Questions and Answers with your sewer repair contractor, Nick Santoni, of Dynamic Drain Technologies.

How long have you been in the pipe repair industry and what are some of your biggest achievements?

-Santoni has been in the pipelining industry since 2008.

-His biggest achievements include jobs working with the architect of the capitol in Washington DC to reline sewer pipes for government contracting companies.

-Nick has also worked alongside some of the biggest plumbing contractors all across the East Coast to fulfill orders for CIPP installations.

What are your service areas?

-Dynamic Drain focuses on small scale pipe relining and sewer rehabilitation jobs in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware and surrounding areas.

-We have also relined pipes in the Subway systems of New York! Our mobile pipelining equipment allows us to travel to YOU.

-For pipe inspections we may send a plumber from our network of providers to inspect your pipe. For us to evaluate your sewer lines as soon as possible we have plenty of qualified contractors we work with on a consistent basis.

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Nick’s expertise in the plumbing industry with a focus on trenchless technology can be found all across our website, on Facebook, YouTube and by simply giving us a call at 1-855-937-6944.

What is a cured in place pipe liner?

A cured in place pipe liner consists of two parts. A felt tube liner that is soft to the touch A mixture of epoxies The CIPP liner material This fiber reinforced fabric is manufactured to fit into a host pipe. This non-woven polyester cipp liner material has a hard layer on what is initially the outside of…

What happens when the end of the pipe is underwater? Can the liner cure underwater?

When the pipe is under water I would think the pump in the sump is not working or pumping right. The pipe can not be full of water when rehabilitated. Most of the water has to be removed via vacuum or jetting.

Hey what is a sump? And what does it mean to you?

Sump = below grade pit or tank that holds drained water. If it’s a residential thing it redistributes pooled water. It looks like a french drain and has a grate. The water goes down their and either uses gravity or percolates the water away into an alternate collection area. It can be installed to fix…