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Advanced Technology Allows Trenchless Pipe Repair in Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA

Posted on: 5 Dec 2013

Many homeowners and commercial companies agree, the worst part of sewer or mainline pipe repair is the mess. In most instances, the pipe repair company must dig trenches and excavate around the pipe just to find out where the problem exists. Pipeline diagnostics have come a long way due to advances in technology. CCTV systems using digital display are the way of the future in pipe repair, allowing companies like Dynamic Drain Technologies to find problems within a pipeline without excavating your entire pipe system.

For commercial construction companies, pipe bursts and pipe damage are a constant threat. Due to the cumbersome nature of commercial construction equipment, preforming work around water mains and sewer pipe can be a dangerous endeavor. It only takes one slight wrong move to cause major damage to pipeline, this can cause residents in the surrounding area to lose water pressure or complete water service within their home or business.

By employing the use of ROVVER, Dynamic Drain Technologies can find the source of the problem and repair the pipe with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area. This innovative technology also allows the experts at DDT to repair pipe or clear blockages within pipe without digging.

CIPP allows the technician to rehabilitate existing pipe lines with a joint-less, seamless, pipe within a pipe. After inspection of the line, the technician can pinpoint problem areas within the pipe. He or she will then use an established access point to begin installing the new CIPP pipe. This method can repair pipe from 4 to 100 feet in length. This method can be used for sewer line, gas line, and chemical-type line.

The experts at Dynamic Drain Technologies have proudly served the residents of Arlington, VA and the surrounding areas with trenchless pipe repair. Please contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate.

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Pipe lining saves commercial contractor time and money

Pipe Repair Under Sculpture

Dynamic Drain was able to save Cascade Fountains from having to tear up their precious art sculpture by lining directly underneath it without disturbing the surface.

Sewer Pipe Lining company in Saves Art Contractors Cascade Fountains from Destruction in Arlington, VA!

Are you a contractor who is faced with a nightmare excavation job? Do you have buried utilities spread like spider webs over a pipe you need to excavate fast? Well our friends at Cascade Fountains sure did.

They specialize in the construction of high dollar fountains for viewing pleasure.

They had constructed a fancy double eye fountain in Arlington, VA for a new ritzy high rise neighborhood. Construction was almost complete when they ran into a problem. The under ground piping feeding the fountains had several leaks from joints offsetting. The pipe was not holding proper pressure.

This was almost an impossible dig.

In order to excavate and fix the off set joints they would have needed to rent a crane to remove the two million dollar fountains and then bust up the pavers and marble to dig down to the pipe. This of course was not an option.

Dynamic Drain Technologies was able to access the pipe with our lining technologies and install a 6″ cured in place liner to seal the pipes without any disruption to the fountains. This project was completed in less than a day and saved thousands of dollars.

So if you are a contractor with a nightmare dig call Dynamic Drain Technologies, your trenchless pipe repair experts!

Pipe Repair Under an Art Sculpture

Pipe Lining Clients of Dynamic Drain Technologies