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The Ease of Non-Digging Pipe Lining

maxliner and perma liner machines

maxliner and perma liner machinesSave time, money, and resources with Dynamic Drain Technologies pipe lining.  Working in the Virginia-North Carolina-Maryland areas, Dynamic Drain Technologies offers the convenience of rehabilitating piping for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential sewer pipes without the headache of unsightly excavations.  There are multiple reasons for using the services offered.


Bypassing the need for excavation Dynamic Drain Technologies is able to avoid the costs for large equipment and the labor to dig up the area to lay new pipes.  Plus there is no unsightly construction site making your parking lot or property unsightly.

Services offered

Besides fitting pipe liners these Class-A Contractors are able to inspect, clean, and repair anything from major pipes all the way to fountain piping and every type of pipe in between.

Technologically advanced

Unlike many other companies out there Dynamic Drain Technologies takes that technology in their name to heart.  By utilizing a remote controlled rover; think the sewer inspecting version of Argo that brought us real-time images of the Titanic, the professionals on the surface can take a close up look at every inch of pipe they are about to replace.


With rave reviews and countless nationally recognized customers how can a company not afford to bring on what Dynamic Drain Technologies has to offer.  Check their website ( ) to read the testimonials from satisfied customers.

They have worked with companies ranging from state agencies to museums to restaurant chains.  It would appear that they can successfully work with anyone who has a problem.


Sometimes the pipe does not need to be replaced right away, but instead can be cleaned with state of the art waterjetting.  Even when fitting a new pipeliner this waterjetting is used to clear out even the heaviest of clogs, ensuring a proper tight fit for the installed piping.

With a resume such as Dynamic Drain Technologies can put forward it is the wisest decision to take a look at what they can offer you.  Unparalleled service awaits you.  Give a call @ 1-855-937-6944 or check us out on the web @

See what advantages a pipe lining from Dynamic Drain Technologies can bring to you.

contact us

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Avoid Expensive Sewer and Drain Repairs Now

robotic cutters for mainline reinstatements

Does your insurance cover sewer repair? There are a few we have worked with tin the Aberdeen, MD area that were more than helpful when we asked about their coverage.

Our Experience

We have worked with plenty of commercial property associations and maintenance departments. Having a good working knowledge of how your sewer systems work can help you avoid expensive sewer and drain repairs now.

CIPP seals broken cast iron, pvc, orangeburg, clay pipe and moreKeeping Your Sewer System in Good Condition

It is extremely important to be pro-active when it comes to taking care of your facilities. The last thing you want is a surprise in the sewer system to pop up and create a nasty mess. Regular pipe inspections are always a good idea to at least have an idea of what lies beneath your building.

CCTV pipe inspections can assure you that your sanitary systems are draining properly and smoothly. The last time we visited Aberdeen, MD our pipe inspections revealed many drain pipe problems that were 10 to 20 feet underground. Some of the repairs were simple fixes only requiring the use of our waterjetting services.

Trenchless Pipe Repair or CIPP

Trenchless pipe repair is often referred to as CIPP or “cured-in-place pipe” repair. Other methods have been known as sliplining, pull-in-place, pipe bursting and a multitude of other trenchless technologies.

Depending on the size and infrastructure of your property, trenchless technologies may be your best bet.

cipp liner for broken sewer pipe lining companiesAsk a friend if they know any plumbing contractors that are able to perform these types of procedures. Often times, especially in the metro area of Washington DC and Maryland, this technology can be a great way to save money. There is little to no digging required and the contractors will not have to break up slabs to replace the pipelines.

Deep Pipes in Northern Virginia

We have found that many pipes in this area require contractors to break up slabs of concrete sidewalks, roadways and large flooring areas. This destruction costs a lot of money to coordinate with the city. Most areas of Northern Virginia are concrete jungles and require tons of excavation to simply replace one or two sewer lines.

With our trenchless technology we are able to use our Perma-Liner and Maxliner inversion heads to completely replace pipes without digging. This pipe relining process is simple and just as effective as traditional pipe repair methods.

Often times the flow of your sewer system will increase and have fewer backups since the liners contain zero joints and can smooth bends and offset pipes. These liners can even connect entire sections of missing pipe.

Reinstatements with Robotic Cutters

Does your system have T’s or Y’s in them connecting them to other lateral pipe lines?

No worries here. With our robotic cutters and professionally trained technicians we can navigate your pipes from the inside and cut out any pre-existing connections.

robotic cutters for mainline reinstatementsOur pipelines often last much longer than their design life, which is guaranteed by the manufacturer for up to 50 years. Feel free to call us on our toll-free number is you have any questions about our services and we will be more than happy to walk you through this new technology!

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What is a cured in place pipe liner?

jetter nozzle head

A cured in place pipe liner consists of two parts.

  1. A felt tube liner that is soft to the touch
  2. A mixture of epoxies

CIPP pipe repair materialsThe CIPP liner material

This fiber reinforced fabric is manufactured to fit into a host pipe. This non-woven polyester cipp liner material has a hard layer on what is initially the outside of the liner itself. On the inside of the liner is a soft fabric that is able to soak up and hold the resin.

The cipp liner thickness is the same as it is when it hardens. The outer shell of the liner is coated from the manufacturer with a polymer film to protect the liner from dust and damage during transportation.

Epoxy Mixture

The epoxy mixture consists of two parts. A thermo-setting epoxy mixture that mixes two parts of A, which is the base. This can be considered the actual body of the resin. And one part of B which is the hardener and the accelerator of the mix.  The levels of hardener of and accelerator vary depending on the ambient temperature. The accelerator is used to speed up the hardening of the epoxies in colder temperatures.

CIPP liner installation

perma liner epoxyCIPP liners can be installed in any type of host pipe. They are mostly used to rehabilitate sanitary sewers. Circular and non-circular pipes can be lined with this cured in place pipe repair. If a line is oval or egg-shaped, ovoid or even box culverts, the line will mold and form to replace the existing pipeline.

Cured In Place Pipe Liners Can Repair

Cured in place pipe is also used on storm drains. Many times storm drains will have leaking joints or are cracked. Tree roots often invade storm drains and can cause major loss of money or revenue to large businesses and installations. Infiltration and exfiltration can cost a business money. Re-lining an existing storm drain will completely stop and infiltration and exfiltration from occurring.

Water and gas lines can also be preserved with cured in place pipe liners. Trenchless technology has become an industry standard when it comes to replacing existing water and gas lines. Any type of pipe that has effluents or fluids that are harmful to PVC, cast-iron or any other pipe material can be tested and remanufactured to hold-up and contain any chemicals.

The thickness of the cured in place pipe liner can be designed to sustain loads of varying pressure. Depending on the surface traffic, external groundwater, soil types and weight a liner can be chosen that will hold up to external forces.

Prior To Lining

pipe jettingTo install a cured in place pipe liner, the pipe must be cleaned by jetting. This will remove any debris such as rust, sludge, roots and rocks. If a pipe becomes bellied or off pitch, this section of the pipe may have to be partially removed. A camera inspection will confirm that a pipe has been cleaned sufficiently to insert the liner.

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Plumbing & Septic Service in Charlottesville, VA Cover Story

Plumbing & Septic Service in Charlottesville, VA Cover Story
Nick Santoni Feature on the Cover of Cleaner Magazine

Dynamic Drain Feature
Cover Story | Feb 2013

See the full article: Cover-CleanerMagazine-March-2013-fullarticle

Read it on their website by clicking this link!


This article written by Scottie Dayton features Dynamic Drain’s targeted approach to fuel rapid revenue growth. Owner Nick Santoni, Donald Libby and Wes Fogleman work on a job at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.

This article reveals Nick Santoni’s inception of Dynamic Drain Technologies and it’s rise to conquer high-profile projects including lining pipes at the National Gallery of Arts, The Smithsonian Institution, U.S. Capitol Building, Postal Service Buildings, University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA and Theodore Roosevelt Island. Military bases such as the ever popular Quantico made the list of major plumbing jobs as well.

In June 2012, Santoni hired Mark Kolodziej as an SEO Marketing Consultant to facilitate search engine optimization marketing winning new business through online advertising. This approach doubled the company’s revenue within six months. Marketing and sales are a part of Santoni’s lifestyle. His team’s attention to detail has contributed greatly to his success by earning the trust of contractors to bring him in on their jobs. His full and part time employees clean, inspect and rehabilitate pipes using the ambient cure Perma-Liner lateral system or hot-water cure MaxLiner system. Without worry he can send in his Vivax-Metrotech V Push cameras and trailer mounted Mongoose 184XL sewer jetter with nozzles from Stone Age to inspect clean and clear any pipeline. Then RS Tecknik pneumatic reinstatement cutter will re-establish any connecting laterals after the pipe has been relined.

Success with innovation includes the MacGuyver award for fashioning a push-rod cable system with high-powered magnets to retrieve forks and other silverware. Other sewer machines and hydrojetters wouldn’t budge the metallic debris created in the mess halls that serve thousands of military personnel per day. They have also floated cameras through missing inverts by carving up foam footballs and fabricated custom welds to remove scale from sharp bends.

Dynamic Drain offers Fast, Efficient and Low-Cost service in Charlottesville, VA. Our drain cleaning technicians are trained to handle all your plumbing and drain cleaning needs including: clogged drains, plumbing repairs and more! Our Charlottesville service area zipcodes include: 22901, 22902, 22903, 22904, 22909, 22911.

Dynamic Drain Technologies of Charlottesville, VA is Your Local Charlottesville Plumbing Contractor. We specialize in pipe lining, pipe repair, cipp cured-in-place pipe repair, pipe cleaning and clearing and CCTV pipe inspections.

We would like to thank the folks over at Cole Publishing for organizing the article for our feature on the cover of Cleaner Magazine!


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Special Pipe Inspection Rates for Richmond VA!

10 inch cast iron pipe with heavy scale video inspection ready for water jetting and cleaning

10inch-cast-iron-with-heavy-scaleDynamic Drain Technologies is now offering a special rate for the new 2013 year for all residential, commercial, municipal and industrial pipe inspections in the Richmond, VA metropolitan area.  Dynamic Drain Technologies offers the highest quality pipe inspection technologies offered in the state.  Our Vivax Metrotech pipe inspection systems deliver full color and self leveling live footage of your sewer or storm drain.  Our unique service delivers important internal information about your aging drain systems:

Pipe material
Pipe length
Pipe diameter
Transitions In Diameter
Damaged Areas
Scale Build Up

We now offer the competitive rate of only $275.00 dollars per inspection! If you can provide a written inspection rate lower than ours will be happy to beat it by 25 dollars!  Our inspections also come with a detailed report immediate copy of the video via a USB flash drive.


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Pipe Inspection USCG Elizabeth City NC

Our pipe inspection crew recently completed a video pipe inspection project for the United States Coast Guard base in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The project included pipe inspections of 3,000 linear feet of 36″-48″ corrugated metal and reinforced concrete pipe. Eight storm structures were also inspected using MACP level-one procedures.
Pipe Inspection Services

Our video inspection crew utilized Envirosight’s Rover X crawling CCTV technology. The heavy duty chassis allowed the crawler to navigate the large diameter pipe with ease! The Rover effortlessly plowed through the aging corrugated metal as it captured every defect with precision.

The project was done in less than two days and without disturbing any USCG activities. Our pipe and storm structure inspection technologies are set up to swiftly reach hard to access areas. All reports and procedures are conducted using PACP practices and procedures.

Our crews are set up to safely and effectively deliver video pipe inspection services to the entire state of North Carolina. We can inspect pipelines from 2″ to 84″ in diameter.

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The Process and Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Lining

trenchless pipe lining
Posted on: 12 Dec 2013

Out with the old and in with the new; trenchless pipe lining offers dig free options for sewer pipe repair. In the last few years, innovation in pipeline work has allowed contractors to inspect, repair, and clear pipelines without disturbing ground. This saves the homeowner or business owner a lot of cash since repairs can be preformed without ripping up concrete walkways, driveways, or foundations.

The Process Of Trenchless Pipe Relining

New technology has allowed the contractor to rehabilitate pipe made of cast iron, clay, PVC, HDPE, ABS, and concrete using cured-in-place piping methods. Once the pipe is thoroughly inspected using CCTV technology, it is cleaned and the surfaces are prepped for epoxy. The damaged pipe areas are then measured and the product needed is cut to length. The pipe liner is then coated with a heavy duty resin epoxy. The new pipe is then inserted into the damaged pipe using an air pressure inversion device. The pipe liner and epoxy are given a few hours to set and dry. Once the pipe is secure, it is again ready for service.

The key advantages to using this method of repair include but are not limited to:

  • No dig repair so less ground around your home or business is disturbed.
  • The new lining seals any abnormalities within the pipe that may have gone unnoticed such as small cracks or holes.
  • The trenchless repair system takes less time and in turn is more affordable than the traditional dig and replace method.
  • The process smooths out offsets at pipe connections for better flow.

To find out more about trenchless pipe repair and relining, please  contact  the experts at Dynamic Drain Technologies. We pride ourselves on serving our customers using only the most sophisticated equipment and knowledgeable personnel. We provide residential and commercial pipeline services in areas of North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland.

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Rockville MD | Replace Pipe

chilled water system repair virginia

Our technicians can replace pipe in Rockville, MD inside walls, under concrete slabs and other valuable landscaping or infrastructure with no excavation necessary.

Replace Pipe

chilled water system repair virginiaWhen it comes to replacing pipe, no dig trenchless technology offers many cost saving and time saving advantages. When compared to traditional dig and replace jobs CIPP pipelining can be a viable alternative.

Depending on the surrounding areas, depth, traffic and value of the surrounding landscape and infrastructure, there are advantages to both.

If the pipe lays in a shallow area mostly covered by dirt in an out of sight area, digging up and replacing the pipe will most likely be the best option.

We can provide references to many plumbing contractors in the area if this method is advantageous.

Using CIPP to Replace a Pipe

  • CIPP offers the ability to minimize down time.

If your pipe is located in a high traffic area this may be a major concern for either your business or residents.

CIPP can replace a pipe within a matter of hours.

  • CIPP can completely eliminate the need for excavation.

If you are concerned about destroying walls, dealing with asbestos, endangering pedestrians and residents or destroying your property excavation may be out of the question.

Many times pipes will run under railroads, protected landscapes and many other undiggable areas.

  • CIPP will increase flow.

CIPP Liners for sewer pipe and drain repairIncreased flow and less friction are just some of the advantages of an epoxy liner.

Since there are no joints and no areas of weakness, infiltration and exfiltration along with concerns of joints causing backups is completely eliminated.

Electrical wires have nothing to get hung up on and waste will continue to flow smoothly.

CIPP Can Save You Money

All in all CIPP can save you money since there is usually only a three to four man crew required.

There are many less safety hazards involved.

Equipment and materials are all contained inside of trailers and no heavy equipment is necessary.

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Advanced Technology Allows Trenchless Pipe Repair in Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA

Posted on: 5 Dec 2013

Many homeowners and commercial companies agree, the worst part of sewer or mainline pipe repair is the mess. In most instances, the pipe repair company must dig trenches and excavate around the pipe just to find out where the problem exists. Pipeline diagnostics have come a long way due to advances in technology. CCTV systems using digital display are the way of the future in pipe repair, allowing companies like Dynamic Drain Technologies to find problems within a pipeline without excavating your entire pipe system.

For commercial construction companies, pipe bursts and pipe damage are a constant threat. Due to the cumbersome nature of commercial construction equipment, preforming work around water mains and sewer pipe can be a dangerous endeavor. It only takes one slight wrong move to cause major damage to pipeline, this can cause residents in the surrounding area to lose water pressure or complete water service within their home or business.

By employing the use of ROVVER, Dynamic Drain Technologies can find the source of the problem and repair the pipe with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area. This innovative technology also allows the experts at DDT to repair pipe or clear blockages within pipe without digging.

CIPP allows the technician to rehabilitate existing pipe lines with a joint-less, seamless, pipe within a pipe. After inspection of the line, the technician can pinpoint problem areas within the pipe. He or she will then use an established access point to begin installing the new CIPP pipe. This method can repair pipe from 4 to 100 feet in length. This method can be used for sewer line, gas line, and chemical-type line.

The experts at Dynamic Drain Technologies have proudly served the residents of Arlington, VA and the surrounding areas with trenchless pipe repair. Please contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate.

-Courtesy of BlogMutt

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Manassas VA | Replace Drain

CIPP Liner repairing wastewater system

Drain replacement when it comes to CIPP pipe repair refers to relining the interior of the pipes with a cured in-place epoxy liner. We can replace a drain in Manassas, VA with our services.

Drain Replacement Services

pipe inspections for sewer and drainsIn order to replace a drain, our technicians will want to fully analyze the pipe in question.

In order to get a visual and structural report of the pipe in question we will often request to view any CCTV pipe inspection reports that were generated for the damaged drain pipe.

CCTV Pipe Inspections

If no report is available, Dynamic Drain will offer to perform the CCTV pipe inspection. Our pipe inspection reports are state of the art and can be uploaded to Youtube.

Vertical drain lines will require the use of our Vivax Metrotech push cameras.

Other lateral lines can be inspected and analyzed with our Rovver X robotic camera.

Computer Generated Inspection Reporting

fort lee sanitary sewer cctv pipe inspection

This sewer relining project was inspected using a Rovver X Mainline Crawling Camera

3D renderings are able to be produced along with GPS overhead mapping of your entire infrastructure.

WinCam lasers and leveling gyroscopes will measure any defects in the pipe and produce a virtual image of the damaged pipe along with grade and depth measurements.

PACP certified reports will be generated as well.

Drain Cleaning

Many times a line will need to be cleaned and cleared prior to replacing a drain with an epoxy liner.

keg nozzlesWe also offer commercial grade hydro jetting and water jetting services and have a variety of chain cutters, robotic cutters and spinning nozzles.

With this arsenal of drain cleaning equipment we are able to remove anything from grease, sludge and rust to collapsed pipe sections and more with ease.

Installing a CIPP Liner

CIPP Liner repairing wastewater systemOnce the drain is inspected, cleaned and cleared a liner will be introduced into the existing pipe and cured in-place without having to dig-up or destroy any property.

This liner will completely rehabilitate your entire drainage system of any defects including offset joints, missing pipe sections, bottomless cast iron, cracks and pinholes, and root infiltration.

Advantages of a Trenchless No Dig Pipe Liner

The liner provides an increase in flow and reduction in friction.

The liner is a continuous pipe which means there are no joints or points of weakness for roots to enter or water to leak out of.

This liner material has a 50 year design life warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Independent studies have shown that these pipes are capable of lasting for 100+ years under strenuous condition testing.

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CIPP Wastewater Lining | Asheville NC

French drain repair diagram

Are you searching for CIPP wastewater lining information in Asheville, NC? We have lots of resources and experience in your area.

Mid-Atlantic Lining Services

French drain repair diagramThe mid-Atlantic region encompassing North Carolina, Virginia, Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland all have similar wastewater lining repair needs. Sewer systems were all installed in the same fashion around the same time.

If you are looking for ways to increase the longevity of your wastewater systems, CIPP lining is the perfect option for long-term complete rehabilitation results.

Broken Sewer Pipes

point_repair_03 copyMany aging sewer systems contain broken sewer pipe sections. These sewer pipe sections can be located with CCTV pipe inspections.

There are also rising concerns of lost revenue due to infiltration and exfiltration or I and I. CIPP pipe lining will completely stop any I and I from occurring and creates a jointless pipe that is protected from points of infiltration in the future.

Sneaky Broken Pipes

CIPP seals broken cast iron, pvc, orangeburg, clay pipe and moreBottomless cast iron is a major concern for lots of businesses and older infrastructures. Many times sewer lines are flowing and not causing backups. The bottomless cast iron allows for water to escape before it causes a major backup so the end user never even realizes there is a problem until it is too late.

Regular CCTV pipe inspections are recommended for older infrastructures. Especially when buying an existing building it would be pretty dumb to not have sewer lines inspected. A lot of insurance does not cover existing sewer line damage so getting an inspection will allow you to be protected from future occurrences.

Sewer Tips for Buying Existing Buildings

sewer relining project in virginia

This sewer relining project was inspected using a Rovver X Mainline Crawling Camera

Every insurance claim and insurance company is different so asking them exactly what is covered and how far the coverage is extended is one of the main concerns.

Do not take someones word for it. Either take a look at a prior CCTV pipe inspection or have them order one for you. Visually inspect the videos and look at any reports that identify defects and blockages. Consider the age of the pipe material and the grades and joint durability.

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Benefits of Using Video for Mainline Pipe Inspection

mainline sewer pipe inspection camera

For mainline pipe inspection, video offers the customer a multitude of benefits.

mainline sewer pipe inspection cameraBy using cutting-edge technology, your contractor can reach even the most hard to get to areas, ensuring the entire system is in good working order.

By employing the use of video technology, regular pipe maintenance and diagnostic tests can be performed more quickly and more efficiently than ever before.

How does video pipe inspection work?

The process of video pipe inspection is performed using a remote control video camera to go deep into the mainline pipe of your home or business. Once the camera is in proper position, the contractor is able to view and inspect the entire pipeline for obstructions or any other issues.

These obstructions can include but are not limited to dirt and debris, tree roots, areas where the pipe is broken, and degradation of seals and pipe joints.

The advantages of video pipe inspection

Plumbing installation, repairs, and inspection can be performed with minimal soil disruption. This means less digging to find and repair mainline pipe problems.

Without a video system, clogs or leaks that are buried beneath a building or structure can be extremely expensive to locate and repair.

rovver mainline pipe inspection cameraOften times, a contractor has to dig up huge portions of pipe in order to discover the problem; add that to the actual repairs, and expenses can mount rather quickly.

Because problems within a system can be found in a shorter amount of time and without digging, your contractor can minimize your costs and save time in making repairs.

For ROVVR CCTV pipe inspection and repair services, contact the experts at Dynamic Drain Technologies. They also offer no-dig pipe lining repair, pipe cleaning and jetting services, and much more. Call today for a free consultation or free estimate for your home or business pipe repair.

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Henrico VA | Broken Sewer Pipe

Insituform perma liner trenchless pipe repair cipp

We service broken sewer pipe in Henrico, VA and surrounding areas. The cost of replacing a broken sewer pipe can add up quickly.

Broken Sewer Pipe

pipe repair video inspection step twoThere are many reasons for a sewer pipe to need repair and replacement. Many times the end user will experience backups. Major backups usually mean that there has been some damage to your sewer line and plumbing infrastructure.

Shifting foundations can cause sewer pipes to become separated and displaced. Over time debris will become stuck in these deficiencies and slowly start to affect the flow of your lines.

This can also cause loss of revenue from major infiltration and exfiltration.

Root infiltration can also cause sewer pipes to break and cause clogs. Depending on the type of pipes within your plumbing there are ways to determine the best route for replacing sewer lines and beginning to look into sewer repair.

Cost of Replacing Broken Sewer Pipes

There are many factors to determine when trying to get an estimate for sewer repair. Looking into dig and replace and trenchless methods are a good start.

Factors include: pipe depth, pipe type, surrounding infrastructure, traffic, safety hazards, material costs, labor, equipment, access and more.

Dig and Replace

Digging and replacing may be a better choice when the sewer lines are shallow and underneath yards. If there are not a lot of people and foot traffic around the site the safety hazards are reduced and the sewer lines are easily accessible. Safety hazards are kept to a minimum when the area can be barricaded and secured during the excavation process.

Trenchless Methods

Insituform Style Liner Sewer RepairCIPP or cured in-place pipe sewer replacement is preferred when the option to dig becomes costly and time consuming. Often times sewer lines will run underneath railroads or natural streams. This adds lots of permits and insurance costs.

If there is a lot of traffic, CIPP can reduce downtime and have your business, municipal, industrial or large apartment complex back in working order in a matter of hours instead of days.

The best way for a plumbing contractor to determine the cost of repairing a broken sewer pipe is with a series of CCTV pipe inspections and cleaning and clearing the sewer lines.

If the pipe is too deteriorated with scale, rust and sludge it must be cleaned before leaks and cracks can be located. Aging sewer pipes usually contain many problems that will slowly cause more and more backups over time.

Technicians should provide detailed reporting to the end user including PACP certified reports, copies of inspection videos and in the case of our Rovver X mainline sewer inspection camera, a virtual 3d image of the pipe can be created and analyzed with laser scanning software.


No matter which type of broken sewer pipe repair method you choose you should always look into all options. Make sure to receive a few different estimates if possible and ask the right questions such as:

  • Will I get a copy of the pipe inspection video to share with other plumbing contractors?
  • How long will it take to analyze, clean and finally repair my sewer lines?

Finally you should always check to see how far your insurance coverage goes from your property and where the sewer pipe becomes the municipalities responsibility.

Give us a call if you have any questions and we will be happy to give you a free estimate and references to our network of trusted plumbing contractors.

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Sewer Lining Can Save Time, Money And Effort

Ask any commercial property owner who has ever had to have his or her sewer pipes replaced and you are likely to get a horror story. That is because if older properties need their sewer pipes completely replaced, it can be a long, expensive and messy process.

Luckily, some companies have recognized that a great many owners of businesses and commercial properties are not ready to deal with the cost and hassle of such drastic repairs and have begun working with products like sewer lining.

To put it in layman’s terms, sewer lining is performed by blowing or pulling a flexible resin sheath into a broken or damaged pipe. Once in place, the resin sheath hardens, or “cures.” For this reason, sewer lining is sometimes called “cured-in-place pipe.”

Sewer lining is not the right remedy for every situation in which a sewer pipe is broken or damaged, but in the circumstances when it a realistic options, it is often significantly less expensive than the traditional dig-and-replace sewer pipe method. As you can imagine, it also creates far less mess and hassle because yards do not have to be dug up and landscaping does not have to be moved.

At Dynamic Drain Technologies, we are able to offer sewer lining repair services to many Virginia and Maryland property owners. If you are interest in learning more about whether you are a good candidate for this approach, please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. We would love to hear from you and are happy to offer guidance as to what may be your best option.

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ROVVER CCTV Mainline Camera Aids in Sewer Pipe Inspection and Repair

fort lee sanitary sewer cctv pipe inspection

These high-tech camera systems can be used to identify faulty pipe drains, sludge buildup, and dirt and debris in commercial and residential plumbing applications. The advantages of using a CCTV system for sewer pipe inspection and repair are limitless.

Rovver X Advantages

fort lee sanitary sewer cctv pipe inspection

This sewer relining project was inspected using a Rovver X Mainline Crawling Camera

The images produced by CCTV inspection systems like the ROVVER are extremely high quality, allowing for complete system inspection without digging up sewer pipes.

Sewer Pipe Inspections

For many years, the act of inspecting sewer pipes has been a daunting task at best. Locating points of blockage or drainage issues was next to impossible.

With the ROVVER camera system, countless man hours are spared in finding and eradicating sewer pipe issues.

Every nook and cranny of a sewer pipe can be inspected in high-def, allowing workers to locate a problem area without disturbing working pipe.

As with any business, employing practices that allow you the most valuable information for decision making is essential.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Sewer Repair

Rovver Mainline CCTV Pipe Inspection Camera

ROVVER X is the one system that lets you do everything—control inspections, view and record digital video, log observations, generate reports, and link directly to asset-management

A CCTV system allows pipeline experts like Dynamic Drain Technologies to take the guess work out of sewer troubleshooting and repair. This saves you, the consumer, time and money in repairing sewer pipes.

When using old technology to inspect sewer pipes, sewer pipe bore size was always an issue. When using a CCTV system, bore size issues become obsolete.

Using camera system lighted heads and tractor units to drive the system, the ROVVER can view and maneuver through areas smaller than 25 millimeters; displaying what it finds in a full color display.

CCTV system technology has revolutionized the pipeline industry.

For more information on how Dynamic Drain Solutions can help you with pipeline issues, please contact us. We specialize in residential, commercial, and municipal pipe inspection, cleaning, and repair. We proudly serve areas in Washington DC,Northern Virginia,  Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia. NOVA areas consisting of FairfaxArlington,Loudon, Prince William, Alexandria, and Falls Church.

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Los Angeles County Annouces Major Pipeline Rehabilitation Using Insituform

Dynamic Drain conduit repair job washington dc

Why would pipeline rehabilitation in Los Angeles be of interest to companies and governments around the Virginia and D.C. area?

Dynamic Drain conduit repair job washington dcSimply put, it’s a huge project that any organization faced with eroding or damaged pipeline can learn from. Los Angeles is spending more than $10 million to repair approximately 9,000 feet of severely corroded reinforced concrete wastewater pipe sized from 57 to 66 inches.

It’s noteworthy that the Los Angeles County Sanitation District opted to use Insituform CIPP methods for this project, a huge credit to this product.

Why would this big municipality choose Insituform? Here are four reasons why.

  • Regain structural integrity. Using insituform to repair corroded sewer pipes makes them once again structurally dependable. Over time, wastewater systems develop holes, breaks or cracks, especially in the joints. These problems put a significant burden on large infrastructures, especially during storms. Insituform is designed to eliminate the leakage by making the pipes structurally sound again. Insituform is engineered to provide 100 years of use. Its integrity has been proven over its 40 years of service.
  • Eliminate infiltration. Another common problem is when tree and plant roots infiltrate the piping system. Roots can cause significant damage, including blockages and overflows. Installing insituform helps to contain the water flow inside the pipe while keeping the external water and root systems out.
  • Improve flow. Insituform provides a smooth, joint-free environment, improving flow capacity.
  • Save money. Installing insituform is usually less costly than conventional sewer pipeline repair. This is especially true when looking at the larger cost analysis, including lost business revenue for the time it takes for conventional repairs, traffic congestion around disrupted roads and other social costs of interrupting an area.

Insituform style pipe repair is a reliable alternative to conventional methods of sewer repair, and can be used in almost any environment.

Additionally, installing insituform can avoid other costly emergencies, such as the environmental problems caused by sewer overflows due to damaged pipes.

Dynamic Drain Technologies is a Virginia Class A Contractor experienced in insituform installation. Contact us to discuss your pipe rehabilitation needs.

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Fold and Form Pipe Liner vs Inversion Sewer Lining

Fold and Form sewer pipe lining has been used for decades to replace and rehabilitate existing drain lines. The technologies behind fold and form and the inversion lining processes have many similarities.


CIPP pipe repair materialsIn both cases, inversion CIPP and fold and form liners all come pre-manufactured. Prior to installation they are able to be rolled up and stored.

The liner is made up of a felt material on the inside and a coated outer layer. Pipeliners in diameters from 3-inch to 30-inches are coiled into reels that are normally several hundred feel long or more.

The plastic coating on the outside enables the liners to be completely saturated with the epoxies. The resin and epoxy mixture is where the magic happens, when they are activated in side the host pipe, they harden and form a plastic pipe.

The thermoplastic, seamless liner used for trenchless sewer rehabilitation of wastewater pipelines is a structural tight fitting liner that is resistant to gases, chemicals and corrosion.

Plastic pipe has been around for a very long time and polyvinyl chloride or (PVC) has been the preferred fold and form pipeliner material for most of it’s existence.

There is a write-up of the chemicals used in Fold-and-form and for trenchless (“no-dig”) rehabilitation of wastewater pipes by the manufacturer DuPont online here:

So What’s The Difference?

point repair for pull in place and fold and form animationThe Fold-and-form system involves pulling the liner into the sewer in a “folded” shape then forming it back into a circular pipe with the application of heat and pressure. The factory extruded coils of PVC are loaded into a warming trailer and heated until soft. When the liner reaches the right temperature the pipe is winched into place using two different access chambers on either end of the line.

Special injectors are attached to each end of the folded pipes while steam and pressure expand the liner to tightly fit against the host pipe.

The ends of the liner are then trimmed and any connections are re-opened using a robotic cutter and cctv pipe inspection camera.

CIPP Liner repairing wastewater systemThe CIPP inversion lining system uses a slightly similar approach. Instead of folding the liner and winching it into place, the liner is placed inside of either a Perma-Liner inversion unit or for specific jobs an icing tank behind the MaxLiner inversion unit.

The liner is brought through the opening of the inversion machines and attached to the opening of the inverter.

Air pressure is then used to actually invert the liner into the existing pipe. The advantages of this method can be found in the fact that a liner is not dragged into place but it is unrolled inside-out.

The other difference is in the curing process.

calibration tube holding cipp liner in placeInstead of closing both ends and applying pressure to the liner, a calibration tube is inserted into the liner that is already in place inside the pipeline. The calibration tube is expanded using air pressure or circulating hot water to control the curing time.

The calibration tube expands inside of the pipe like a balloon holding the liner against the existing pipes.

The calibration tube method allows for a completely cured-in-place application using only one access point.

This comes in handy when there are confined space limitations, limited access points and risks associated with disruption to end-user communities.

Simplified Sewer Rehabilitation

Both methods of sewer line rehabilitation and pipe replacement have their advantages especially when compared to dig-and-replace methods. While they are both using the same concept, the applications are slightly variated.

Of the 200,000 miles of wastewater (sewer) pipe in need of repair, the need for “fold-and-form” and CIPP “no-dig” trenchless technologies has grown exponentially. It made up about 7% of the total rehabilitation market in the mid 90’s and went up to around 28% in the year 2000.

pipe-rehabilitation-testingThese pipelining materials can be pre made to ensure maximum compliance and meeting material standards. The standardized production of lining materials under a controlled environment is producing a higher quality and lower cost sewer repair sewer rehabilitation revolution.

The use of pre-manufactured parts is becoming key to the modern day field of construction. Parts such as timbers, concrete slabs, beams, columns and electronics are able to be replaced with monitored and tested materials.

Environmental Concerns

The concerns about the environmental impact during and after pipeliner installations has had a big impact on the pipe rehabilitation industry. Current research at the University of Virginia has has stated that pre-manufactured fold-and-form and CIPP liners are “not expected to have any significant adverse environmental impact” and are “environmentally benign”.

The pre-made pvc liners have zero caustic or noxious chemicals. There are no chemicals such as styrene that contain volatile organic compounds or VOC’s that are hazardous to humans and the environment used.

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Review Guide: How to use the RovverX

Rovver Mainline CCTV Pipe Inspection Camera

We were searching for guides on how to use the RovverX. Since we were looking at a few different guides online we came across a few different sites. Here is our review for the top sites to find information on “How to Use the Rovver X”.

Rovver Mainline CCTV Pipe Inspection Camera

ROVVER X is the one system that lets you do everything—control inspections, view and record digital video, log observations, generate reports, and link directly to asset-management

The first ways we found that visually go over some of the basic ways to use the Rovver X. We found Videos from Richard Mulcahey of Joe Johnson Equipment on YouTube.

Richard Mulcahy Videos on YouTube

Video Inspection Solutions Product Manager of Joe Johnson Equipment Inc.

Rovver X Tech Tip 1

The First Video is a “Rovver X Technical Tip on how to check and adjust pressure.” –

Rovver X Tech Tip 2

The second video goes into How to use the Laser Measurement tool with the built-in Observation software and Twin Lasers on the Rovver X –


Rovver X Tech Tip 3 – Text Overlay

The third video is an Introduction to the text overlay features in Rovver X. –

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Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Our Pipe Repair Technicians at the Capitol Building in Washington DC

Pipes underneath buildings and in other types of structures are an important aspect of every day living.  Underground pipes are used to provide water, remove waste-water and more.  Their importance is never fully realized until something goes wrong.

Broken Sewer Pipes

Pipe Lining at University of VirginiaAfter constant use over a period of time underground pipes can become clogged, crack and become damaged.  They can even be harmed by tree roots.

There was a time when the only method available for fixing these pipes was to dig them up and replace them by hand.

This cost a lot of money and could damage the ground and everything around it.  Doing this would destroy plants, require road repairs, disrupt sidewalks and more.

Trenchless Pipeline Rehabilitation

Now there is trenchless technology.  This is an effective way to deal with the challenges associated with the old digging style technology.

People are finding that trenchless technology is easier when it comes to pipe replacement and repair.

Our Pipe Repair Technicians at the Capitol Building in Washington DCTrenchless pipe repair and replacement does not require any type of digging.  A small hole is made in one end of the damaged pipe.

CIPP inversion lining is attached to replacement piping.  Once the CIPP inversion lining is inside the damaged pipe it expands.

It will then become large enough to fill the area of the damaged pipe.

Replacing Underground Pipes

When pipes underneath roads or in areas with buildings need replaced, trenchless technology can help preserve the infrastructure.

Trenchless technology can eliminate the need to dig up a park’s monuments, company’s building or parking lot.  It will leave everything in place while the pipes below are repaired or replaced.

Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Pipe lining with perma liner insituform style trenchless pipe repairTrenchless technology is very cost effective.  There are fewer laborers required to install the new piping.

When pipes are dug up using the traditional method, it may take days for the process to be completed.

Trenchless technology only takes a few hours for a full pipe, sewer or drain replacement.  It is a quick and efficient method of pipe replacement that leaves no damage or needed repair work.

Would you like to know more about how trenchless pipe repair can help you?  Contact us today and learn more.

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Hampton VA Uses Pipe Lining Company To Save Sewers

Trenchless pipe repair on angies list

The city of Hampton, VA uses trenchless rehab methods to the fullest. The City’s cured in-place pipe (CIPP) crew has taken full advantage of the benefits of using Dynamic Drain’s cured in place epoxy lining products.

CIPP seals broken cast iron, pvc, orangeburg, clay pipe and more

Avoid Costly Open-Cut Pipe Repair

We have been able to perform sewer rehabilitation that would have otherwise been very disruptive and costly using open-cut methods due to high traffic, depth and underground utility problems.

The City of Hampton is recognizing that broken clay pipes, root-infested and leaking sewer systems are a serious threat to our existing infrastructure. Business owners and city maintenance departments realize that Dynamic Drain offers a proactive approach to rehabilitate old pipes.

cipp pipe repair virginia beach va

Declining Resources

Maintaining the city’s infrastructure includes miles of stormwater pipes, catch basins and storm drains. Each day the city transports millions of gallons of sewage in an environment of declining resources.

This is why we have sought more efficient ways of doing business. The systems are aging and like any other facility, rely on a budget to repair sewer systems. Pipe lining technology offers a reduced amount of money spent on maintaining wastewater treatment options.

CIPP Rehabilitation Provides Extended Design Life

Trenchless pipe repair on angies listThese practices and large projects aim to further the sustainability with long-term design practices. CIPP rehabilitates infrastructure with an extended design life of over 50-years that has been tested by individual scientific studies to be able to last for up to and over 100-years.

Broken clay pipes and root-infested leaking sewer systems are a serious issue and trenchless rehabilitation utilizes a safe, clean and efficient way to use our epoxy lining systems.

We are a certified Perma-Liner and Maxliner installation contractor. We are fully licensed and insured to provide “green” pipe renewal services at cost-saving prices to all of Virginia.

Call us today to learn more, we always offer free estimates and consultations.

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Benefits of Drain Cleaning in Loudoun County, VA

One of the fastest growing counties in VA is Loudoun County. This area has seen many large businesses and diverse communities beginning to thrive.

Areas include Sterling, Ashburn, Countryside, Potomoac Falls, South Riding, Middleburg, Hamilton and the famous Dulles International Airport.

New Construction – Old Infrastructure

keg nozzlesNew construction and growing communities often take existing wastewater systems for granted. Overlooking drains when installing plumbing systems has been a major problem in the past.

Without these drainage systems our organic waste and water systems would not be able to safely and effectively dispose of this matter.

Passing these materials safely and efficiently into a municipal waste management systems will provide lower costs for taxpayers and insurance coverage fees. Proper disposal to septic or municipal systems can help prevent blockages and failing drain pipes in the future.

Drain Cleaning May Save Your Sewer System

pipe clearing cleaning and removal with water jettingDrain cleaning and sewer system cleanings can provide excellent preventative measures for city officials and municipalities, property management companies, facilities maintenance managers and property owners.

Drain cleaning with high pressure water jetting and hydro jetting will help disposal systems operate to the best of their abilities and prevent costly repairs down the line.

Dynamic Drain Technologies provides professional drain cleaning services in the Northern Virginia area and in parts of North Carolina and Maryland as well.

Long Term Benefits of Drain Cleaning

sanitary sewer overflowThere are many reasons to have your drains cleaned and serviced. We have gathered a few of the most common reasons to clean your sewer pipes regularly here:

  • Avoid Plumbing Disasters. Preventative maintenance can provide you the peace of mind and convenience you are looking for when managing a large facility or municipality. Avoid the need to call plumbers in an emergency. A regular cleaning schedule will allow you to entertain guests, keep traffic flowing smoothly and keep tenants happy without worrying about an unexpected plumbing nightmare happening at the worst of times.
  • Hazard and Safety Concerns. Backups and clogs can cause major health hazards. You have seen the damage caused by faulty drainage systems in the wake of large storm surges and natural disasters. Most health related issues and even deaths in some cases are caused not by the storm itself but by the aftermath and bacteriological growth that occurs when wastewater sits stagnant.
  • Increase the Lifespan of Your Sewer Systems. High-Pressure water-jetting provides an alternative to pipe damaging practices like snaking and using chemicals. Blockages and clogs can cause also cause wear and tear to increase exponentially over time. Cast-Iron, PVC, clay pipes, Orangeburg and more can be safely cleaned with our services to stop buildup and debris from causing long term damage from things like rust, sludge, oil and bacteria.
  • Prevent Backflow. Get your wastewater moving fast and efficiently. Cross-contamination can occur when organic waste accumulates inside piping which can lead to blockages and piping damage.

Our sewer rehabilitation services include CCTV pipeline inspections, Robotic Cutter reinstatements, Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining, Epoxy Coating and free evaluations. For drain cleaning services in Loudoun County, VA, call Dynamic Drain Technologies today!

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Why Do You Need Sewer Repair? Let’s Take A Look.


It seems we’re asking a lot of our sewer drains these days.

Across the country, wastewater and sewer districts are mounting public awareness campaigns designed to educate the public about what not to flush. The impetus, apparently, is a surge in blocked pipes.


Pipe Inspection

What is Clogging Our Pipes?

In 2011, Maine’s Portland Water District analyzed what was clogging its pipes.

There is not guarantee the results of the study are equally applicable here, but it’s probably at least a similar story.

The study found that:

  • 42 percent of clogs were caused by paper products that should not be flushed, like paper towel.
  • 24 percent of blockages could be attributed to baby wipes.
  • 17 percent of pipes were stopped up by feminine hygiene products.
  • 8 percent of pipes were clogged by “flushable” moistened wipes.

As you can see, the results of this study suggest that people are flushing more than the obvious things you think would be flushed, and that’s a strain on your pipes.

Public Awareness for Sewer Safety

In Virginia, the Washington DC Sanitation District has tried to tackle this problem with a public-awareness campaign telling people only the three Ps (paper, and you can probably guess the other two) should be flushed down the toilet.

So far, it isn’t clear that any of these public awareness campaigns has resulted in a marked decreased in clogged and blocked pipes.

That doesn’t mean they are not worthwhile, but it does mean the issue of people flushing clog-inducing items might be here to stay, at least for awhile.

If you need sewer repair, you’re welcome to contact us. We specialize in addressing business’ sewer problems promptly and thoroughly.

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Stop Digging: Pipe Relining Without the Hassle

What are the most hated words in a driver’s vocabulary? “Men At Work”. It means trenches, holes in the ground, massive backups and delays in their commutes. It means pavement torn up and weeks of repaving ahead, all to fix a problem they didn’t even know was there.

There’s a better way.

Pipe RepairDon’t dig up the street when you can reline sewer pipes with jut a small hole. Dynamic Drain Technologies can reline a pipe without ever unearthing it.

We send a felt tube into the pipe from a small hole. Resin gets pumped in, hardens, and the pipe is fixed! No mess, no massive construction project…no massive construction cost.

Pipe Relining

Relining can add as much as 50 years to the life of sewer pipe, which makes the cost much easier to live with when spread over the life of the pipe.

Infrastructure in a lot of US cities is old and getting older, with the cost of replacement getting larger as more systems reach the end of their lifespan.

For example, more than half of the sewer systems in Arlington, VA were installed in the 1950’s. They’re using the same cured in place liner Dynamic Drain Technologies offers and they expect to get another 50 years out of the system before major replacements need to happen.

And they’ll do it all without digging the long trench and exposing miles of pipe. They’ll do it without the constant complaining phone calls of motorists, and without the eyesore of a construction project.

Dynamic Drain Technologies can help you fix your pipes without the hassle. We can inspect, clean and reline sewer pipes without the need for major invasive digging. Contact us today to find out what we can do to make your project easier.

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CIPP Wastewater Sewer Pipe Lining

CIPP Liner repairing wastewater system

cipp baltimore maryland

Wastewater sewer pipelining with cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology has been installed in over 19,000 miles of plumbing and piping infrastructures all over the world.

The process is suited for wastewater pipeline repair and can be used to rehabilitate sanitary sewers, storm sewers, force mains, electrical conduit, vent stacks and any other form of plumbing or piping infrastructure.

Dynamic Drain CIPP

Dynamic Drain Technologies has been at the forefront of this technology ever since it has been adapted for use on smaller scale pipe lines. Recent engineering has allowed trenchless technology to be applied to pipes in diameters ranging from 2-inches across all the way up to 36-inches and above in some cases.

CIPP Liner repairing wastewater systemThe invention of the CIPP technology started with a company called Insituform.

They formulated this technology to address the need for the rising number of aging sewer systems reaching the end of their design lives.

Aging sanitary sewer systems can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair and finding a way to repair sewer systems without digging has changed the market in a huge way.

Perma-Liner and Maxliner Epoxy Pipe Lining Systems

Perma-Liner and Maxliner are two of the most notable companies when it comes to installing CIPP liners. Their equipment is second to none allowing companies like Dynamic Drain to offer our pipelining services to plumbers, businesses, property managers and facilities maintenance departments.

maxliner and perma liner machinesWe utilize their inversion machines, lining materials and epoxies to formulate specific pipe specifications for any application. Whether your pipe or sewer system is in an extremely temperate area with varying hot or cold temperatures or if it contains specific chemical supply lines, our manufacturers can provide us with tested and proven solution to replace your pipes with engineered results.

Top concerns that CIPP can address are:

Revenue Loss Due to Infiltration and Exfiltration

Failing wastewater systems can cause drastic revenue loss. When an influx of water is entering or exiting your systems, treatment facility bills can cause extreme loss of revenue.

CIPP can eliminate leakage.

Infiltration and exfiltration can occur for many reasons:

Tree root infiltrationRoot infiltration can cause blockages in your sewer systems and cause overflows to occur. This can also cause loss of water and damage lines.

Roots will seek out any source of water and are extremely resilient in their efforts. The slightest amount of condensation will attract tree and plant roots, especially in dry climates.

Defects in pipelines will allow roots to slowly infiltrate the line and completely damage the sewer lines. Once inside the line they can expand and create further cracking, causing an avalanche of problems within your pipelines.

Improper Installations – Offset Pipe – Missing Sections – Bottomless Cast Iron

Missing pipe sectionsImproperly installed lines can also cause loss of water for obvious reasons, maybe a joint was not correctly connected and buried inside of a concrete slab. This can cause offset pipes over time. Sometimes pipes are left out all together and can cause missing pipes sections to ruin your entire drainage system.

All of these problems can be cured with a CIPP trenchless pipeline installation. The liner material when inserted into an existing pipeline will bridge any missing pipe sections.

If there is a crack or pipe missing the bottom due to rust or old age, a CIPP liner will completely cover and seal any imperfections in the line.

Shifting foundations, runoff, overhead traffic and many other forces can cause broken sewer pipes and drain pipes to occur.

CIPP will seal, smooth, repair and replace pipe lines, conduit lines, drain pipes, vent stacks and more.

Structural Integrity Restoration

sewer stormwater repair plumbingThe CIPP pipe lining process uses a mixture of epoxy resin. The epoxies are then applied to the liners and inverted into pipes to create a single and continuous pipe-within-a-pipe. This will restore the structural integrity of a pipeline to better than new.

Over the last 40 years epoxy cured CIPP liners have been tested by engineers and independent studies to verify the strength and longevity of these liners.

Design models and engineers have confirmed that these pipe lines have design lives that are capable of lasting up to at least 100 years or more.

Increased Flow Capacity

pipe relining before and afterThere is a small reduction in diameter of the pipelines containing CIPP liners. This has been proven to have zero adverse reactions to the flow.

In fact, flow capacity is significantly increased. Since the liners have zero joints and a smooth interior, flow capacity concerns and risks associated with clogging are all but eliminated.

There are no joints that will separate over time. And no risks associated with human err in reference to missing pipe sections or improperly installed lines or incomplete installation faults.

The resistance to abrasion also makes this a perfect solution for electrical conduit and other situations where lines are used to supply electricity, cable or any other wires or materials into a pipe.

CIPP Saves Money

cipp liner for broken sewer pipe lining companiesWhen compared to the pitfalls and costs associated with traditional dig-and-replace excavation techniques to repair and replace pipes, CIPP can easily save thousands of dollars.

Normally in-slab pipes require complete destruction of concrete walkways, walls or parking lots, etc. in order to access the pipe lines. This can cause hazards to customers and workers and require tons of time to accomplish often ruining priceless infrastructure in the process.

Pipelines that travel underneath roadways and natural habitats require traffic control, traffic congestion and unsightly repair work to occur above the ground. This also often requires heavy machinery and tons of workers. This increases liability and insurance issues associated with large excavation projects.

CIPP Advantages

With CIPP you can-

  • Completely avoid costs associated with damaging and repairing priceless structures.
  • You can avoid unsightly construction zones and damaged property.
  • You can avoid closures and inconveniences to residents, customers and employees.
  • And you can save time, since CIPP can repair 100’s of feet of damaged pipes in a matter of days and in most cases one day.

Small Equipment and Small Job-site Footprints

The equipment used to install these CIPP epoxy liners is completely mobile and requires a very small access point and little real estate. Materials can be mixed and curated onsite and in very little time.

Small crews of usually 3-4 people can install 100’s of feet of pipe at a time. We work completely in the background and often times without ever even disturbing normal traffic or business from continuing as usual.

Strict Standards

Perma Liner epoxy passes chlorine tests

Specifications and Certifications Logos

The CIPP and trenchless pipelining industry is held to the same standards and codes as your typical wastewater and pipeline rehabilitation restoration contractor. Often times we are even called to reinforce brand new pipelines that have been mistakingly installed and are not up to code.

We are licensed bonded and insured Class A Contractors. We are certified Perma-Liner and Maxliner installation specialists and have a large track record of working with some of the largest contracting firms on the East coast.

  • We have worked with the Architect of the Capitol on jobs such as roof drain repair on the Smithsonian and Capitol Building.
  • We have worked with the subway systems of New York City to repair leaking drain pipes in the City’s subway systems.
  • And we have worked with large industrial plants and military installations providing solutions for highly sensitive areas and areas with extreme temperature changes.

Working with Us Is Easy

We offer our services to contractors and installations that are looking for a professional service in a timely manner. We focus solely on trenchless pipe repair methods and offer CCTV pipes inspections, pipe cleaning and clearing and CIPP installations. 

We are NOT plumbers and do not do any plumbing specific jobs. If you are a plumber and would like to learn more about our services we would love to come by and give you a demonstration on how you can offer CIPP to your customers and clients.

Increase leads and build your brandAny maintenance departments or facilities management departments should feel free to bring us in to explain our services to your board of directors. We have complete documentation and are able to give samples to any on-site engineers responsible for adhering to strict standards.

Give us a call if you have any questions and we will be happy to answer you with a knowledgable solution.

Every job is unique and we would love the opportunity to share how our trenchless pipelining rehabilitation methods can offer you the safest, quickest and most cost-efficient solution to solve your pipeline rehabilitation problems.

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No Dig Pipe Repair: Cured in Place Pipe Lining Prevents Landscapes from Being Ruined

No dig pipe repair (or cured in place pipe lining) has become our specialty here at Dynamic Drain Technologies. And because we’re one of the earliest adopters of this technology, we’ve seen how much money it’s saved people over the years.

cipp repair chilled water lineIt’s also saved numerous landscapes from ruination and creating extreme expense.

Call it the angioplasty of the plumbing world, because it essentially creates a non-invasive method to help open up aging water pipes without opening the ground.

By inserting a new fiberglass tube into the existing pipe, take a look at the different types of landscapes that can be saved as a result.

Preventing Front Yards from Being Ruined

Most water pipes are going to be under the ground of your yard, parking lot or business. That meant the grounds would have to be considerably torn up before the age of pipe lining.

While that could still happen if the pipes have to be completely replaced, a no-dig solution can keep your front property from looking like an excavation site.

Such a scenario can be very difficult to deal with if you have regular gatherings in your building and giant dirt piles become the first thing visitors see.

It’s worse when it rains, hence creating mud on and around the dirt mounds.

Water Pipes Under Steps

No dig pipe sewer drain repair don't excavate rehabilitateIn older homes and buildings, water pipes might even be under your front-door steps, requiring an expensive removal before digging can occur.

For older homes that need to be preserved, that can be a major problem. Those problems compound if your home is also a business and the main entrance is where the steps are.

Having to re-route foot traffic to a back door can be an extreme inconvenience and potentially cost you business.

The Cost of Restoration

The time and expense of digging and removing things around your property is only half of the story.

We can help save you having to restore your landscape after the repair is done.

Restoration can also take considerable time to make your business look like it did before, especially if you start in the winter when there’s cold and rain. Plantings and other vegetation that you might have had to remove will also take months if not even years to grow back.

Visit us here at Dynamic Drain Technologies and learn more about how cured in place pipe lining works. You’ll be amazed at how fast we can help solve your water pipe issues with one day of work.

Plus, we’re fully licensed, bonded and insured to make that happen.

Contact us if you’re having issues with your water pipes and we’ll provide a free estimate. Our pricing is going to save you exponential amounts of money, especially if you live in challenging landscapes you need to preserve for a lifetime.

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Stop Root Infiltration in Orangeburg Pipe with Trenchless CIPP

Old Orangeburg Pipe Ad

Old Orangeburg Pipe Ad
Do you have problems with your sewer pipes backing up from root infestation, missing pipe floors or broken sewer pipes?

Maybe you should consider relining old pipes with a CIPP trenchless sewer drain pipe lining.

Orangeburg Sewer Pipe Lining Repair

Orangeburg was initially bought and sold in Orangeburg, NY. At the time it was touted as being completely resistant to root infiltration.

The main selling point was it’s lightweight and easy to move characteristics. Since it is a pipe made from compressed fibers the pipes were able to be transported quickly and cheaply.

This old advertisement says, Why men who know building… use and recommend Orangeburg root-proof pipe”.

Then it goes on to show the engineer, the builder, the plumber and the architect evaluating the pipes. It says it has root-proof joints and revolutionary non-metallic material.

Fast-forward 30-50 years and this equates to modern day furniture being made out of particle board.

The pipes are now becoming a burden to new homeowners, property managers and maintenance departments. The fiber pipe material is becoming either dry rot to the point of cracking or rotting from shifting soil and water infiltrating the Orangeburg pipe itself.

The natural qualities of Orangeburg mean that water will naturally saturate the pipe material. Any contractor knows what tree roots aim for. Tree roots are one of the most powerful forces that damage underground infrastructure below and above the surface.

Advantages of Fixing Orangeburg Pipes with Trenchless CIPP

Tree root infiltrationModern pipe lining installs are replacing the old pipes with a brand new pipe inside the old pipe. The actual lining process itself takes under three hours to complete and has a 50 year warranty.

This new repiping is just as strong as replacing an entire pipe with a brand new pipe. In many cases it is better since there are no joints and any bends are slightly straightened creating even more flow to improve within the pipe.

Tough Pipe Lining Materials

The materials used to repair this Orangeburg pipe, or any other type of sewer, conduit or other drain pipe, are engineered to last for over 100 years. They are completely approved by the National Association of Trenchless Technology, the NSF, IAPMO approved and ASTM certified to last.

They are required to be tested to verify that standards are maintained just as any other type of pipe would be. As a company that has performed many trenchless restorations on Orangeburg pipes we can assure you that these techniques will completely rehabilitate any residential, commercial, government or industrial application of Orange-burg that has gone bad.

No Excavation Necessary

Orangeburg pipe deteriorating (fiber pipe)We have used CIPP cured in place pipe to repair vertical drain stacks in hospitals, leaking sewage pipes in high-rise apartment buildings and drain lines in the subway systems of New York. This process saved the pipe replacement contractors tons of time and money.

Not only was normal business and traffic not affected during the repair process but the pipes were completely rehabilitated from any root infiltration, pinhole leaks, slab leaks and separated pipe sections. Water infiltration and exfiltration or I and I was completely stopped without excavating any floors, walls, driveways, foundations, basements, or concrete slabs.

Sewer Repair and General Pipe Repair CIPP advantages

  1. Speed is important because it takes less than a day to repair hundreds of feet of pipe at a time
  2. Cheaper than excavation in most cases since Orangeburg was installed i
    n many industrial and federally owned properties that have very fragile infrastructure
  3. Safer than excavation means that there is less mess and less man power associated with CIPP installations meaning it is perfect for delicate areas such as schools, hospitals, apartments and anywhere else that may be affected by large excavation projects
  4. Zero downtime costs gives you the ability to continue business as usual while our trenchless CIPP equipment is brought onto the job site in the background and out of the way of customers, clients and pedestrians
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No Dig Pipe Repair: Cured in Place Pipe Lining Prevents Landscapes from Being Ruined

Welcome to a better pipe repair solution

No dig pipe repair (or cured in place pipe lining) has become our specialty here at Dynamic Drain Technologies. And because we’re one of the earliest adopters of this technology, we’ve seen how much money it’s saved people over the years.

It’s also saved numerous landscapes from ruination and creating extreme expense.

No dig pipe sewer drain repair don't excavate rehabilitateCall it the angioplasty of the plumbing world, because it essentially creates a non-invasive method to help open up aging water pipes without opening the ground.

By inserting a new fiberglass tube into the existing pipe, take a look at the different types of landscapes that can be saved as a result.

Preventing Landscaping from Being Ruined

Most water pipes are going to be under the ground of your front yard or business. That meant a front yard or landscape would have to be considerably torn up before the age of pipe lining.

While that could still happen if the pipes have to be completely replaced, a no-dig solution can keep your front yard from looking like an excavation site.

Welcome to a better pipe repair solutionSuch a scenario can be very difficult to deal with if you have regular gatherings at your business and giant dirt piles become the first thing visitors see. It’s worse when it rains, hence creating mud on and around the dirt mounds.

Water Pipes Under Steps

In older homes, water pipes might even be under your front-door steps, requiring an expensive removal before digging can occur.

For older homes that need to be preserved, that can be a major problem.

Those problems compound if your home is also a business and the main entrance is where the steps are. Having to re-route foot traffic to a back door can be an extreme inconvenience and potentially cost you business.

The Cost of Restoration

Trusted plumbers and perma liner installers in Washington DCThe time and expense of digging and removing things around your yard is only half of the story. We can help save you having to restore your landscape after the repair is done.

Restoration can also take considerable time to make your yard look like it did before, especially if you start in the winter when there’s cold and rain.

Plantings and other vegetation that you might have had to remove will also take months if not even years to grow back.

Visit us here at Dynamic Drain Technologies and learn more about how cured in place pipe lining works. You’ll be amazed at how fast we can help solve your water pipe issues with one day of work. Plus, we’re fully licensed, bonded and insured to make that happen.

Contact us if you’re having issues with your water pipes and we’ll provide a free estimate.

Our pricing is going to save you exponential amounts of money, especially if you are located in challenging landscapes you need to preserve for a lifetime.Plumbing, pipe, sewer and drain repair experts and perma liner installers in virginia

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Offset sewer lines causing clogs for Chesapeake, VA

Pipe inspection, locating, and plumbing repair with perma liner and maxliner

Recently we inspected a large group of sewer lines in Chesapeake, VA. Our pipe inspections revealed dozens of lines becoming backed up due to offset pipes.

If your property is plagued with sewage backups, offset pipes can cause aging plumbing infrastructure or foundations to shift drain pipes. Sewer mains and lateral lines can slowly become offset over time. Offset pipes and drains often do not cause immediate problems unless it is being caused by a collapsing of the piping infrastructure.

Reasons why your sewer lines may become offset are:

  • Small leaks causing ground to washout underneath the lines
  • Shifting foundations
  • Ground settling
  • Trees and roots pushing on a pipe or worst case causing root infiltration
  • ImproperPipe inspection, locating, and plumbing repair with perma liner and maxliner

Washout- if a pipe has a constant leak the ground below the pipe will wash out and cause the pipe to be subject to pressure from gravity. Older pipes, especially deteriorating lines can break or become offset causing debris and dirt to buildup and eventually become clogged.

Shifting Foundations- over time structures will settle and move causing pipes to be subject to massive amounts of pressure. This external pressure on a pipe will cause the lines to break or become offset.

Ground Settling- settling grounds, especially in sandy areas can cause major problems. The same as shifting foundation problems, this can cause a sewer line to become subject to exterior pressure and become offset and damaged.

Trees- trees are a very powerful and slow moving threat to sewer lines. As you can imagine from visible damage to parking lots and sidewalks you have seen in the past, the same thing is happening all the time underground.

Tree roots can travel great distances in search of water sources.

Underground sewer lines are often draining warmer water through them causing condensation to occur on the outside of a pipe line. This will naturally attract trees to sewer lines and cause constant damage over time.

Improper Installation- some times we come across lines that have been improperly installed. Some times especially when large crews are doing massive pipe and sewer line installations a few connections will be neglected and backfilled without being properly connected.

Identifying offset sewer pipes

The best way to identify an offset sewer line or any offset pipe is with a cctv camera inspection. Electrical conduit, sewer lines, main lines and other pipes can be subject to becoming offset over time.

Fixing offset sewer lines

Offset drain lines can be cured usually with a small amount of excavation to access the damaged pipe. Sometimes the offset will cause the structural integrity of a pipe to be compromised and replacing the entire line may be necessary.

The quality of the repair of such systems depends on the quality of drinking water, which affects people’s health; some medicines can be taken with only clean water.

The cause and location of an offset line will determine the necessary steps to cure a pipe.

CIPP or cured in place piping can fix a sewer line if the offset is not major. The liner installation will adjust to the natural flow of the offset pipe and create a smooth path to restore the proper flow.

Since cured in place piping installations are usually done in one long seamless and jointless application this will increase the flow and eliminate the threat of leaks due to any pinholes or cracks that are causing problems.

Offset pipes are a silent but deadly problem for plumbing infrastructures.

Since it is mostly underground or encased in concrete slabs or inside of walls for roof drains it is difficult to prevent this problem. Also, since the problem does not cause immediate damage the problem can occur for long periods of time until a system fails completely.

Preventing Offset Drains and Sewer Lines

The only way to ensure that your systems are correct is to stay on top of drain lines and get a cctv pipe inspection for your properties done before you plan to occupy a property and every so often there after.

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Sewer Line Replacement Cost Estimate Recommendations

Sewer evaluation and replacement cost analysis

If sewage is becoming backed up there are many ways to get a rough estimate and evaluate what the problem is. Many times the problem can be resolved with a simple snaking of a sewer line and a pipe inspection to unsure any blocked pipes are cleared.

Sewer Line Evaluation

pipe inspections for sewer and drainsA proper sewer line evaluation will include a CCTV pipe inspection.

Any reputable company will provide you with a copy of this pipe inspection.

New technology allows these pipe inspection recordings to be uploaded and shared via YouTube for easy sharing.

A pipe inspection will allow the plumbing technician to investigate the causes of blockages within a sewer line.

Other things a pipe inspection will reveal are:

  • Pipe Depth
  • Pipe Diameter
  • Pipe Composition
  • Rust in the Sewer Line
  • Broken Pipes
  • Missing Pipe Sections
  • Bulging Pipes
  • Bellied Pipe Sections
  • Back-pitched Pipe Sections
  • Deteriorating Sewer Lines

Sewer Pipe Replacement Cost Estimates

Sewage assemblyMost of the times it is advisable to get several estimates. Locate plumbers that specialize in sewer replacement and the rehabilitation of sewer systems and ask them about trenchless options as well.

There are several reasons that a pipe may become clogged or blocked and a professional will be able to evaluate this and give you options for repair.

To get the best determination for the cost of sewer replacement services there are many factors that will effect the cost.

The plumber or sewer service contractor will ask questions about the location of the line such as if it is:

  • Under asphalt?
  • Concrete?
  • Yard?
  • Open or fenced?
  • Under trees?
  • Accessible with equipment or hand-dig?
  • Near or crossing utilities such as gas, power, water, or cable?
  • Under low-hanging trees?
  • Sprinkler lines?
  • Is a new tap at the city main required?
  • How deep is the main, and what type of pipe?
  • Does this include landscape repair or is it for a rough backfill?

Overview of Sewer Pipe Replacement Estimate Evaluations

sewer relining project in virginia

GPS Satellite Sewer Diagrams Provided by Dynamic Drain Technologies

Finding the right company for the job is going to take some time to figure out the best option for your sewer pipe replacement job. You may find that your entire sewer infrastructure is damaged and that you can save even more money by getting an entire sewer rehabilitation estimate.

Remember that the problem may just be that the sewer lines need to be cleaned and inspected with a jetter and a camera. The camera inspection will reveal any defects within the pipe lines that may need to be repaired.

Trenchless sewer pipe rehabilitation can save you tons of money if there are many factors affecting the accessibility of the drainage system. Always ask about no-dig trenchless options that can save you money.

Every pipe is different depending on the situation so be wary of any plumber that will give you an estimate without looking at the problem first hand or asking for detailed information about the pipe in question. Sewer line rehabilitation projects can vary greatly and just like finding a great place for your new business the most important factors in obtaining estimates will be location, location, location… and a bunch of other things too!

Give us a call if you have any questions and we will be glad to help you or refer you to a professional that will be able to help you better understand your sewer replacement options.

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Cured-In-Place Pipe Prevents Broken Pipes From Becoming A Disaster

A broken pipe isn’t good, of course, but thanks to a repair method known as cured in place pipe, it may not have to be a disaster.

The easiest way to think of cured-in-place pipe (or CIPP) is that it is a pipe within a pipe. It was first successfully implemented in London in 1971. Since then, it’s become widely popular as a timely and cost-efficient way to repair pipes.

How CIPP Works

Pipe RepairCIPP works by inserting a tube, usually made of polyester or resin-saturated felt, into a damaged pipe from an “upstream access point,” like a manhole. The pipe is then cured with hot water, UV light or steam.

That stiffens the resin to form a jointless and corrosion-resistant repair to the broken pipe.

The final product is usually inspected via closed-circuit television.

Video: Pipe Repair with Cured In Place Pipe CIPP Lining – Trenchless No Dig Solution
by Dynamic Drain Technologies LLC

Advantages of Going with Trenchless Technology

One of the main advantages of CIPP is that it does not required excavation to address the pipe breakage. That’s a very real benefit because it means your business won’t have to deal with the messy, loud and expensive process of digging to get to the broken pipe.

Now, CIPP isn’t the right remedy for every broken pipe. Some pipes are too large, and others are not a good candidate for this approach because the upstream access point is not readily accessible. Even so, CIPP is an excellent fix for many broken pipe situations.

If you are interested in learning more about CIPP and would like to speak to a D.C.-area firm about it, you are welcome to contact us.

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Commercial Sewer Contractors in Aberdeen, MD

There are plenty of commercial sewer contractors in Aberdeen, MD that we have worked with to provide CIPP cured in place trenchless pipe repair. We are completely licensed and insured to provide full service pipe inspections and GPS reports for either you or your sewer repair contractor. trenchless sewer repair map of maryland

To get a better idea of what we are able to provide it is good to understand what a sewer lateral is. There are two main concepts here.

City or Municipal Sewer Lines

If your entire street is having problems with sewage backups then the problem can be dealt with by your municipality. The problem is most likely a backup within the city sewer main line and needs to be handled with the city’s water department. Contacting the Public Works department of Aberdeen, MD is a good place to start. You can find all the necessary information on their website: There is alink in the bottom left where you can report a problem.

Property Sewer Lines

If your business, home or building is the only one on the block suffering from backups then most likely it is your responsibility to have this taken care of. Most of the time a sewer repair contractor will be able to locate and identify the problem with a CCTV pipe inspection. Older buildings usually consisting of clay pipes often have trouble with tree root infiltration.

unhealthy clogged and damaged pipesThese pipes can be cleaned and cleared using an auger for the most part, but if the problem is due to tree root infiltration then this will only be a temporary fix and will still not completely clear the sewer lines.

Tree roots are naturally inclined to find sources of water and if there is even a small crack or break in a pipeline the tree roots will find a way to access the water source. This usually is a slow process that will eventually lead to broken, cracked and clogged pipes.

Hiring a sewer contractor is the responsibility of the property owner.

You can get a CCTV pipe inspections camera to view the problem area without digging. Then use a high-pressure water jetting machine to remove the tree roots and then you will be able to see the damaged pipe in it’s entirety!

Mongoose-Model-184XLWe are constantly hearing customers and clients mention that sewer contractors must dig up your yard or building in order to fix and replace sewer lines. Not true!!

CIPP Cured In Place Pipe Repair

If you haven’t heard of CIPP or cured in place pipe. This is a trenchless technology that the government has utilized since the early 90’s to replace main lines without disrupting the surface. Google “Insituform”.

This technology has progressed to the point where contractors like us can replace smaller diameter sewer, pipe and drain lines with this same technology. There are plenty of cured in place pipe or zero dig contractors all over the world now that can do this repair work without digging. Google “no-dig pipe repair” or “pipe lining” or “trenchless pipe repair” in your area and you should be able to find someone that can help.

Time and Cost of Sewer Pipe Repair

pipe-lining-in -subwayThis usually can save you tons of time and money since the crews are usually 2-4 person crews. The time it takes is usually 1-3 days for a complete repair including CCTV pipe inspections, pipe cleaning and clearing and complete pipe rehabilitation. And you won’t have to excavate your property or building at all!

Sorry for ranting but I am always running into people that have never heard of this new technology before and it makes me want to shout it from the top of a mountain about what we do here!!!

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Three Potential Signs Of A Blocked Or Broken Pipe

CIPP seals broken cast iron, pvc, orangeburg, clay pipe and more

Sometimes, a broken sewer pipe is readily apparent, like when sewage starts to back up into your property. However, there are other times when the signs of a broken pipe are harder to make sense of.

CIPP seals broken cast iron, pvc, orangeburg, clay pipe and moreAs such, we wanted to share some of the common, but less obvious, signs that pipe repair may be needed. By informing yourself about these potential indicators, you may be able to spot a breakage or blockage before something disastrous happens.

First, if there is an unpleasant odor being emitted from the lowest floor of your property and you cannot identify the source, it is possible that your pipe is broken or backed up. The smell might be an indicator that the sewage is not making it from your property to the line that takes the sewage away to a treatment facility.

A persistent clogged drain or slow-flushing toilet might also be an indicator that something is wrong. There are plenty of other things that could cause these conditions, of course, but do not rule out a pipe blockage or breakage.

Third, if you ever hear a bubbling noise when you flush a toilet or use a sink, that might be air not being able to escape your sewer line, and that could be a symptom of a problem developing.

As we indicated earlier, these are not sure-fire signs that you have a blocked or broken pipe, but knowing that they could indicate a breakage or blockage might prevent the sure-fire sign of sewage flowing into your basement from happening.

For more information, you could contact us.

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Is pipe relining the best option for plumbing nightmares in Dulles?

sewer relining project in virginia

Have you ever been stuck with a plumbing disaster and called on a plumber only to find out that you only option is to destroy your entire building, home or landscape?

Pipe Relining Solutions

sewer relining project in virginiaEntire piping infrastructure damage can be repaired with pipe relining. This pipe relining process can completely rehabilitate your entire pipe or drain infrastructure without digging.

Sewer pipe lines and any other type of pipes can be relined in the background without invasive destruction to property in less time without disturbing tenants or customers.

Our technicians use state of the art pipe relining technology that is completely tested and guaranteed by the ICS-PMG, NSF-14, NASSCO, ASTM, Water Environment Federation and more to completely reline your pipes with brand new pipes from the inside out.

Our services can clean, repair and reline utility ducts, conduits, vent stacks, cooling tower pipes, roof drains and fountain drains to name a few.

Pipe Relining Advantages

pipe relining before and afterOther advantages include: increased flow due to a seamless and jointless line installation, zero-dig pipe repair, small job-site footprint, less mess, minimal downtime, save money over traditional excavation, safer than traditional excavation, save walls, floors and slabs.

Many plumbing companies and customers have brought us in for sewer relining work and have commended us for our excellent work and attention to detail. Many of our jobs have included highly sought after government jobs and large industrial buildings such as power plants and navy bases.

Our work speaks for itself and is able to withstand any chemical or temperature differences with our engineered materials. Pipe relining materials can be ordered specifically for each job type and brought in for testing to withstand any type of sewer, drain or pipe relining specifications necessary.

Pipe Relining Cost

The cost of pipe relining vs. traditional excavation can be up to 100% cheaper in some cases. There are many factors to look at when comparing the cost of pipe relining to traditional sewer pipe and drain repair practices.

  1. Current Infrastructure– depending on the current infrastructure some pipe rehabilitation jobs would have required completely excavating entire concrete slabs, walls or even historic monuments in order to pull and replace old pipes from their current locations.
  2. Cost of Technicians– Most of our jobs only require the use of 3-5 man teams on each location. This saves tons of money on labor and safety costs. Any required training or background checks can be done in much less time and require much less money.
  3. Less Downtime– During our pipe relining process business for the most part is able to continue as usual. There are no dangerous pits or excavation machines required.
  4. Small Jobsite Footprint– Our pipe relining equipment is small and mobile and only requires us to utilize an area that is restricted to one access point.

If you are interested in finding out more about how our pipe relining technology can save you tons of time and money feel free to give us a call 1-855-937-6944 for a free evaluation and walk through of your project.

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Three Common Pipe Issues that can be Easily Treated with Trenchless Pipe Repair

pipe repair video inspection step two

If you’ve ever had problems with your property’s sewer pipes, you know just how expensive repairs can be. So if you’re noticing the smell of sewage from drains on your property’s bottom floor, or your water bill is inexplicably higher than usual, these may be signs of a clogged or leaking pipe.

Common Pipe Problems

If you think your pipes may be in need of repair, there are alternatives to digging up your landscape and walkways. Several of the most common pipe problems can be addressed by trenchless pipe repair, including:

pipe repair video inspection step twoCalcification and Scale: Over a pipe’s lifetime, calcification and scale start to build up on the interior lining. This can eventually cause clogs as the buildup starts to restrict or block the flow of water. The continued buildup of calcification and scale indicates the thinning of the pipe’s interior thickness as well.

Waterjetting can clear this buildup from the walls of your pipe, clearing and preventing clogs, as well as extending its service life.

Leaks and Channeling: If your property was built before the 1970s, there’s a good chance it is serviced by a cast iron or Orangeburg pipe, both of which are susceptible to damage and have relatively short lifespans.

Orangeburg pipe deteriorating (fiber pipe)Orangeburg pipes are made of a mixture of wood pulp and tar, and are particularly prone to outside deterioration, while water flowing through a cast iron pipe slowly eats away at the bottom of the pipe until it creates a deep channel – one that can eventually cut all the way through to the soil.

Not only does this cause irreversible damage to the pipe, it can also result in soil erosion and damage to your property’s foundation.

To address the issues of leakage or channeling in older pipes, a new CIPP (cure in place pipe) lining can be applied to the interior of the pipe and install what is essentially a new pipe – one that’s more resistant to cracks and leaks.

Tree root infiltrationTree Root Infiltration: Tree root infiltration is one of the most common pipe problems – and also one of the most damaging. Not only do the growing roots clog the pipe, they also expand cracks in the piping and can contribute to the pipe’s eventual structural failure.

Waterjetting can cut and remove the roots that have made their way into the pipe, but any damage caused to the piping itself will remain, and new roots will infiltrate the pipe again.

If removing the tree is not an option, you still have possible long-term solutions. By pairing waterjetting with a new CIPP lining, you both remove the offending roots and install a new pipe to prevent further root infiltration.

If you think your pipes might have any of these issues, contact us today to discuss your trenchless pipe repair options.

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Looking for Good Jetting Contractors in Bel Air, MD

keg nozzles

High-Pressure water jetting contractors in Bel Air, MD have been some of the best equipment in the industry. Dynamic Drain Technologies has an extremely powerful Mongoose Jetter with the ability to operate with a remote control.

Jetting Contractors – Bel Air, Maryland

Our jetting technicians are fully trained to take extreme care not to damage your existing infrastructure. If you are having problems with clogged pipes backing up then high-pressure water jetting will take care of any problems that may exist. If your drains or sewer lines are causing problems and needing to be repaired, a jetting machine will clean the lines and expose any problems that exist within the lines.

Snaking vs. Jetting

commercial water jetting nozzleHigh-pressure water jetting can be much more effective than snaking a line. Not only can a jetter remove and clear objects but can also completely clean the line.

Snaking a line can leave behind debris after breaking through the problem area only to become clogged again after the line has been left alone.

A jetter will not only remove the debris, grease and sludge but will pull it completely out of the pipe back towards the entry point for proper waste removal.

Jetting Nozzles

Snaking may break through slight drain backups and create a hole through the problem area only to leave you problems shorty thereafter.

The wide array of jetting nozzles available on the market today allow us to tackle any type of blockage inside of a drain.

keg nozzlesFrom simple single spray nozzles to completely robotic cutting and drilling devices. There are also de-scaling nozzles for removing scale and rust that rotate blades through the pipe to break up the build up.

If you are tired of dealing with constantly calling out plumbers for quick fixes and want a cure for your drains and pipes that will be documented and shown to you with a full color pipe inspection, give us a call and we will help you figure out exactly what needs to be done!

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Does Your Facility Have Orangeburg Pipe? You Might Need Sewer Repair

Orangeburg pipe deteriorating (fiber pipe)

Orangeburg pipe deteriorating (fiber pipe)Named after the upstate New York city in which it was invented, Orangeburg pipe is made from compressed tar paper or a blend of pitch and wood fiber. It was invented in the 1860s, but really took off in popularity in the middle part of last century.

Are you familiar with Orangeburg pipe?

That is because in World War II, metal was in short supply. That meant that sewer pipe had to be made out of something else, since metal was needed for the war effort. Thus, Orangeburg pipe was used to build the sewer lines of many homes, government facilities and the like.

The problem with Orangeburg pipe is that it does not last particularly long, especially in comparison with how long other types of pipe can be expected to last. It is an organic product, so it decomposes after awhile. It also is not especially resistant to tree roots, which can break the pipe.

Modern Day Pipes

Modern-day options like PVC pipe have addressed these problems, but of course, that’s only after they are used to replace Orangeburg pipe.

Many people do not know that their home, business or facility has Orangeburg pipe, and so don’t realize that they need sewer repair until something drastic happens.

Sewer Repair Process

Although the discovery that you need sewer repair can be unpleasant, working with the right company can take some of the anxiety out of the process for you. We invite you to contact us today if you are researching sewer repair options. Sewer repair does not need to be an ordeal or a long, drawn-out process.

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Exfiltration in Charlottesville, VA

water infiltration into a leaking sewer system

Are you dealing with exfiltration issues in Charlottesville, VA? Sewer exfiltration or sewer leakage is a problem that has been studied and received increasing attention due to it’s importance in water conservation.

water infiltration into a leaking sewer system

The University of Virginia has utilized our sewer lining process to help stop their housing developments from water loss due to exfiltration. You can find studies on some of the ways scientists are trying to measure and evaluate the effects of this water loss. Read more on these articles here:


There are people that feel exfiltration is a naturally and healthy process to help clean soiled water and replenish nutrients into the ground. But as to whether it is environmentally safe or not is still a topic of debate.

Some experts say that sedimentation and small growth inside of pipes will naturally stop exfiltration. But at the same time these sediments and growth can lead to greater loss over time, especially if there is a massive flow that washes away anything that was holding lines together. Another article on this topic can be found here:

Sewer Drain Pipe Lining

Sewer drain pipe lining is one of the most effective ways to completely stop sewer exfiltration. If you are incurring losses or heavy water bills due to loss of water, chemicals or other liquids in your systems installing a CIPP liner will cure any problems you are having. Pinholes and cracks will be completely sealed and corrected with this type of pipe repair.

Visit our website for more information on our trenchless pipe lining repair services that can correct any of your leaking pipes in the Charlottesville, VA area.

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CIPP for Sightlier Drain Repairs

Pipe Lining Company Ad

Are you in charge of government property that is inconveniencing  your citizens with elderly leaky pipes? How about the hassle of your homeowners having to park cars blocks away from their houses because the street has been dug up to repair plumbing?  CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) requires little or no trench digging to repair leaking gas, sewer or water pipes, and Dynamic Drain Technologies is an expert in using CIPP for urgent, or long-term, community repairs.

Recently placed on the Small-Women-and-Minority owned (SWAM) GSA schedule for pre-qualified contractors in the state of Virginia, Dynamic believes in treating its surrounding community with respect and efficiency.

Pipe Lining Company Ad

CIPP Process

During the CIPP process, a felt inner pipe covered with raw resin is fed into the damaged pipe upstream of the leak. Compressed air, or another pressure-bearing substance, is pumped through the pipe until the resin is secured to the wall, and then the resin is cured (set and hardened). After testing with a closed circuit camera for structural soundness, the pipe is considered fixed. Ecologically friendly and economically easy, the job is done.

The drain experts at Dynamic Drain Technologies are experts at CIPP, for little or big jobs. The history of CIPP is as follows: “In 1971, Eric Wood implemented the first cured-in-place pipe technology in London,England. He called the CIPP process insit u form, derived from the Latin meaning “form in place.” Wood applied for U.S. patent no. 4009063 on January 29, 1975. The patent was granted February 22, 1977 and was commercialized.. until it entered the public domain on February 22, 1994″.

If you are in charge of a commercial, federal or local government property that is trying to stop a leaking underground pipe, call in Dynamic Drain Technologies for help. Their online contact information makes them easy to find; visit them at

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The Benefits of CCTV Pipeline Inspection

Tree root infiltration

Today it is possible to utilize a video camera to examine the interiors of pipelines and it is called CCTV Pipeline Inspection.  This is often used to verify the condition of piping in various structures including government buildings.


Pipe Line Condition

It enables a view of the internal infrastructure of a pipeline.  This makes it possible to detect any current or potential pipeline damage as well as the accumulation of sludge, dirt, waste and more.  The results can be used to design pipeline maintenance programs as well as cleaning strategies.

Pipe Inspection Results

Tree root infiltrationThere are many different types of vegetation and tree roots that can find their way into the joints between sections of pipe.

It can be strong enough to create an opening in corroded or cast iron pipe.  This will result in a root ball being created in the pipe.

This will obstruct the flow through the pipe.  The downtime created as a result of an unexpected breakdown of a pipe can be very expensive.

CCTV pipeline inspection is a method of non-invasive testing.

Pipe Maintenance Decisions

Being able to use this type of technology makes it possible for the maintenance departments at large and small buildings to make decisions based on direct evidence.  It enables cleaning to only be performed on sections of pipe where necessary.

There is no longer any need to clean the entire system and hope for the best.

Benefits of Pipeline Inspections

Pipe Inspection Equipment - CameraCCTV requires no digging and causes very little or no pipe traffic disturbance.  It will provide the best possible information in determining when piping needs to be fixed or replaced.

This technology has been made to accommodate any possible situation.  It is able to identify any pipeline eventuality.  Using this has saved many organizations time and money.

The maintenance departments at various government structures have piping that needs to be maintained and regularly inspected.

Dynamic Drain Technologies has the knowledge and experience in using CCTV for pipeline inspection.

Contact us today and learn about all the benefits it provides.

Plumbing, pipe, sewer and drain repair experts and perma liner installers in virginia

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Drain Lining in Hampton Roads

How cured in place pipe cipp lining works video image

Our drain lining services in Hampton Roads have helped lots of businesses save time and their property from costly excavations. Want to learn how we do it? Watch these videos below to learn more now!

cipp sewer repair virginia beach va

Drain Lining Videos by Dynamic Drain Technologies

Pipe Repair with Cured In Place Pipe CIPP Lining – Trenchless No Dig Solution
This short video below shows how our CIPP drain lining process is installed using trenchless and zero-dig methods.
Short video link:

How Cured In Place Pipe CIPP Lining Works
This video goes into detail about the differences between traditional dig-and replace pipe and drain repair methods vs. CIPP trenchless technology. It is about eight minutes long but will answer any questions you may have about our drain lining technology!
8 minute video link:

Drain Cleaning Spartan 300 Video Pipe Inspection 
Check out this video of our Spartan 300 Drain Cleaning service removing grime and rust from a cast iron pipe. This de-scaling nozzle removes heavy build-up as part of our drain cleaning process. Drain lines must be cleaned and cleared before our CIPP drain liners can be installed.
4 minute video link:

Many of our plumbing contractor partners in Hampton Roads have utilized our drain lining services: including contractors from CVS Pharmacy, many local restaurant chains and property management companies.

Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach also replaced their drain lines using our company as well to avoid downtime and major excavations inside the mall.

We were able to complete the job overnight since there was very minimal excavation required to replace the drain lines under their stores and through the mall.

Give us a call today 1-855-937-6944.

We can give you free estimates and consultations directly over the phone!

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Broken Pipe in Elizabeth City, NC

Orangeburg pipe deteriorating (fiber pipe)

We have been getting a lot of calls about broken pipe in Elizabeth City, NC lately. Not sure if it is our marketing or the fact that people are starting to realize the benefits of our trenchless technology.

We love working with the contractors there! They always show us some cool spots along the harbor and we love it when we find our way to the Outer Banks as well.

Anyways, what can be said about the underground pipes down in NC?

trenchless pipe lining ad

Broken Pipes

Most pipes all over the country are hitting the end of their life spans. Broken pipes are becoming more and more easy to find, fix an locate with today’s trenchless technology companies.

Orangeburg pipe deteriorating (fiber pipe)Cast iron pipes start to corrode and rust. Clay pipes crack and crumble due to shifting soil and aging. Concrete pipes suffer from root infiltration. Electrical conduit lines become rusty and offset. You get the idea!

The problem is that a lot of pipes that are underground are out of sight and out of mind.

Hidden Pipe Problems Are Silent But Deadly

On top of that the drains and sewers may still have water flowing through them even though the pipe is broken. Most companies and facilities do not do regular inspections to their sewer infrastructures and don’t end up realizing there is a problem until a major backup occurs.

The worst part is this can cost your business tons of money without you knowing it. Why? Because of infiltration and exfiltration. Broken pipes can accumulate or lose water and your water bill could easily double or triple.

Consider This

water infiltration into a leaking sewer systemThink about it. Unless you have someone constantly monitoring your loss or inflow of sewer water, you would never know that you could be saving tons of money by simply replacing your broken pipes.

We have found pipes that are completely filled with roots but water is still flowing. Roots may not seem that bad at first, but left untreated, they can crack, bend and completely separate your sewer lines and drainage systems.

Fix Your Broken Pipes

There are two ways to fix these problems:

  1. Traditional dig and replace pipe repair
  2. Trenchless CIPP pipe lining

Traditional dig and replace practices are good when it won’t damage any property and the lines are fairly shallow. Also if you are not worried about shutting down your business or roads this is the best way to go since it will be much more cost-effective.

If you have a business that will lose money from shutting down and/or your property is very valuable trenchless methods are usually your best bet. Slip lining, pull-in-place lining, conduit lining and pipe bursting are all forms of trenchless pipe repair.

Insituform Style Liner Sewer RepairOur technicians focus on what is called CIPP pipe lining. If you want to learn more about what we do and how we can save you money visit our site at There is tons of information on trenchless methods to fix any type of broken pipe.

Alternatively our phone lines are always available if you need any information on how our pipe lining company works or if you just want a free consultation. Call 1-855-937-6944 and we will be happy to assist you!

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Pipe Lining Contractors in Annapolis, MD

Sewer Pipe Lining with Grease Release

Are you in need of professional pipe lining contractors in Annapolis, MD? Our network of industry professionals has provided top quality work here for years. Our experts are able to provide the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate and repair any type of piping infrastructure.

Sewer Pipe Lining with Grease ReleaseCommon Pipe Repair Issues

Commonly our customers will find us through one of our plumbing partners and inquire about professional pipe lining services. They may have found that their cast iron pipes have been broken due to root infiltration. Sometimes they have no idea what the problem has occurred from and need professional advice on what to do next.

Our Services

Our services include everything from professional evaluations – for free. To pipe inspection services that will show you exactly what is causing your sewage system or drainage system to backup in the first place.

Annapolis, MD

Pipe lining with perma liner insituform style trenchless pipe repairMany of our best jobs have been done in the Maryland area due to lots of underground pipes being located inside of cement slabs or under major roadways. We have been able to save time and headaches since our trenchless technology requires little digging. Most of the times we are able to repair entire broken sewer systems without digging at all.

As you can imagine, this can save you tons of money!

Pipe Lining Contractors

Our certified pipe lining contractors are trained to handle any type of pipe repair question. Our specialty lies within our ability to install CIPP liners. These liners are one shot liners that replace the pipe with a brand new pipe using no dig pipe repair.

CIPP or cured in place pipes have no joints and are completely seamless. This improves the overall flow and completely covers any imperfections in the existing pipe lines.

Sewer Repair Questions

If you have any questions about ways to reduce infiltration or exfiltration caused by damaged sewer systems please feel free to contact us. We are here for you and look forward to answering any of your pipe repair questions!

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Traditional VS Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless pipe repair

Trenchless Pipe Repair


Traditional VS Trenchless

Traditional pipe repair generally means digging down to a pipe that have been damaged, cutting out sections, and replacing it with brand new piping. With advances in technology, contractors are now able to replace or simply repair pipe without having to dig a massive trench that disturbs the landscape.

This is known as trenchless pipe repair or no dig pipe repair. Almost every contractor out there today can benefit from this more versatile way of repairing pipe.


The first main benefit that you can expect from trenchless pipe repair is that you don’t actually have to do any serious digging. This means that you won’t have to worry about damaging precious land that would otherwise be expensive to fix. There is virtually no mess involved and clean up is often a breeze.

Tight Spaces

Another great benefit of trenchless pipe repair is that a pipe can be fixed or replaced in areas that would otherwise be impossible to get to.

As an example, say a sewer needs to be repaired but it is stuck underneath a building. The only two options would be to dig around the entire building and run a fresh new sewer line or to simply replace the broken pipe with a pipe-bursting machine.

Pipe bursting is a form of trenchless pipe replacement. Trenchless pipe repair is a very green technology. You really don’t need to throw dirt and silt everywhere in order to do the job. The beauty is that natural habitats won’t need to be disturbed. We think trenchless pipe repair just makes sense.


Pipe Lining Clients of Dynamic Drain Technologies